How will the COVID-19 change the way parties’ campaign?

Communications consultant Tim Abray explains how the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way political parties' campaign.

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  1. Why would you have an election now?? A election campaign??
    These politicians are going to now do what we were told we couldn’t or shouldn’t do the last 20 months.
    We live in the most hypocritical times!!

  2. PM Blackface Trudeau calling an election in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Irresponsible and dangerous. We are voting 🗳 for Derek Sloan. Make Canada 🇨🇦 Great Again.

    1. He know the numbers well . He’s not stupid as some may think . ” If” 80% of Canadians have taken the “shots” voluntarily , and now he’s making it mandatory for government employees or be fired ….. He can’t lose ! We who refuse might as well stay home and not waste our time voting . As a senior , I have other things to do on voting day , just tired of it all …

    1. It’s not the time for a new party…. Vote for Max and the PPC. They have much more chances of winning than Sloan.

  3. Will Elections Canada pull a Newfoundland & Labrador? Was that province’s election a trial run for the federal election?

  4. As the world is heading into decrepitude, Canadians are Safe & Secure! Thanks to Justin “Le Juste”! ThumbsUp!!

  5. Like the NFL election, mail in ballots and time to tinker with the true outcome, results will be tamperd with, the new normal ,new way of winning elections , Canada, Oh Canada,please wake up,.

  6. It hasn’t stopped Trudeau from flying around giving away money so what’s changed? He’ll still follow the tried and true racist,sexist,xenophobic,climate denier attacks on Otoole. Nothing changes. Harper’s and Trump’s names will be repeated ad nauseum.

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