How Republicans Are Attempting To Rewrite History Of January 6 Insurrection

President Joe Biden continues his first overseas trip as president, highlighting the state of America's fragile democracy and our tattered reputation around the world–particularly in the wake of the recent attack on the Capitol. The Jan. 6 insurrection, and whether Members of Congress and Donald Trump should be called to testify related to this incident, are discussed by Joy Reid and her panel.
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  1. “It was just tourists hugging and kissing police!”
    “It was BLM and Antifa!”
    “It was Jewish Italian Laser Satellites!”

    Remember when _1984_ was supposed to be a cautionary tale and not a civics manual?

    1. @Mimzy Jinx That tried to overthrow the federal government and install Trump as Eternal God Emperor. Or were you under the impression that the mob was actually chanting about Mike Pence’s endowment?

    2. @Insignificant360 No, you lunatic. They didn’t. Nobody has been charged with anything of the sort. The only violent death was an unarmed protester shot in the throat by a still unnamed police officer. You have to start processing reality. Stop watching MSNBC until you are better at it.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx That “protester” tried to force her way into the chamber. Of course she was shot. I’m surprised not more were. My guess is that if the “protesters” were Black, there would be more body bags — or… in reality, maybe none at all because they wouldn’t be able to breach the Capitol. But a group of “friendly” “patriots” wouldn’t ever pose a security threat, would it?

    4. Yeah… because that’s what a gallows is erected for. For the people to show their love and support for their elected officials. LOL. The blatant denialism and obvious attempts at historical revisionism is astounding.

  2. “Tourism” was booming on January 6th. Just ask the republicans who barricaded themselves from the enthusiastic travelers.

    1. Well, a lot of these Republicans come from spring break areas so the insurrectionists do behave like tourists.

    2. I asked AOC who wasnt even in the building.
      She said she “almost died” what a joker she is.

  3. What a joke of a representitive from Texas who calls want to sweep under the carpet their full intentions to change the election results even with all the evidence before them and still they have their heads in the sand…sick of it!!!

  4. So republicans have a 5ex trafficker on their judicial committee.
    For any other party, that would be outrageous. But for the GOP, it’s perfectly normal.

    1. @Joe Casella The whole open border claim is a lie. They send the vast majority of them back.

      Trump close the border to legal immigrants, legal migrant workers and legal asylum seekers during a labor shortage impeding the growth of businesses.

      Trump cancelled all the programs that had illegal immigration at a 15 year low and created the 2017 border crises that he wanted to declare a state of emergency over. Other than during the pandemic when the US was the most infected country in the world due to Trump’s mismanagement, the problem has been growing since then. Trump kept legal workers we needed out and more illegals we didn’t need came in.

    2. The GQP is anything but normal. They are grandstanding opportunists and panderers, a group of phonies, the government of Putin and the Grand Q Party.

  5. Nobody Is Saying How tRump When He Made The Call To One Of The States To Have It To Review The Election In Their State and If She Could Have It Before “January 6”

  6. trump? walk?? to the capitol? I thought I heard him say ‘I’ll see you there’ – he meant he’d be watching on tv, attending in spirit only. They were dumb enough to believe he’d actually be there, they deserve everything they get

    1. Bot. You’ve got to be a bot. Nobody’s been charged with insurrection. See who’s rewriting the 6th? The left just keeps shedding brain cells.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx It’s not the left who denies it ever happened in the first place… that they were just “orderly tourists hugging and kissing police officers”… but wait, weren’t they BLM and ANTIFA dressed up as Trumpanzees?

  7. This is why Doug Jones should have been an AG; someone with experience prosecuting the Klan. Not little kitten Garland trying to appease the deplorables.

    1. The DOJ is still filled with Trump appointees at lower levels, why hasn’t the DOJ replaced them?

  8. GOP: wasn’t Trump supporters. It was antifa and BLM.
    Everyone else: OK! So maybe we should investigate to get to the bottom of this.

  9. Do we know when abbott will call a vote in his “special session” to get his voter suppression bill passed? I live in Houston and, will happily drive to Austin, to protest abbotts voter suppression bill(s) (sb-6). We have to get H.R.1 passed. 😰

    1. Any evidence of voter suppression? Where are all these people who went to vote and were turned away? Try not to be so easily managed. Try.

    2. 🎶 *_”The stars at night, are big and bright.”_* 🎶
      _(clap clap clap clap)_
      🎶 Unlike the GOP in Texas. 🎶

    3. ​@jones The Republicans in Texas seem to understand science better then Fauci does. But based on his performance, a garden slug understands science better then Fauci does.

  10. Tell em joy, if it was BLM they would have had tanks on the street, swimming ducks, and snipers on the roof top

    1. Sleepy Joe unfortunately men have to spend time being advocates for truth, because there are so many losers out here with free time spreading lies

  11. Stop referring to them as “re-writing” anything. I don’t think they even know how to write. Just call a spade a spade. Hey Joy, having been a Judge in a conservative state doesn’t mean you are smart. They just get elected to enforce conservative laws.

    1. OMG!!! Can you believe that? That is hilarious. What a crazy guy. Such a Gomer. Wow!!! That’s good comedy right there.

    1. Biden eulogized a Democrat Senator who started his own local Klavern. He actually recruited enough new and REAL white supremacists to do it. Were you always so stupid? Stop relying on MSNBC.

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