Florida Man Set To Be First Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced For Felony 1

Florida Man Set To Be First Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced For Felony


A Florida man who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag is scheduled to become the first Jan. 6 rioter sentenced for a felony, according to reports. Scott MacFarlane joins Morning Joe to discuss. Philip Bump also joins the discussion.

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Florida Man Set To Be First Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced For Felony


    1. I’d say about 7-10 years should give these “patriots” and their families just about enough time to contemplate the difference between terrorism and patriotism.

    2. @backuptrick44 I don’t disagree with you, but my point was that you should wait until the person gets sentenced before you get that soap box out… Not everything revolves around the color of your skin.

    3. @lopezb You don’t know the difference. 200 Democrats did the same thing during the Kavenaugh hearings. How were they treated? Tear gassed, pepper balls to the eyes? Beaten? Shot to death?
      No the media praised them.
      Last week a Democrat did the same thing. She was charged and released immediately. We have two justice systems. Conservatives are illegally spied on, framed or held without bail and tortured. Democrats refuse to arrest their criminals or let them go with no bail posted.

  1. Our justice system is broken. Everyone who was part of the riots should be in prison and forced to pay for the damages. That’s the right punishment.

  2. It’s up to the judges to stand with The United States of America and hand down maximum sentences plus for this atrocity or show incredible weakness and support the insurectionists and Donald Trump.

  3. In any half-sane country, with a real constitution, all insurrectionists as well as the instigators would be tossed into prison for a very long time on charges of high treason.

    1. Oh ok snowflake. The result isn’t matching the lie you’ve swallowed that it was a “deadly armed insurrection by Trump supporters looking to subvert democracy,” so we aren’t sane and don’t have a Constitution. Ok buddy.

    2. Insurrectionists would be thrown into jail, you’re right. But there wasn’t an insurrection. Unless you can name somebody who’s been charged with insurrection, perchance?

      Do your best.

    3. @Al Jirou this guy who got only 8 months wasn’t involved in any assaults, he was just inside the building. The sentences are going to go way up for anyone who actively engaged in forcible entry or assaults, and there are plenty of those in line behind this guy.

    1. @M and you know this to be true how? Many were arrested and jailed with sentences for more then the TERRORISTS WHO STORMED THE CAPITAL! Do your research.

    2. More of them were bailed by covert benefactors, so as to carry on committing violence on the streets, that’s the only statistic I know.

  4. The rioters are not guilty….it was a “love fest” just simply taking a tourist visit. MAGA…Make America Gullible Again.

    1. MSLSD has really warped your perception, haven’t they? The only ones gullible are the Democrats.

  5. He may not have personally committed any vandalism or violence but his unlawful presence in there on that day is enough. That and the Charles Manson look

    1. Some of the demonstrators are wearing masks. They don,t have the courage of their convictions. Cowards. Like the kkk.

    2. The trolls don’t even believe their ridiculous claims themselves. BLM, ANTIFA, FBI… But no bipartisan investigations should happen, lol. How freakin’ out of it do you have to be to flat disbelieve something with hundreds of witnesses and miles of video tape proving it? Its like a 6 year old girl sticking to her story about not taking the chocolate, with it smeared all over her face.

  6. Hope everyone is paying attention to what’s going on in this Country, we are in trouble from the inside and that makes it worse…

    1. @Joshua Ewulo it’s being ran by a bunch of idiots ( local, state and federal) and it’s MOSTLY Republicans!!!!!!

    2. @Rod Gall Maybe why those rethug Senators went to Russia to get their treason orders and fill their treasonous pockets on that 4th of July

    3. I wish people would stop investing all their energy into being angry and start paying attention. Their are people on boths sides of the isle trying to destroy and continue the unrest. The best way to destroy anything is from the inside out not vice versa . Once on the inside the evil, calculating individuals divide and conquer.

    4. Exactly! Look up what North Korea King is telling its young citizens!” The warning is not to use slang like South Korea is allowing its citizens to do! The Governors in the US will suppress people from voting in certain areas of their state and if they dont like who won the election they will throw the results out. Is this who we are?

