How Vaccinations Are Dividing The American Landscape 1

How Vaccinations Are Dividing The American Landscape


Dr. Ala Stanford, whose Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium has led vaccination efforts in underserved communities in Philadelphia, joins Ali to talk stagnating vaccination rates in the U.S. Vaccination will separate the haves from have nots in America, says Dr. Stanford — dividing what can be done freely by those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Keeping efforts local and word of mouth are going to be most effective in getting to those still resistant. “It’s more time consuming,” but it has to get done.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How Vaccinations Are Dividing The American Landscape


    1. @Ver Coda, hahaha. Why did you feel the need to mention the only two conservative medias out of the dozen or so large medias played in the United States?
      Seems like liberal media pundits own feeble foreign minds as well.

    1. @Chris topher I see you’re doing the Kook-Aid! Again for a man who can’t even spell his name
      Correctly you point a lot of fingers.

  1. My freedoms are NOT conditional to your order out of chaos. No one is buying it anymore.

    1. @pigskiner4life Regardless, I wouldnt worry about it anyway. A vaccine isnt going to stop you from dying. It might prolong your life for a few years, but death always wins. Dont get any vaccine, polio, rabies, meningitis, measles, chicken pox, etc… If that dont get you, cancer or heart disease will. You’re dying as we speak.

  2. If the virus was so bad people would be lining up for the vaccine if people don’t want it LEAVE THEM ALONE it’s our risk if we choose not to get it tired if seeeing this played out story about vaccines

    1. Exactly. No force or propoganda needed if this was a legit issue for society. The virus caused no issues for the economy. People and government overreaction screwed everything up

    1. yah blame it on MSM when Republicans are the ones who are dividing this country especially former president Trump.

    2. Tom Porter: You seem literate. Why don’t you do the sociological research and present an essay to the MSM on your findings. Dr. Stanford and Mr. Velshi have done theirs and Dr. Stanford is very careful not to say anything divisive.

    1. @Abraham Pedraza conservatives NEED to wake up to what’s actually happening instead of acting like race blind liberals.

    2. @Mr. Anonymous feel like it’s to late for those sheep’s to open there eyes and also all the idiots currently at the White House is not helping. But who knows maybe the future only time will tell my friend. Only time will tell but we have definitely gone backwards.

    3. @Mr. Anonymous a yes you refer to the early 80s and or 90s?? Or what time frame you talking about??

    1. Oh my goodness let me run out to get my experimental rushed vaccine that has no manufacturer liability…..NOT

  3. It’s nice to be a real American instead of a shady news reporter on this Independence Day.

    1. @Billder Inbaja the division, the MSM wants us to hate reach other and it’s not happening. I still love you bro!

    2. @Chavabodhi Well said👍 The media has one goal and that is to divide the American people.

    1. That is how FOX News gets clients and how the Republicans occasionally win without ANY policy proposals.

    2. If people could look past their biases and gain some perspective, I think their would be less division. Follow good ideas, not political parties or people.

    3. And yet the likes of MSNBC never understand that they are not the cause of the division, but the symptoms.

  4. In a free country, citizens are allowed to make their own risk assessments, and take their own precautions.

  5. Even liberals are becoming sick of pushing the lies. Also, most people are starting to accept that the media is as close to 100% lies as you can come.

  6. So black doctors are the only ones that can convince black people do get vaccinated? What a sad state of affairs.

  7. *Direct quote from Pfizer EUA:* “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease [i.e. the next time you encounter a coronavirus you have a dangerous/deadly reaction] over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted following authorization and/or licensure.”

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