1. Brady the type of dude who will go into a major depression if he doesn’t win another super bowl 🤣🤣

    1. Well, it happened to baseball great Roy Halladay. He had to retire because of physical problems. But he never seemed to adjust to retirement. He died in a plane crash that sort of looked like suicide.

    1. @Seymour Butts bc you don’t care about this country. You want to hand it over to the globist one world order. Grow up anti American lib.

  2. I think he should’ve bought the ball that was supposed to be his last touchdown pass. Somebody got screwed. Edit: I don’t feel to sorry for someone who pays $500,000 for a football.

  3. Interesting… Is your book going to cover how deviant competitiveness leads to cheating? Like a certain President we shall not name who is notorious for cheating at golf?

    1. Oh you were so close to saying the correct thing. If only you replaced notorious for cheating at golf which is false, to notorious for cheating an election. Too bad, so sad. 😔

  4. Tom Brady is the greatest football player ever. So what? He can’t leave the game because he has zero other personality traits or interests.

  5. Does someone that competitive fear becoming an empty shell when that competition is removed from their lives? Brady is surely standing at the edge of that chasm. In my completely different life I would think I’d want to “quit while I’m ahead”.

  6. In my eyes, success happens when competition is ignored.
    Diverting energy to competition diminishes success.

  7. You forgot about Harold Stassen,the Governor of Minnesota in the late 1930s and early 1940s, who ran for the Republican nomination for President umpteen times.

  8. The Late Show, reported that someone bought Brady’s “Final Touchdown Pass” ball for around $450k only hours before Tom’s unretirement! Oops!

  9. James Carville said that running for President was like making love—Nobody ever did it once and forgot all about it.

  10. Form what I learned in my little years if all these countries are fighting against one person it means in this particular case this person bis doing a very good job in fixing the world that they are not doing. I choose Putin over them for something is not right.

  11. Chris- You are my favorite political commentator. I can’t wait for the book! Keep up the awesome work!

  12. 😂🤣 humility talent subtlety is what makes Tom Brady.

    Basically the exactly opposite of anyone at CNN Joe Biden and most politicians. Scratch that. All politicians.

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