How One Of The Nation’s Youngest Senators Became Its Oldest President-Elect | MSNBC 1

How One Of The Nation’s Youngest Senators Became Its Oldest President-Elect | MSNBC


A look back at President-Elect Joe Biden’s life-long career in politics, that spans more than five decades. It all began in November of 1972, and this week, Biden will become the President of the United States. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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How One Of The Nation’s Youngest Senators Became Its Oldest President-Elect | MSNBC


  1. Really glad to c justice being restored nd hopefully soon there wil b law nd order in nd outside of US. If US democracy becomes weak then rest of world suffer as well

  2. He learned from his mistakes, which is the opposite of what the soon to be former president does: doubling down on them.

  3. Omg a person with 50 year experience and actual legislative background. A person who understand the ecosystem of politics and knows how to navigate it. What a change

    1. 50 years of openly taking bribes and doing the bidding of wall street. but hes not a literal nazi so its okay.

    2. @The Rogue Empire lol well if that’s true, those bribes couldn’t of been very big because Biden is one of the least wealthy men in government…

    3. Seems like I woke up the trolls. I heard there’s a fish to be collected under the bridge of Fokoff right before the intersection of Corrupt-Republicans Boulevard and Crybabe Lane

  4. Meanwhile a sadistic sociopath is sneering behind his smile, clenches his fist, holds a nation hostage with fear of his shadow

  5. What the American people have gone through is sad and heartbreaking the only way to get rid of racism military non-military we should revoke their citizenship together with their benefits this is not what America stands for.

  6. The mess and damage that Biden has to clean up comes from all area left by Trump, may God gives him good health, strength and patience.

  7. I think Biden failed in his 2 previous bids for a reason, it simply wasn’t his time yet. Now that he’s learned from past errors and is older and wiser, it is clearly his time to lead.

    1. Simgor2 older? He’s got one foot in the grave and the other one is shaky at best.
      He will not make it 6 months. He has dementia, I should know, I had a family member with it.

  8. The only reason we’re even having a Biden presidency is because trump, the man, was an irredeemable disaster.

  9. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln   
    Good Luck Joe!

  10. How the media uses common knowledge as filler between their “breaking” news. Bwahahahahaaaaa! Babble babble, ratings, babble babble, breaking, ratings. Bwahahahahaaaaa!

  11. God Bless Our new in coming President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris !! The light at the end of the tunnel finally .

  12. The work ahead is huge but I’m hoping that ‘ there ain’t no mountain high enough ‘ he can’t conquer…

  13. Never has a man been more prepared to be President, and never has our Nation needed the experience, patriotism and compassion so much.

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