See what’s it’s like for migrants on the ‘train of death’

CNN's David Culver joins migrants aboard what they call the 'train of death' as they make their way towards the US-Mexico border prior to the US ending its Covid-era Title 42 policy. CNN's Jake Tapper discusses with Blas Nuñez-Neto, Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy at DHS. #CNN #News


  1. A big dent could be put in the deficit if the border was shut down and all the intruders were sent to their homes.

  2. When will Democrats and their news outlets start caring about our homeless and veterans! SMH

    1. when will anybody…. no one talks about it or covers it unless there’s drama involved, no matter what media you’re talking about

    1. I live in El Paso. 2000 illegal ECONOMIC migrants DAILY.

      NONE of them actually qualify for legal political asylum. They’re economic migrants. 2.5 million a year for the past 2 years.

      Downtown El Paso looks like the third world. It’s unsustainable

    2. All the rules can be broken now. The democrats have shown us that it’s fine now

    3. @Dave I understand & thank you for the information. It is truly a sad situation for all involved; especially working class people from both the USA & people from other countries searching for the elusive American Dream. I’m an elderly disabled native tax payer, soon to move on to my eternal home, praying for God’s mercy & help for us all. Fortunately God sees everything so only He judges with wisdom, so my job right now is to not die until He says it is time. That is becoming more difficult daily, yet I have learned that I have the capacity to love everyone bc as Jesus said: “Moses gave to you Ten Commandments, but I say to you to love one another.” This is from the memory of an old woman who learned from the KJV Bible, so the words might not be exact is why I am saying where I learned from. There is peace in my heart, although my body is used up & painful, so likely typos, but sincere. GBU to any believers who read this & is also praying for God’s help. He loves us all equally, so I have learned to do the same with my human exceptions. I think we mere mortals, we all like or dislike each other’s behavior, although the heart may love or hate. I have no hate so wish the best for all. ~<3~

  3. The border needs to be be strongly closed to end this crisis and even though I say other things to help ourselves and help them and by not sending them back to the streets in their countries it doesn’t mean to continue letting the entire world in because eventually it’s going to bring on overpopulation and nothing good is going to come out of it but famine’s.

  4. What crisis are they fleeing to come to the United States? How did their nation get into the crisis that it’s in?

    1. We also didn’t take care of the gang problem when they were just forming and now they are a world wide power that no one wants to seriously tangle with. They control many of the little countries south of our border, and who knows, maybe even the US to some extent.

  5. When media talks about the people coming they also need to report on the number expelled at same time. They only give one side

  6. How about seeing what it’s like for my finite tax dollars going to them versus things I need and deserve as a CITIZEN!!!

  7. This is why florida geared up on their immigration policies. Im a Democrat and while i don’t see eye to eye with de santis on various issues, he definitely toughened up immigration laws.

  8. Great. Rather than addressing a massive issue effecting the US (especially crime rates), let’s make people feel bad for those committing a crime.
    I agree, their situation is unfortunate, but the more illegal immigrants come over the boarder, the closer and closer his place gets to where they are trying to escape from.

    1. “Poor people deserve no sympathy. Only the rich should live, treat strangers and immigrants poorly”

      -Republican Jesus

  9. If only it truly were the train of death…… and had a win rate of 100%. How glorious that would be!

  10. My family and I also want a better life, which is why we plan on leaving the US and illegally entering Canada. Wish us luck!

    1. Heck, I want to go to Russia. They are doing awesome and they are an awesome people. Happy and the walk all over freely and not worry about being attacked by their fellow citizens. Women even walk alone at night. I remember those days once upon a time in America.

  11. Let me break this down economically. When the supply of unskilled labor (illegal immigrants) is high, then the demand for such labor is low which drives down wages, increases unemployment, and puts a strain on social services like hospitals.

    1. Yes, this is perfect! It perfectly benefits the Democrats. Outside of the Uber rich/ elite political class, the rest of the democrat base (~90%) don’t pay any taxes, bc they either don’t work or don’t make enough to contribute. So to them taxpayer money is just a whatever i want and need fund. That’s why it shld go back to being each man for himself, no more federal taxes… local communities can pool together for good schools, policing, hospitals, roads and bridges, sanitation. Those communities that don’t want policing… no problem.

  12. I am sure that homeland security department is very busy to log every phone calls around the world.

  13. This is the worst Invasion of our shores in our country’s history. Its amazing how many people don’t realize it or worse, don’t care. God have mercy on us all.

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