Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend service for Queen Elizabeth II | USA TODAY

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend service for Queen Elizabeth II | USA TODAY 1


  1. The most beautiful woman ever Kate has shine today her beauty her grace her etiquette and her manners was well seen and accepted like she always this with graciousness Kate was the most beautiful woman on that balcony ever the charm what kindness and charity shows her inner beauty the Kate the beautiful gorgeous environment of England and the world you shine supreme like No other woman blessing upon you

    1. Kate is beautiful and so classy!!!! Prince William is handsome and has his mother’s, kind heart. Beautiful couple.

  2. I’ll just be honest. No clothes can make Meghan look NOT ordinary. Nothing wrong with that. She just is ordinary.

    1. Meghan is the most attractive, most provoking, most capturing female royal….what exactly are you saying??? check your facts.

    1. Noticed they cut the booing out for the lovies supporting 😂😂😂oh yes we heard it loud and clear

    2. @Morwenna Mcgowan Just like you heard the boos for William at the soccer match he attended 🤔🤣.

    3. @Rue just look into the history of Liverpool and it’s football there’s an historical fact there for you to find but then you look no further then your limited ideas

  3. Yeah. Megan’s wide, enormous grin certainly makes her Oprah claims more credible and convincing. 🤡

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  5. I was more entertained by the disconnect between Kate and William. Harry and Meghan were glued ❤ together. William can’t stand Kate i guess the divorce rumors are true🥴. William following in his daddy’s footsteps.

    1. @William Carman Did not watch the church service and W and K entering the the church. They were literally the only couple not holding hands🤣🤣.

    2. @Julie French Rose Hanbury😊. Also W and K were the only two not holding hands. Even his dad was holding hands with his mistress now wife🤣. Soon it will be William and Rose Hanbury🤣🤣.

    3. @William Carman You wish Karen🤣. All this attention for H and M they really are the stars of the Jubilee 😍.

  6. He is not a prince, his title was taken away 5 years ago because he is not royal. His father is Diana’s horse trainer James Hewitt, not Prince Charles. Look at the photos side by side.

    1. They were the best looking couple their I guess you are jealous, everyone else is very aged

  7. Meghan was beautiful and elegant much more than Kate. Meghan has a particular glow. I love the couple

    1. My guess is that you are a MM fan. I’m not, but my (I think) objective take, as I still want to see her get it right. : I think she looked the best that I have seen her look in a while. The outfit was almost there- did not like the collar and that back trench coat flap. But overall it was still sleek, I loved the hat (classic!) , and figure passable for that belt and white outfit – . I thought she looked clean and sleek.. Oh, and love the gloves w the 3/4 sleeves.
      Kate was a 10 in her white outfit, a 9.6 or 9.8 in the yellow dress outfit. Sometimes she looks too thin (and too bare as in that recent black gown that got rave reviews, but not from me). Kate absolutely naled it this so far at jubilee, and her figure looked fantastic w the outfits. Cheers!

    2. What makes you an expert I guess you can purchase 10,000 dollar outfits anytime you want too

  8. May God bless and protect you and your family from the racist ignorance that surrounds you. By the way, you guys look marvelous!

  9. Meghan looked like a senior ice cream server. Harry looked embarrassed. The Loud BOOO ‘s could be heard over the crowd noise.

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