1. Yeah I heard that a whale with a stomach full of plastic washed up on a beach in Australia I think. For all humans intelligence we are acting like idiots

  1. The Oregon coast has had about 4 huge sperm whales wash up on the beach in the past few weeks. One of those beautiful babies was a young male, 40 ft long. Poor fellow. I would expect that they are prolly starving to death. And we all know why! 🥺

    1. So we know who is responsible for global warming. HUH? ITS LIKE AN EPISODE OF TWILIGHT ZONE, BECOMING REAL, FOOLS

  2. When they decide to remove the carcass I hope they don’t use explosives, like they did in Oregon in the 70’s (Exploding Whale, anyone). But it is heartbreaking to see a Cetacean end up this way. We’ve got to quit screwing up our oceans.

    1. @Toby Bridson They used at least 100 times the dynamite required that last time. The goal was to break it up into little pieces that are quickly scavenged or decompose at sea, not “blow blubber beyond all believable bounds.”

  3. “The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” – Statue of Liberty

  4. There’s actually more whales washing up along bordering states as well, it’s around 15 now. 😔 I think we need to find out what’s really going on people are quick to blame the wind farms but realistically that’s not what’s causing this they’ve been working on the wind farms for a while but the whales are turning up in high numbers just over the last month or two so what’s changed in the last month or two?

    1. I agree! There’s something very wrong here I’ve heard of 2 recently like WTF and not far from NY

  5. The largest concentration of off shore wind is around the UK as well as Europe, and there haven’t been any problems with wales dying at all.

  6. Just a couple weekends ago there were a baby whale swept up on my neighboring beach town in AC, now this fellow, just a bit further north…this’s so sad…

  7. 0:05 Nice cloud cover. Very “orderly”. 😂
    I’m my country 🇬🇷 we say: “Fear keeps the stray livestock safe”.
    0:18 just ask the USN 🙄

  8. Yes, we’ve seen them on the coast here in NJ. What I find fascinating is that we all reported “earthquakes” and “ground rumblings” with NO formal explanation. They weren’t officially earthquakes either, I checked the tracker online. What is being built? Or is it military testing?

  9. I wonder what that woman had in mind when she said she hoped the carcass was treated with respect. Anointed with holy water, placed in a lead-lined casket and then solemnly taken by an army of suited pallbearers to its final resting place. The donated headstone reads – Unknown Humpback Whale born -1983? died -2023.

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