How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

Do you ever feel like you or your kids are spending way too much time on your phones? Have you ever caught yourself scrolling for hours on end? When so much of our lives center around our phones, it’s hard to know how much screen time is too much. For answers, Dr. Sanjay Gupta sits down with self-described “mediatrician”, Dr. Michael Rich, ( ) who co-directs the Clinic for Interactive Media Disorders ( ) at Boston Children’s Hospital. Sanjay talks with Dr. Rich about his unique approach to treating young patients with problematic media use. Also, we hear the story of one college student who got lost down a TikTok rabbit hole. 

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  1. I was on TikTok for atleast 5 minutes and the ridiculous conspiracy theories and wacky music videos nearly enraged me beyond comprehension. So these social media apps are ultimately here to slow us down.

  2. 2:46 reducing my “screentime” here not watching a poscast, that’s not even interesting, any longer. You’re helping more that you know Sanjay

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  3. Screen time = mediated reality. Most people spend most of their lives in mediated reality now. Go outside.

  4. Good work! I am sharing this with others. The comparison with Binge Eating Disorder vs addictions is inciteful and helpful to understanding the challenge. Your video has helped me. Thank you!

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  5. I’m working on my job six out of seven days and on the computer on my day off, so I don’t really care about “too much screen time.”

  6. I agree about the problem with it not being something you can just completely cut out because it’s beneficial or even necessary to some degree. I don’t have an issue with social-media, but I spend literally _all day_ on YouTube. For every channel I unsubscribe from, I subscribe to 2-3 more. When my Internet goes out and I can’t connect, I get filled with a tremendous amount of stress from worrying about what I’m missing and by the thought of the watch-later list growing and growing, but after a while, when I accept there’s nothing I can do, I feel a tremendous amount of relief, like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m suddenly free, I can do any of the million other things I need or want to do. … Until the Internet comes back. – Even worse, I generally limit myself to educational channels, so I can’t just cut it cold-turkey because it’s not bad, it’s “good”, it’s just there’s way too much of it. As with all problems in the world, it’s because of human overpopulation; if there weren’t sooo many people, it would be easier to watch only a handful of educational content and still have time for life. 😒

  7. Good insight, The pattern is evident, go to a Dr’s office, sit on a bus, walk a few blocks in a crowd and observe… most people are looking at the phone, oblivious to the world around them. Go to a social gathering and people are actually holding on to their phones like a extension of themselves. You will be speaking with someone and they politely excuse themselves because they received a call, or message, my response… Walk away. Am I innocent? NO, did I overcome? YES. I simply said, I am not a Dr., Police Officer, Firefighter, Ambulance Service, Lawayer, so nobody’s life depends on me. That’s what 911 is for. I slowly detoxed from all Social Media Platforms, Games and kept YouTube because it’s light, and gives me world news in a flash. Look at for a less than 1/2 hour and I’m good! I believe that somehow as human beings we have the need to feel connected, however when I started to see friends ask me to hold the phone because they were receiving another call, I just hang up! I can only control me, what other’s do isn’t my concern.

  8. I was the victim of a fishing scheme on YouTube a year ago. I’m still dealing with the mental and now physical complications that come with it. Its extremely complicated. I wish there was no such thing as social media but I wont lie and say I’m not still dealing with this dangerous addiction

  9. This is the ultimate first world problem and the blame is ultimately on the individual for lack of self control. It’s not the app’s fault that people spend all night in it. People are responsible for their own behavior. Not defending the app because it’s absolute garbage, but this can be applied to video games, drugs, porn, whatever.

  10. I don’t know how much screen time is too much, but I cant afford this 30 minute report to cut into my allotted time. There’s only 24 hours in a day. #barcasim

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