1. If the lawyers sign a document attesting to a lie, then the lawyers should also be investigated and potentially disbarred also.

    1. one thing i don know is that i will not give a second vote to Biden. I’m finished with Biden from his criminal actions with Biden to domestic issues from the economy to the border and on foriegn policy that is bonkers. has biden ever heard of china? I’m done with Biden and Kamal. i’m going republican regardless of who’s on their ticket.


  2. Remember when Louie Gohmert got upset and said “if you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or the FBI anymore or they’re coming after you” ๐Ÿคฃ

    1. โ€‹โ€‹@ILLEGAL CRIMIGRATION FACILITATOR ironic considering the topic of conversation was the lowest form of American politicians.

  3. My brain canโ€™t process it when people refer to Trump as a charismatic leader. It does not compute.

    1. @Steve Stoll I think he will not run in 2024. Someone younger is needed. He was the right candidate to unite voters against Trump eg old white centrist. I do think he has done his best but the job of Presidency needs energy and mental acuity. He and Jill need to retire and enjoy family life.

    2. Some people crave cultured buttermilk, for one can’t stand it. Some people crave caviar – not me. Some people LIKE the smell of skunk “pee” unless it’s too strong. Anyone who is attracted to Trump’s “charisma” is broken inside, more broken than if they craved a cultured buttermilk caviar skunk milkshake, shaken, not stirred.

  4. On the night of the election When they were chanting stop the count I thought that was funny but Defund the FBI? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Iโ€™ve known people who have had the hardest time leaving a toxic relationship. This is no different. They will get the point when they get hurt

    1. @highserenity49 For what? Can you list a single PROVABLE crime that they have committed?? Not here say, but PROOF!

  6. Remember the good old days in America when….
    “America first” meant something more than a party campaign slogan and “America first” oaths superseded loyalty to a party or so called “leaders” in a party?
    Those were the good old days. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Save America… From Trump, that is.


    2. @Sunday Pikachu they’d be wrong. Context and intent is vital to the reality of it. Nothing wrong with placing your countries best interests first above other countries, BUT…
      it is absolutely vital for American best interest to have very strong allies that support and respect our objectives, as we should do for them too. Never mind the rhetoric bullshit. Strong NATO is a strong America.
      And Canada is more than a strong loyal ally to America, it’s family.
      As is Mexico too.
      It was absolutely disgusting behaviour for the Trump MAGA GOP party to start a family feud with Canada, Mexico, or any of our allies and friends while pathetically sucking up to those despots that actually despise America.
      It’s much more complex than cheap political slogans that crop up again and again to rally and control.
      Really appreciate the feedback, though. Already got some flak for it, and I understand why, given the context of how it was appropriated and used for bad / not good in the past. Thanks for pointing it out though.
      Take care.

    1. @JusticeIsComing That’s pretty much my purpose here, to talk them into standing up for God and country, family and freedom instead.

  7. Remember the good old days in America when….
    Treason, whether stealing top secret nuclear documents or trying to participate in a coup d’etat against America, was considered to be a very very very bad thing ๐Ÿ˜‚ and you would pay dearly if you were caught up in it.
    Those were the good old days. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Save America…. From Trump, that is.

  8. I hope as a retired veteran that the military and the intelligent communities have taken the last six years seriously and bolstered up the protections that are needed to defend people that are left to wonder the stability of a country a country that has 6700 nuclear warheads at a minimum And the ability to destroy the planet and yet we have individuals โ€œunder the first and then it and it for a president that is able to say anything or do anything and everybodyโ€™s afraid to take action because of the fallout it shouldnโ€™t matter the fallout if you let this man continue what is growth continue weโ€™re doomed so I hope the FBI the NSICIA are all doing their jobs

    1. @E S he do and I bet you won’t be honest and say him and his guys got a lot of underhanded deals too.

    2. This is the fallout we get when some are too big to fall. We can’t let this man go because America can’t handle it, we need to make him pay for it all or America won’t be the same. And this is coming from an ex Republican.

    3. As a veteran, I find your blind loyalty to an organization that has routinely unjustly targeted Americans (particularly Muslim and black Americans) hilarious.

  9. “If they can do it to an ex-president, then they can do it to you too.” You’ve got it backwards, Trump. If they can do it to us, then they can do it to YOU too. You’re not a king.

    1. Yeah, that the problem with the corrupt system. But, still after all these, Americans are still disparaging other nations’ systems, which are way better than theirs.

    1. @Seymour Butts don’t see why not. If our taxes pay them, and we stop paying them, you would get to keep more of your money.

    2. @IntuitLife Dreamcrafting Angel Readings it would actually be a few hundred, maybe even up to $1k, when you add in all their staff. When you factor in ending the harm they do to the country… priceless.

  10. trying his best to weasel out of his lies but, i do think there catching up with him…JUSTICE MATTERS!!

    1. @Marjie Ryan Can’t defend you dear leader so you have to try to divert away? You dear leader is going down. He is facing a max of 33 years for stealing government documents and 1 or 2 years for obstructing justice by defying the subpoena.

      What about junior?

  11. So when it said “the military”, I’m assuming it includes Veterans, too — aren’t these the people Trump called “losers & suckers”? Isn’t he the one who had Lt Col Vindman perp walked out of the WH like a common criminal? There’s a lot I’ll never EVER forgive Trump for (wanting to stage an armed coup being one of them), but what happened with this US hero, Lt Col Vindman, takes the cake.

    1. With a few exceptions, the GOP voted against the recently passed PACT act, which will expand health care for veterans who have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

    2. @BizzMoneyB which, of course, there is no evidence of in his NY “military academy” yearbooks or any other documentation or eye-witness accounts. He threatened to sue the academy (a private school now 1/2 owned by the Chinese government) if they released ANY of his records.

  12. Love how itโ€™s time to defund law enforcement when they feel victimized๐Ÿคจyou can cut the hypocrisy with a knifeโ€ฆrules for thee not for me

    1. It’s crazzzy and scary! If They take power back in 22 and 24, what will become of our country! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโœŒ

    2. Except you guys want to defund the cops for literally stopping shooters. When bad cops kill unlawfully, they get imprisoned, so what’s all.the commotion about, wasn’t justice served?

  13. Finally, the right sees that Law Enforcement Agencies need a clean up. For decades they dismissed the criticism of the agencies until it was touching them. I support restructuring, not defunding.

    1. @Makeu upset crime like holding onto papers, which isn’t illegal anyway, it just gives the rights for the archives to take it away from him, which is done by lawyers, not the FBI, especially if they are already declassified, which it should have been considering they already took boxes from him before, if they left behind some classified stuff, that’s there fault for leaving it there.

    1. Fish, under what charge? So you like a 3rd world authoritarian govt, not Democratic govt, that just throws people in jail that they don’t like?

  14. Imagine throwing everything away for a hustler that has no feelings for you except your bank account numbers. Tsk tskโ€ฆ

  15. “Defund the police” is what I remember & if you remember correctly, funding them was in later years.
    Abuse of that money with that services uses seems to be the reason to defund & I agree.
    From what I’ve seen, it was abused.

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