How The Delta Variant Is 'Crushing Morale' In Missouri | MSNBC 1

How The Delta Variant Is ‘Crushing Morale’ In Missouri | MSNBC


The Atlantic's Ed Yong joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on how in how the delta variant is impacting Missouri.

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How The Delta Variant Is 'Crushing Morale' In Missouri | MSNBC


    1. @Matt Thompson and you’ll never be a real man with that 4 week old profile. Does the lack of flesh make your binary sequences all chaffing? Tool.

    1. @Matt Wyrick Agree 100%. But it is for this reason that I still mask up in closed spaces. I don’t believe I need to be part of the problem of spreading a variant I might get incidentally, even though I’m vaccinated.

    2. @Josef weren’t you saying that liberals should “care”about the Unvaccinated-by-choice, otherwise they are not “liberal”?
      Liberals can’t fix the stupidity of the right.

    3. If you don’t feel bad for dying ppl than you are soulless ghoul… independent of you political views…

    4. @Billy Pardew Who says 1/3 are carrying the virus? I would like to know your sources if you would be so kind. I like having documented facts by verifiable sources.

    1. Unfortunately most of the people who will die are elderly and have already reproduced. If unvaccinated children start dying, then it will definitely affect human evolution.

    2. Yes, but …
      it’s more complicated than that.

      For example, why would people turn to the hospitals for help when sick, but won’t believe those same health care workers who told them, are still telling them, to get the vaccine? Why believe them now and not then?
      I don’t understand.

    1. @Crock Pot The vast majority of those not taking the vaccines are POC. But go ahead and keep on blowing your racist dog whistle.

    2. That has never been of the slightest interest for them. They see this as power play, deranged as it is.

  1. Darwinism on full display.. lead a horse to water and if doesn’t drink, well, one less horse I guess?

    1. @Doug Steel It is approved for emergency use because it is safe!
      It is looking like permanent approval will come by the end of the year which is when the vaccine will be available to kids under 12. I believe that is what is waiting permanent approval. Any vaccine given to children has to jump through hoops which is a good thing. If this vaccine program was not operating within the highest standards they would have started vaccinating every age group at the same time. Medicine is relying on those who can get vaccinated to do so to protect children until that age group is given approval.
      So the medical community is being very vigilant in protecting children but the anti vaccine crowd is not. Children are dying. A lot of parents are worried sick about their kids going back to school unvaccinated in the fall.

    2. , 7-day average in Missouri as of yesterday was 14. Now, part of that was a big spike on the 13th, 51, but even without that, it’s not 1. Where are you getting your figures?

    3. @Mary Beth I hope you didn’t get the impression I don’t think it’s safe! I was first in line. All I was saying is that the approval model isn’t as simple as being defined by purpose – genetic modification to deactivated virus genes doesn’t necessarily need new approval (in my opinion) as all it’s doing is putting in the tailored target. The medium, preservatives and technology itself are already approved. I have greater faith in science than politics!

    4. “Drink that? You don’t know what’s in that water!!!….no thanks you…” PLOP falls over dead.

  2. Gods way of thanking all of his faithful republican followers , calling them all home, Bon Voyage !

    1. ​@Laura Cornwell Why? US Liberals are way easier to take advantage of than Russians….those guys aren’t very gullible…

    2. They really are that ignorant they would make that a thing of going to the hospital and being put on a ventilator is nicknamed “owning the libs” it’s so believable it’s unbelievable.

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog The government under republican rule is a slavery scheme designed to enrich the politician, under progressive democrats it’s a active institution built to work directly and exclusively for the people.
      If government gets in your way then vote for those who actually represent you rather than those who literally are doing nothing but showing up to work to collect dirty money from wealthy people and corporations for doing their bidding.

    4. Evidently they don’t consider Covid a big deal now that we have completely eradicated the regular flu without even trying….

  3. Reality raises its Head. Trumpers can deceive themselves, Reality doesn’t care what Fox “news” spews.

    1. @Paul
      Lol this has NOTHING to do with AMERICANS who refuse to get vaccinated. I never, ever, ever want to hear another word about pro life from the PRO DEATH REPUBLICONS! It’s my body I don’t have to get vaccinated. It’s my body Don’t tell me what to do with my reproductive cycle or the mass of fertilized cells that are nothing but a parasite feeding off my body for months. SO THERE YOU f”n hypocrites.
      Plus, these refugees ARE NOT BEING let on the country.

    2. @Reclaim Conservatism That is a complete lie and you know it. If youre going to lie on YT at least try to make it plausable.

    3. @Homer Simpson exactly.. MSNBC is fake news just like CNN.. This is full of propagand and fear mongering and sheep believe this crap.

