How Trump Is Slowing Down The Post Office In The Year Of The Mail-In Ballot | All In | MSNBC


    1. @J Oh yeah. I always vote by the dozen. Super easy to do. Just find 11 other people, learn their signatures, gain access to their mail, and hope they don’t request a ballot themselves. Easy peasy! And definitely worth the risk of going to jail just to stuff 11 more ballots in an election decided by millions. 🙄 😆


    1. @AquaticBoardwalkEngineer Donald Trump Junior Quote: “You know I think what people also have to realize is When he talks about there being a time and place Anyone who comes into proximity To him is literally tested That day, is literally tested moments before they Allow access, so He’s obviously going to be much less susceptible to COVID-19 than anyone else because Literally there is a daily screening process If you’re even going to be within proximity of him , so I think that’s important for people to know.”

    2. @Mick E Well that has me convinced. You changed my mind. It’s the left for me from now on comrade.

  1. No US post office means it may then become privatized/corporate. This will effect the elections. They are using every dirty trick in the book.

    1. if they had any brains at all they’d realise a postal service is a good way to make a profit and put some of that profit back in to government.

    2. @dantonliam yeah. They would just have to repaint the postal trucks and hire the fired postal workers to deliver letters. You don’t think UPS and FEDX drivers are going to deliver mail and packages do you?

  2. Slowing down the postal service is aimed to “postpone” election count n results to delay Trumps exit????

    1. The white supremacists who are sleeper cells in the post office are probably trying to figure out how get rid of mail in ballots. They are everywhere

    2. even if there are no elections, trumps precidency ends january 20th. There is a difficult process to choose presiden’t in case of that. A real possibility is that state legislatures could choose a president. Some scenario says that the current democratic senators could end up choosing president. Either way, this is a dirty and dangerous thing Trump is doing, medling with the post office in order to intefere with elections. I think everyone should be alarmed and make sure Trump has no possibility of winning, since it would mean the end of democracy and possibily the end of US.

    1. @sealand000 Of course it will be counted. Keep the faith. Let’s all do our part. Spread the word. Vote.

    1. Eve Bert Yeah, he’s been egging people on so he can institute marshal law for awhile now…Portland just might give him his excuse.

    2. There’s early voting in 40 states + DC
      Check out your state:

      Dems in red/swing states, switch your party affiliation to ‘R’ for the election. You can switch back later. Lowers your chance of getting purged. Here’s how to do that:

      Voting in person and worried about being harassed? Wear a red hat. #WearRedVoteBlue

      Please copy and share.

    1. Big donor,if u support him and u are a big donor, don’t worry he have a job for you, even if you don’t have the experience,

    2. @Byron Hall His ambassador who testified at his impeachment trial donated a million dollars to chump campaign.Forgot his name

    3. @Brian Burnett90 percent of all the people hired to run certain departments, have zero experience but because they are big donors they get the job,ambassador to BRITAIN is an example,

  3. This mail-in voting creates more jobs!! It is criminal that Trump is trying to slow down the Mail. GOP Corruption!!!

    1. Regardless of where you lean politically. Can you not see how mail in voting could easily be fraudulent in either direction?

    2. @Mike Demauriez We have always had mail in voting. Trump’s over the federal post office. He acts as if he can’t control his own federal government. I am going to vote in person. My kids is own a overseas army base. They have to mail in vote.

  4. VOTE! as if your life depends on it,
    because. it. does.
    the Gang Of Putin parté is in full flail mode…

    1. Did you not understand this clip?
      Your vote might not arrive on time, and not be counted.

    1. @American Woman opinionated Tils Ask any postal worker and you will hear it 1rst hand!! . We are going through the Storm..

    2. @jay H same to you… Stay safe out there! There was no PPE for along time for you guys hope its better were you are! thank you

    3. Yup I’m a carrier too and this is true, I seen pictures of mail piled up at the distribution center

    4. @G Lionheart im a Tto and we have to leave mail sitting there… If its not out by our depart times..
      Nothing late.. or it gets moved to the next day

    5. See theres a method 2 the orange mans madness no wonder he wants 2 defund the post office in a election year🇺🇸

  5. Do not give your ballots to “Collectors” … that is a Republican scam … Mail your Ballot yourself …

    1. DONT MAIL IT BACK!!! fill it out promptly and hand deliver it at your county elections office if possible

    2. Take a picture of it before you send it. And go online and make sure you check to see if your vote was counted after the election. If it isn’t call your state representative immediately!!

    1. he MUST be…to keep the public from a good look at his crimes, hence the ‘handling’ of the election, pandemic, protests etc.

  6. Trump is telling you the election will be rigged while he is rigging it. He finally told the truth.

    1. It’s his tell, if he accuses somebody or complains about something look at his hands, not his mouth… he’ll be pulling it off himself! He can’t help himself, he’s a very, very, I mean really very sick man!!!

    2. A sure fire way to figure out what trump, his administration, and trumpublicans are up to; just listen to what they are accusing others of doing. Works every time.

    1. @s One probable solution but is a pipe dream vote for an independent US Presidential Candidate and Independent Candidates for both the House and the Senate. Is really the only way to change America for the better

    1. USPS selling the same tracking number over and over…fraud. Good luck tracking your packages from now on….
      BTW a trump ape is in charge, go figure.

  7. It’s a federal crime if Trump is trying to commit fraud with the Post Office. Trump will do anything just 2 win. Cheating is fair game 2 Trump. He’s expertise.

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