  7. If they treat this event with leniency what r they gonna when someone kidnaps or assassinates an official. It sends the message that it’s ok to carry out such acts.

    1. I’d say about 7-10 years should give these “patriots” and their families just about enough time to contemplate the difference between terrorism and patriotism.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 because on Jan 6th Trumpers to subvert the will of the people and overturn a free and fair election by force. That’s why bro. Stop trying to use false equivalencies as valid arguments, its never gonna work sweetheart. As it turns out insurrection is a higher crime than rioting. Work on those critical and objective thinking skills.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 – So, you’re blaming “the left”? Who on the left? Again, why are you comparing the two? The media aren’t “burying” anything. You realize right wing media exists, right? It’s not in the news now because it happened last year. That should be obvious.

    3. Matt, no they didn’t. It was a relative handful of crackpots, largely unconnected, largely uncoordinated and largely unarmed, over a couple of hours, and in no way was it an attempt to subvert democracy. Had it been an insurrection or coup d’etat, as an awful lot of dumb people claim in here, they’d have been fully tooled up and supported by military. It was crackpots carried on the crest of a wave, pumped up and nothing more. And they should be charged for whatever crimes they committed, ok?

      Meanwhile, there are blind eyes to the massive, systemic violence of the left.

    4. Matt, it wasn’t an insurrection, unless you can point to any charges of insurrection. I’ll leave that one with you. That’s left wing hyperbole, propaganda on these channels. Try to think critically and in a balance and rational manner. Don’t let these actors tell you what to think. As for J Groovy, you’re doing yourself a disservice. View across the media, left and right, at home and overseas, as I do, and then you might be able to narrow your focus and eliminate all the fluff.

    5. @TheDiamond2009 charges of insurrection do not need to be levied in order for the crime to meet the legal definition of an insurrection. If you haven’t noticed a lot of times in the US charges change and don’t always reflect the nature of crime for varying reasons. If you murder someone and plea down to manslaughter, you still committed murder, the crime hasn’t changed only your criminal charges. Glad I clear that up for you. Work on those critical and objective thinking skills instead of commenting over your head.

  8. It doesn’t matter if they were not violent, you went into the Capitol. So he was basically gonna take part in the hanging of Mike Pence? He should get more time

    1. Benjamin, yes man! Didn’t you see it all? It was violence and criminality on a massive scale, night after night, for 10 months. Didn’t you hear about it?

    2. last time i checked the capital building didnt belong to polititions it belonged to the american people, oh and by the way that guy will be out in 12 weeks

    3. @Bidencrimefamily

      I feel your pain and anger but we trump supporters gotta move on or the next three and a half years of Biden’s presidency are going to be rough!


  9. Oh! I see that he didn’t know the meaning of the flag’s message! ‘TRUMP 2020’ is an EXPIRATION DATE. And its contents ‘go bad’ after that!

  10. 8 months inside for a white insurrectionist but 5 years for a black woman in Texas who thought her parole was over and she was ok to vote?…That’s America folks

    1. @Time Surfer complicit?
      Like they knew they were going to a political rally and didn’t try and stop them?
      You do realize the TX democrats committed the exact same crime like a week ago?
      Same building and everything

    2. @shane3214 They were not thinking of their families when they attacked the capital!!! One guy even threatened his familywith death to NOT turn him in!!!!! And also, what about the families of Black people imprisoned for minor infractions for 5 years or more??????

    1. I think all felons lose that right but I also think that after a length of time, that (he or she) can petition the court to have that right given back.

    2. @roger camp after their sentencing is done, in some states, all restitution to victims must be paid & all fines must be paid before a convicted felon can petition for the right to vote again. In a lot of cases, most felons never make enough money to pay restitution in full if the restitution is over $20,000. Our society structures, laws or social interactions, makes it harder for people convicted of any crime to re-enter society after serving jail or prison sentences.

  11. He was there, he was ready to DO something… if he didn’t, that’s no excuse for leniency!!


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