  4. Missouri undertakers fully support the people who aren’t getting vaccinated with a free engraving of the rebel flag on their headstone…

    1. @Charlie D who’s living in fear really ? The ones getting vaccines and feeling safe or the Jesus freaks that are running around with their hair on fire from the fear and lies they live on like a drug ?

    2. Missouri was a part of the Confederacy? Gee my graduate level classes in the Civil War never mentioned that. Odd that.

    3. @Stephen Coleman It was a bit more complicated than that.
      The Confederate States of America claimed Missouri as a state, although Missouri officially remained a part of the Union. This action reflects the schism that occurred earlier in that year when Missouri Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson and other Confederate sympathizers maintained an alternate, secessionist state government, in opposition to the provisional Unionist government. While the Confederacy consists of just 11 states, Confederate flags display 13 stars to reflect their claim to the border states of Missouri and Kentucky.
      I have no doubt that if you took a graduate course in The Civil War that would have been mentioned as it was definitely taught in my undergraduate course.

  5. We got our vaccines and still mask up. Anything less is just ignorance. I don’t really feel for the patients who refused to get vaccinated. But I do feel for the people having to care for them.

    1. Healthcare workers are burnt out! They’ve been neglecting and exposing their families to Covid, in trying to care for these ungrateful, foolhardy airheads, who continue to spew ignorant and insane conspiracy theories. There’s no getting through to them, even on their dying beds, they’re still aggressive, spitting at and hitting healthcare workers.

    2. @S C So…when a drunk driver injures himself it’s what the staff signed up for rather than being totally preventable to begin with? Strange thinking.

    3. @Wrong Crowd Uh, ya. Whatever comes through the hospital doors needs to be handled. Period. You think hospital staff is allowed to dictate which emergencies they are willing to address?? Dumb thinking on your part.

  6. When you trust Fox News and social media more than medical experts, it’s probably not going to end well for you.

    1. @Corey Carlisle , if you must listen to liberal bias media, at least listen to Jimmy Dore on Youtube and open your eyes a bit to the reality of things.. You have no idea how deep Dr Fauci is in this and how dishonest he is.

    2. @Sunchased Negus It was a brand new virus that the world had never seen before. The level of complexity of these viruses is mind blowing.
      As in all of medicine knowledge, diagnosis and treatment is constantly evolving. Medicine is dynamic and ever evolving. In the late 20th century AIDS was a death sentence. I took care of so many AIDS patients that suffered so much and died.
      Today we have life saving drug cocktails so that HIV doesn’t progress to AIDS. Knowledge is ever expanding.
      And funny thing is… Vaccine development is one of the least profit making areas in drug development and production.
      Why don’t you take a cell biology course and learn something.

    3. They are experts in depopulation, fear mongering, playing god while doing the devils work. Oh yeah, they also rely heavy on brain dead, can’t think for themselves, believe everything they see on the fear mongering propaganda media, sheep such as yourself.

  7. Rupert Murdoch could put an end to this immediately.
    He’s sitting back laughing at what’s happening.
    Revoke his citizenship and licenses.

    1. Murdoch has been a US citizen since the 80s and has lived there ever since. He’s an international capitalist supervillian and uses his media BS to be a political powerbroker. Basically politicians do what he says if they wanna keep their job.

    2. Trump and his minions are responsible. He scoffed at and politicized the pandemic since it’s inception for his own gain. When he and his minions inevitably caught it they received the best healthcare and were among the first to receive the vaccine. 600,000 plus and still counting Americans weren’t so lucky . Murdoch is profiting off of American’s stupidity and is feeding it to do so but he didn’t start it and can’t stop it. It’s too late for that. They’d just tune him out like they did when Fox called the election for Biden. Trump’s cult doesn’t want to be informed, only told what they want to hear and will in all likelihood die still believing it or live regretting it.

    3. @Anne Murphy You are absolutely correct. Murdoch doesn’t care about anything other than making money. He has no beliefs other than profit.
      He hates Trump and considers him an ignorant buffoon, but a buffoon that makes him money.
      Of course all the Fox people got vaccinated. They were not going to take the chance that they might get Covid and prove science correct. The great irony is that the Fox people are protected by HIPPA. Protected by a government they publicly scorn.

    4. What sickening is that he is reportedly a trump hater. But his love of money supersedes all else.

  8. One aspect of the greater transmissibility of the Delta variant that isn’t really being discussed is that fewer infected people are needed to spread the disease within a given population. To put it into simple English, one Covidiot can infect dozens of people. To quote that guy from “Hill Street Blues”: Let’s be careful out there.

  9. There’s a reason Missouri is “fly over” country … no one from the coasts wants to stop and catch their stupid!

  10. Pay everyone $300 to get vaccinated, and everyone that has been vaccinated gets $300 as well. This is far cheaper than what the hospital costs will be. Oh Well.

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