How To Build Back U.S. Institutions In The Wake Of Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

How To Build Back U.S. Institutions In The Wake Of Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. I wish there were a vaccine to bring back collateral damage in rumps name Or at least stop it now hes gone

    1. I wish we had a vaccine four years ago to inject Trump with experience, judiciousness, work ethic, temperament, honesty and maturity.

    2. Haha I do agree Dump Trump is a horrible person, a great business man, obviously.. but not presidential ..obviously 😂 now our left president is in such murky water, shouldn’t the media be focused on Hunters issues? Remember the media going after Trumps kids? As a news source you don’t want to biased right?

  2. For any country to even think about trusting the US again, will end up on the losing side of things. Republicans can never be trusted to having the WH.

    1. How can we expect other countries to trust us when when we have Marjorie Traitor Greene’s “Anglo-Saxons Only” manuscript? When half of our govt is booting Liz Cheney for remaining true to the truth while simultaneously supporting a Matt Gaetz & MTG “US Tour”?

    2. Unfortunately Trump’s influence in the GOP will remain. We just need to keep voting blue and elect SMART DEMOCRATIC presidents, not inept, autocratic and facists ones.

    3. Take advantage of the fail.

      It’s happening now…..Biden Administration can do it only with all of us. Stop complaining about the pothole in front of the driveway………learn to make a simple patch.

      I read and re-read Amanda’s poem, like a morning prayer. Because it is.

  3. I am British. I would say we still like America. UK/America have been allies for ever. Trump was hated over here only 21% popularity. What’s happened means we are a bit wary now. What if the idiots come back in power?

    1. @Wisconsin Man Look at the numbers man. What % of Republicans left the party after Trump stirred up the hornets nest on Jan 6th? I saw a stat that said nearly 30% of Republicans do not support Trump. If he runs in 2024 do the math. And it isn’t ONE state…ONE state now can turn an election OVER the popular vote, we’ve seen this twice in the last 20 years. it has nothing to do with being a Dem or a Republican. Even when I was a Republican I didn’t like the Electoral college. 1 person 1 vote.

    2. @Casey Sager You were NEVER a Republican. If YOU or anyone supports the Nazi Dem Regime and their Hitler like policies, you are a traitor commie. WE saw and heard what Trump said in the Jan 6th speech. Not 1 mention of violence. yet the fakestream made sure to make the EDITED video clip seem like he did. I don’t know anyone who since Jan 6th has said “I supported Trump until I saw what happened on the 6th, but I can’t anymore”

  4. Hey! We’re scared here in US if we’ll ever return to any sense of normalcy. So many are filled with hate & fear for anyone not in their tribe. They are weakening our Democratic systems.

    1. @Paul Wilson what happened to Cheney and Romney
      Do you try to be this disconnected from reality or is it normal

    2. Did you really have to edit 3 sentences? 😂
      So funny watching the left and right bickering like brother and sister

    3. @Demetria Karnavas I wish, that Democracy has the same teeth and claws and power to grab, like her enemies. Too soft, too intelligent against hostile power.

  5. The Republican Party bears the blame for damaging, disrupting, denigrating and destroying the US public services and institutions. There should be a COMMISSION to investigate and offer FINDINGS and RECOMMENDATIONS.

  6. What we need to do is safe our Democracy, something the Republican Party of today is not doing, they have become Dictators, or perhaps they always were, and with Tumpism there true delves have come to light.

    1. @Paul Wilson wrong again, middling failure of grade school civics
      We are a democracy that uses a Republic for national laws
      There are other types of republics
      How can anyone be as lacking in knowledge as you
      The United States is both a Republic and a Democracy. Specifically, the United States is a Constitutional FederalRepublic with a strong Democratic tradition and many democratic elements, especially on a local level. Despite the democratic elements and traditions, 
      You could have easily used Dr Lee’s socialist world wide web protocol to self check

  7. Would I as an ally of the U.S. go back to business as usual?
    Not soon! More and more I feel like I am a citizen of a failed state.

    1. Sorry, but America shows that it can not handle it’s own democracy. Republicans became a cult, like the cult around Hitler that caused WW2.

    2. Democracy is impossible without International support and union, there is no “our own Democracy”! “Divide and concur” – first what Dictators are doing. First action of Trump- to alienate US from International Society!

  8. Everyone on either side who feels it’s their way or no way needs to get kicked to the curb so the rest can get together and figure things out… That would be a good start…

    1. that is the paradox of tolerance…
      Defending tolerance requires not tolerating intolerance.

  9. That’s the question isn’t it…. This administration has to do something about the trumplicans and their seditious agenda.
    I know that something is in motion, but, it’s not moving quickly enough and when the hammer drops, I truly hope that it stops their tyranny and gets reversed to get democracy back on track.

  10. I am as American as anyone but I have doubts about America’s future. If Trumpism returns to power in America, I have no doubt that America the Beautiful will be no more ever again.

    1. Hilarious really. USA does not even know the difference between their country: The USA and America.
      The USA is one of the 23 countries that forms “America”, and that is 23 out of the 255 countries and independent territories on the planet.
      I would say your country should find itself a name.
      Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean), Bahamas (Caribbean), Barbados (Caribbean). Belize (Central America), Canada, Costa Rica (Central America), Cuba (Caribbean – don’t visit Cuba without experiencing the Havana Classic Car tour, so much fun!), Dominica (Caribbean), Dominican Republic (Caribbean), El Salvador (Central America), Grenada (Caribbean)

      Guatemala (Central America), Haiti (Caribbean), Honduras (Central America), Jamaica (Caribbean), Mexico, Nicaragua (Central America), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean), Panama (Central America), Saint Lucia (Caribbean)

      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean), Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean), United States of America.


  11. Jinx Taylor! No Doubt, Indeed! And OMG. The police just came to my home and assaulted me!

  12. ya, no kidding, I’ m Canadian and asking myself who is next, Charlie Sheen, Chuck Woolery, Mike Lindell, or maybe fricken Carrot Top. It will take more than a few election cycles to forget this.

    1. Demetria, Andrew, it is really not about the orange turd.
      It is really about your country political system allowing such person to be elected AND empowered to create the policies he was allowed to create.
      No checks and balance apparently, and that should be quite frightening to US citizens.

    2. @Frenchie You’re exactly right. Trump is not the problem. He’s a symptom. American voters installed Trump. We’re the problem. We are directly responsible for the government we have and for the sad state of affairs in which our country presently finds itself.

  13. I’m a Canadian and after the Trump presidency, I no longer have faith in the U.S. to be a trustworthy ally.

  14. “May we remember that freedom isn’t free”. To many white crosses scattered across the globe. A very wise man once said many years ago that the U.S. will not be destroyed by a foreign adversary but will implode from within. Sadly,it appears we are headed down that path.

    1. Yes, I believe America will implode for silly reasons. I can understand why American allies are concerned and mistrusting.

  15. The best thing to do is stay clear of America until they figure out if they want to remain democratic or an autocracy.

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