How Sustained Online Falsehoods Helped Fuel The January 6 Capitol Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

How Sustained Online Falsehoods Helped Fuel The January 6 Capitol Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Renée Diresta of the Stanford Internet Observatory says what's different today about disinformation across platforms is "the existence of echo chambers," calls it a "sustained, repetitious process." Aired on 01/15/2021.
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How Sustained Online Falsehoods Helped Fuel The January 6 Capitol Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. It was definitely willful ignorance and sadly… he was feeding them ‘red meat’, playing to their basest fears, their biases, and their homegrown racism.
      They thought they were getting a real tough guy, but sadly we all got a narcissistic, petulant, pathological man boy who decided (with help from the Kremlin) he would either win the election, or he’d just use his power over these sheep to take over an become Fuhrer.
      His little treasonous crybabies were more than happy to play out the fantasies to the extent they would have executed a person that just the week before, they held in esteem!
      We MUST ensure these Terrorists are ALL hunted down and brought to justice.

    2. @Manuell Are you also aware that dutch supertrawlers are scraping evry fish spieses off the bottom of the uk waters,to the point that some spieses will become extinct?Or do you not get to see that on Dutch telly?

  1. *Trump, the first and only (cough) President who will never have his portrait in the White House … Only a Wanted Poster.*

    1. @Paul Topp the libRATS and the silly media started all this when trump was elected.eff all these PiGlosi lovers.

  2. The GOP is complicit in INSURRECTION but will blame Democrats for “dividing the country”

    1. @Camille White GOP easily blame democrats for everything for one reason: They realize Democrat leadership is too weak and feckless to fight back because they “want to be liked”… so they play “miss manners” while the klan rabble GOP dominate the conversation


  3. t’rump cult: “The election was stolen!”
    America: “Oh really? How so?”
    t’rump cult: “I don’t know but it doesn’t matter! It was stolen!!”
    America: “Sigh

    1. @John Swo The truth is you are not one bit interested in the creation of national election laws, even though common sense demands

    2. @Sam Harris No we aren’t interested in National election laws. We don’t have National or Federal Elections for a purpose. It is created to be another layer of separation. We have State Election Laws. They should be set up so every voter has a vote. It is the problem of many Republican States that they think the way to govern and to ensure their parties success, is voter suppression and oppression. Mail in votes aren’t inherently faulty unless you have someone out to muck up the system. People have busy lives, dealing with long lines because of not having enough manned voting polls is a real problem. Some people can’t tolerate being in a line for 8-10 hours, I couldn’t!

    1. @Pokarot The problem is the ACTUAL so-called evidence was never reviewed. It should have been. Then Joe Biden would have won it much cleaner (I don’t hate anybody like you do, by the way)
      But, unfortunately by leaving the review out – we now have ridiculous chaos.
      Also, you don’t know either.

    2. @zendyk one is an unnecessarily long word and the other world is nice and short that everybody knows what it means.

    3. @All Noyz “The problem is the ACTUAL so-called evidence was never reviewed”
      Let’s look at some statements from Trump’s legal teams:
      -“This is not a fraud case,”
      -When answering, “Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?” – “To my knowledge at present, no.”
      -“Petitioners do not allege, and there is no evidence of, any fraud in connection with the challenged ballots.”
      There is NO evidence of significant voter fraud in the 2020 election (Even though Trump himself did ask his supporters to try and commit voter fraud and then tried to bully Republican GA officials [Who also told Trump there was no voter fraud] to ‘find’ exactly how many more votes he needed to win GA).
      That’s not even looking at other high ranking Republican officials who would have benefitted by this lie calling it unfounded.
      I’m guessing that you’re one of the people who donated to Trump’s ‘stop the steal’ or whatever fund, did you know the majority of the money raised from that (which was intended to fight the illegal voter fraud) ended up paying off Trump’s debts?
      You got scammed.

  4. So wishy washy. Somebody with any gumption would simply say, to the effect, “Fox News spreads lies.”

    1. @Janet W free speech and propaganda are 2 different things. You saw Fox News finally admit Dominion and Smartmatic were not what they purposely spent 7 weeks telling everyone they were. They did that after being threatened with defamation lawsuits from both companies. If Fox News had the evidence they would not have apologized for trashing these companies. It was very reckless “ journalism “.

    2. @E. B. C. Fascist is made up fiction, all the blue state tyrants since MARCH, you obviously have no limits on your shame

    1. LIke Trump is a White Supremist? As has every Republican for decades who has been running for office, according to the left.

    2. @Wisconsin Man
      Trump himself id not really a White Supremacist. But he does have one as a senior advisor and he has been giving them legitimacy for 4 years.

