How ‘Storm Shadow’ cruise missiles will help Ukraine

The United Kingdom has delivered multiple "Storm Shadow" cruise missiles to Ukraine, giving the nation a new long-range strike capability in advance of a highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russian forces, multiple senior Western officials told CNN. CNN Retired Air Force Colonel Cedric Leighton joins CNN's Jim Sciutto to discuss. #CNN #News


    1. почему ты будучи австралийцем разговариваешь на английском, ах да, ты же англосакс который живет на чужих землях

    2. Why are you thanking us, from Australia.

      1939 to 1945 ensured Australia never has to thank us. Likewise Canada etc.

    3. @ИННОКЕНТИЙ He or she speaks English because it it is the native language of their country , DUH 🤡

    1. @Hene Nkumbe look up libya or operation shader. Or Iraq. We have used 90 out of the 1000 we have just in those few conflicts so plenty more to go around before we need to procure more. But some are being upgraded/modernised (for western tech, not eastern) they are already well modern compared to the newest that russia has.

    2. Just saw a Russian soldier surrendering to a drone. That’s probably the smartest Russian soldier on battlefield.

    1. Actually it wont. Bridge was built in order to withstand huge as bombs You would need direct explosions under basic of bridge , which are thick as F. You would need around 100 of those rockets to took down that bridge. Have a look at example with bridge in Kherson , which was under direct fire from GMLR for more than month and stood till the very end(p.s: still staying)
      + It’s from tactical point way better to keep bridge active, so ruzzians could make another gesture of “good will” instead of fighting and taking dozens of thousand lives.

  1. Bravo UK . You guys don’t hold back and set the standard. once again…🇬🇧 👍👍👍 from 🇨🇦

    1. It needs to be done to end this war quickly and save lives. Hopefully this will give ukraine the chance to hurt Russia behind their defence line and knock out their equipment before it reaches the front lines and make up for not having a quality air force 🙏💪🇺🇦🇬🇧🇨🇦🇪🇺♥️

    2. In theory we’re all in this together . Just some more than others sadly . Diseases shouldn’t be allowed go spread. They need eradicating what way possible . 👍 from the 🇬🇧 to 🇨🇦.
      And some Storm 🚀 s to 🇷🇺 from 🇬🇧

    1. @Johnny’s GamingClub It doesn’t mean they will or not win the war. It means they have more advantage now compared to what they had

  2. They forgot to mention the main point why the increased range vis-a-vis HIMARS is so important: Russians have by now adopted to HIMARS and moved their logistics centers and command post just outside HIIMARS range (to about 120km). The storm shadow will again enable Ukrainians to hit those strategic targets and massively disrupt logistics and command capability. This will be a big boon for the upcoming counter offensive.

    1. Yep, and the Russians have the capability to disrupt the HIMARS now, so it’s less effective in that sense too. This missile does not have that problem.

    2. The US has HIMARS missiles that can reach 300km. Ukraine doesn’t have those tho just the shorter range.

    3. More importantly, Ukraine now has more control of the skies so as to deliver these by aircraft. This may not have been possible before.

  3. Clearly, the UK has also been training the crews up to proficiency – they wouldn’t just “hand me down” this tech w/o training…

    1. …..also integrating it on Ukrainian jets 😉
      Well, we did say months ago we would be training Ukrainian pilots. We didn’t say what the training was 😎

  4. It’s so strange hearing about counter offensives before they happen ..can you imagine this during ww2

    1. the Bakhmut one that Prighozin is crowing about is merely a feint – the real one will still be against Crimea

    2. well world war two the normandy invasions were long awaited but thought to be at calais. But yes counter offensives were talked about before they happened in all wars. it’s called planning.

    3. @Steelninja’s Gaming Plus there was lot’s of public pressure in the States for example to get on with it and finish of Germany by Dec. 1944, after D-Day.

  5. Storm Shadow is a great weapon since russian logistics IS mainly rail based to get the big amounts of ammunition into Ukraine. So it will be relativly easy to find out where those big hubs are and destroy them, that will force Russia to bring their big train logistics hubs even farther away from the line. That will make it very hard for Russian to provide supplys effectivly.

    1. This assumes that Ukraine has unlimited supply of these missles. AND it assumes that the russians wont find a way to counter the missle.

    2. @OddeyeDL76 When Ukraine got the HIMARS the Russians had to back off their logistics and I don’t think the supply of HIMARS was infinite. The Brits were in the process of replacing the Storm Shadow, so I think they will be generous with it (meaning several hundreds). It’s also more advanced than HIMARS as far as evading countermeasures. Everything is possible, but if history is any indication it will require another Russian logistical reorg to bring high value targets further from the frontline.

    3. @Lucius Tarquinius Priscus You dont need to counter the missile you just need to counter the launch platform. Russia has air superiority and its not even close. Ukraine will get some push back with this weapon system but Russia will figure it out with China. You also forget that the tech will most likely be stolen and the chip inside the missile will be researched and countered. Ukraine is VERY corrupt so the idea that out of 100’s of missiles a few wont be stolen is insane. The missile will be countered within days of its arrival.

  6. The GPS will be important for firing on water targets and when dealing with targets using ground obfuscation, to the point about the “attack’ms” , those are targeted and then take their trajectory, depending on the target by the time the missile impacts curvature could modify the point of target significantly — like throwing a baseball at someone who is moving, if the baseball can adjust itself for the rate at which they walk it will track without any finesse but otherwise the thrower has to consider the dynamics themselves.

  7. UK: We have 25 year old cruise missles, but they are effective AF if used correctly.

    Russia: We have 75 Year Old Tanks that never worked correctly.

  8. The Storm Shadow is a British, French and Italian air-launched cruise missile, developed by the multinational company MBDA. It’s designed to strike high-value stationary assets such as airbases, radar installations, communication hubs, and port facilities. This long-range, stand-off missile is known for its precision, stealth characteristics, and heavy warhead.

    The development of the Storm Shadow missile began in the late 1990s. Its design was primarily based on the earlier Apache anti-runway missile, but it incorporated several new technologies and capabilities, most notably a significantly longer range and the ability to target a wide variety of high-value stationary targets.

    The Storm Shadow missile is launched from aircraft, navigates its way to the target area using a combination of GPS and terrain reference navigation, and then uses an imaging infrared seeker to identify the specific target. It carries a powerful BROACH warhead, which features an initial penetrator charge to clear soil or enter a bunker, then a variable delay fuze to control detonation of the main warhead.

    The missile entered operational service with the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) in 2003, just in time to be used during the Iraq War. It was launched from Tornado GR4 aircraft to strike high-value targets. Since then, it has been integrated with a number of other aircraft, including the Eurofighter Typhoon and the F-35 Lightning II.

    The Storm Shadow has been exported to several other countries and has seen use in various conflicts, establishing a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness. By 2023, the Storm Shadow remains an important part of the UK’s and other countries’ military capabilities, providing a long-range, precision strike option against high-value targets.

    1. @Mark M Such a strike would have to be on the Ukraine Crimea side of the bridge to remain inside Ukraine territory to honor the agreement not to strike inside russian territory

  9. When a jornalist was the knowledge to talk about the subject, it just shows. And this was an amazing piece of journaliism. Congratulations.

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