How much did the war in Afghanistan cost? | Just the FAQS

The cost of the war in Afghanistan was over $2 trillion, nearly $300 million a day. Here’s how that money was spent. RELATED:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government has never provided a full accounting of the costs of America’s so-called “forever wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But researchers at Brown University estimate that the U.S. has spent $5.8 trillion on the war in Afghanistan and other conflicts stemming from the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. That includes direct and indirect spending on everything from military equipment to homeland security to death gratuities for the families of slain American service members.

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    1. 80 percent of the money spent during the Bush administration. 20percent in the next twelve years. The world didn’t have another theocratic government for those twenty years.

  1. If only all that money waisted by the Americans in Afghanistan could have been spent on future proofing global warming!

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  3. Took twenty years to spend that kind of money. Now nearly several times more to be spent within his first term despite states still having money from the last time handed out money.

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  5. the best decision Joe Biden has made in such a waste of resources when we have people going even lower in poverty.

    Republicans shame.

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