    3. @Wisconsin Man While Trump may not be an active and open white supremacist, like someone like David Duke, Trump has no problem with telling white supremacists enough of what they want to hear in order to keep their support. Personally, Trump is also probably not “the least racist person in the room” as he likes to say.

    1. Trump’s behavior can be explained not by any conspiracy theory but by Trump’s desperation to keep his so-called presidential immunity for another four years. Trump will be waist-deep in legal and financial troubles as soon as his term is up and he knows it.

    2. Trump is over. The question is why are so few interested in national election rules, even when written by Democrats it is the first step to common sense

    1. @Pat Mahinie There hasn’t been a Dem lie as bad as Trump’s Big Lie in half a century. The only thing as bad was LBJ lying us into an expansion of the war in Vietnam. Seeing how that’s before most Americans alive today were born, talking about lies from today’s Dems is just whataboutism.

    2. @Granny2 Levi No they didn’t. For 1 no one single thing was said in Trumps speech on the 6th that included a word close to STORM. There is also not 1 shred of proof Trump is somehow a racist. Nothing has ever been shown to prove that. What has the past 4 years shown? When the LEFT doesn’t like something like FREE SPEECH, well, shut them down, scream racist, attack them, assault them, burn stuff down. Politicians on the Floor of the House and Senate calling the president names that they have zero proof of which did what? Incite hatred towards the right. Dems said to get in their face. Dems asked Why is there not uprisings all over America. Dems said, keep this up, don’t stop. YOU nor a single Dem can show a single clip of Trump encouraging people to Storm the capitol. YOU people have no critical and logical thinking. Speech was given where? WH, when? How long was it? How long does it take to WALK to the capitol from the WH? Now add a few hundred thousand people there, it takes longer. Yet the storming took place when? Math doesn’t compute. Funny how BIDEN has told Black people they ain’t black if they don’t vote for him, has Trump said anything like that? Biden is on video, touching, kissing little girls, Trump has never been on video doing that. Biden’s great friend and spoke at his eulogy WAS a KKK member/recruiter. No one Trump has been associated with has ever been in the Klan. Biden HAS profited from another country as a politician. CHINA, yet Trump was accused being a Russian asset and never had 1 single business approved there. YOU people said Trump can’t be commander in chief, he’s a draft dodger, well Biden is a 5 time Draft dodger. Now get a tattoo that says HYPOCRITE.

    3. @Wisconsin Man I rest my case. You’re among the brainwashed. I wish you well, with a full and speedy recovery.

    4. @Granny2 Levi Hi Granny2, I know the GOP sticks together no matter what but Mitch needs to call a special session and have a United vote to convict trump. I know plenty of great republicans but 10 isn’t going to remove the stink on this. You will be judged by the company you keep, I don’t like it any more than you do but trial by Twitter is fast approaching.

    5. @Granny2 Levi Yeah.. OK.. A heard of SHEEP follows the leader. They come to a cliff and wait. When the leader goes over, the rest follow, because they are sheep. So watch your fall, it’s a long way down.

    1. @A T , the GOP has been lying to the public for my entire life. From Reagan’s Tax cuts, to Bush’s war, to the myth of the “job creator”. They have done nothing but lie over and over again. Trump is just the latest example.

    2. @Chris Shane As someone who is in the middle class, I don’t like living under Democrats. They continually skyrocket taxes and fees.

  5. The thing with the ‘Big Lie’ is that there are those on the Republican side who understand that it was a manufactured communications strategy to wedge the voting population in the hopes that you get more people on your side than your opponent … it failed. What is incomprehensible is that even after all legal options were exhausted, they kept beating the drum loudly. Despite the desecration of your seat of govt, some continue. ????

    1. They’re going to pay the price in due time. People are angry about the attack. The truth is the attack accomplished nothing, but it woke us up.

  6. Fox news is digging up all the old hits and feigning outrage so they don’t have to talk about January 6.

  7. The main problem is people don’t have good critical thinking skills. People aren’t willing to take the time and effort to learn how to know fact from fiction. They want easy answers that they like to hear.

    1. Spot on! Trump’s golf resorts will miss the tax dollars he’s poured into them these last four years.
      Looking back on President Obama driving to a military base golf course near Washington DC for single round most should realized those were so much more tidy times.

    2. If the majority ever surrender to the will of and angry violent armed gullible minority our republic will be lost.

    1. There are no alternative facts and no conspiracy theories. Don`t call BS a fact or a theory. Language matters.

  8. I feel like this clip got misedited – surely this wasn’t the end of the interview. That’s a shame because she was insightful.

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