How the housing market could be shifting to favor buyers in 2022 | JUST THE FAQS

How the housing market could be shifting to favor buyers in 2022 | JUST THE FAQS 1


  1. from 10 offers/house to now 2 offfers/house ! Mortgage interest rate of 5% comparing with 9% inflation rate! It makes BIG money just live/own your own house !!

    1. @Charles Yang OH really? Last time I checked 65% of people use a mortgage to purchase a home. Do you know many people that have had a 60%+ increment in pay the last 2 years, because to get a 40% increment in buying power after taxes you would need around that much of an increase in pay. The increase in money supply is sitting on the FED’s balance sheet through MBS/treasuries, and the part that was handed out through stimmy’s, unemployment checks and business loans was a temporary jump start to the economy that ended up in stocks mostly. The fundamentals are not there to support the price growth of the last 2 years, no matter how you look at it, especially with artificially low interest rates in the rear view mirror.

    2. @RoadKiLL you make a lot of great points. All the recent homebuyers are going to try and argue against you though and think itll go up forever lol

    3. @Jay There are so many people out there I’ll advising prospective buyers due to having direct gain from this madness. I wish people would understand that their brokers and realtors are not the people to ask for financial advice, they should either do their own research or consult someone with nothing to gain from the transaction. There are going to be a lot of people regretting their purchase in the upcoming months. They’re going to have to entertain their minds by peeling the 15 coats of paint off of their walls. Might as well get some entertainment out of them, since they paid a pretty penny for all that old paint. Then you have tools like OP trying to sell that it’s all peaches now that there’s less competition/insanity. I can’t describe how much I dislike salesmen, selling the “last” TV with a full pallet in the back. And yes, I know that I’m not exactly preaching to a coherent crowd lol.

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