How these Ukrainian soldiers show the effects of war on their faces

A group of American and Canadian surgeons called "Face the Future" work across the globe focusing on delicate reconstructive surgery. The foundation's work included Russia, until recently, but they quickly pivoted their efforts to Ukraine after the full-scale war began. CNN's David McKenzie has the story. #CNN #News


  1. Can’t imagine the mental tug of war, thinking of your pain and appearance when also remembering those you served next to who died and don’t get to think at all anymore of such things.

  2. Bless those doctors. Of course it’s an opportunity for them to display their own skills as well as improve, but they’re also helping these people; be it for selfish reasons or the kindness of their hearts.

  3. wasn’t aware russian legality applied in foreign territory. hope those scard from the war mentally and physically can continue to live their lives as best they can.

  4. велике дякую
    Thank you, thank you very much. From all Ukrainians, how lucky we are that we have such allies

  5. Like many things in the Ukraine war, there is a rhyme with the Battle of Britain 80 years ago. In that case plastic surgery reconstruction of badly burnt fighter pilots evolved extremely quickly. My friend’s Australian grandfather was one of those medical pioneers.

  6. At this moment, I really wish I could help them like those excellent doctors, they are doing what they can to heal not only the appearance but also their souls. Hope they get better and better even though the trauma of war is in there.

  7. Survivor’s quilt is incredebly difficult to live with. I hope this man can some day find peace with himself

  8. This reminds me of the facial injuries from shrapnel in WW1 and the pioneering facial surgery back then that has brought us to the tech we have today, over 100 years later ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  9. Greetings from America. Wow what a brave hero. I’m very happy that Belinsky survived his injuries. A true warrior and hero.

  10. So good to see some of the people in my profession making a big difference in the lives of these heroes

  11. Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses and hospital staff caring for these incredibly smart, brave and kind people. I hope that you can restore their injuries to something that they can comfortably live with. This is SO SENSELESS and so unnecessary, no one should have the ability to destroy a sovereign nation for their ego and greed.

  12. As a Russian citizen who’s against the war all I can say that you’re doing remarkable and astonishing work. Thanks for helping people in Ukraine.

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