How to download the QR code for Ont. vaccine passport 1

How to download the QR code for Ont. vaccine passport


CTV's Stefan Keyes with a step by step lesson to download the vaccination QR code onto your mobile phone.

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  1. I stopped even taking my phone out. Hey, I grew up not needing one. Lol
    If you need directions, don’t go to a gas station, go to a pizza delivery place. Lol

    1. Yup, I leave mine at home for almost everything except work as I have to text in & out. Other than that, trace this

    2. @Tanya Wieczorek I am not a fan of the local gov, but to be fair at no point are they mandating phone use – you’re certainly allowed to show paperwork to gain entry to public places

    1. @Doktor McNasty Seatbelts are pretty self explanatory and have decades worth of data to backup their efficacy, you can also take them off whenever you like. What data does a movement [certificate], completely unrelated to health, have beyond the [heavy hand] in an [unspecified Asian country] controlling every aspect of people’s lives? Both groups can catch and spread, so the passport does nothing but make you feel better for betraying yourself with ignorance whilst giving you a target that is not yourself or the criminals who trespassed on your person. Ridiculous.

    2. @SseveredheadD When you say ‘these’ injections you’re reffering to the mRNA treatments, right? Because they’re not the only injections available. There are COVID vaccines available as well which can be taken.

    1. @GirlBehindACamera There’s nothing bizarre about it. Proof of immunization in a variety of contexts has been a part of public health policy for over 60 years now. This is simply an expansion of proven public health policy in the context of a current pandemic.

    1. @Mobile Gameplay, Walkthroughs and Solutions: Ahhh, no…Canada essentially has healthcare for everyone…even if your health condition is caused by your own stupidity, which is often the case.

    2. @Ray Ray Yeah, I’m a Canadian. Maybe you missed the joke about how our freedoms are being increasingly limited?

    3. @Ray Ray oh so that’s why provinces are talking about declining treatment for the unvaccinated? Maybe we should start declining treatment for alcoholics or drug addicts or the obese after all most of these come about from choice too..

  2. Yeah never thought about security problems, I bet hackers including me would love to have a crack at the app to see what kind of vulnerabilities there are. LMFAO.

    1. And tell them that the law clearly states that medical information is confidential. Therefore no one is obligated to tell a ficking security guard or bartender your personal medical information. This is all ILLEGAL

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