How Would Donald Trump’s Proposed Wall With Mexico Actually Work?

Donald Trump wants to build an "impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful and beautiful southern border wall" between the US and Mexico.

Many of his supporters have been galvanised by his plans, echoing his calls for a wall at his rallies.

It is a "yuuge" idea, but the Republican nominee has been accused of being small on detail. Cordelia Lynch reports on the nitty gritty of the whole scheme.

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  1. The bounties of God didn’t stop at the Rio Grande. The only way that
    Mexicans will repair and build their own nation is if they can’t just hop
    over to the U.S. However, I don’t like the idea of a wall.

    1. That will only make the entire world collapse into chaos. Sure, certain
      groups tend to get along well… but that doesn’t mean all groups do. It’s
      a nice sentiment seeing Jews holding hands with Muslims and kissing each
      other… but in reality they kill each other. Forcing them to be together
      won’t make them get along.

    1. I bet Trump has thought of that perhaps he will issue licenses to shoot
      illegals like they issue licenses to shoot lions in Africa.

  2. only Trump can able to make cooperate with Mexico to protect long border,
    so if he want to solve the problem he must to be decent person because of
    he behaves such like aperson who is suffering mental disease

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