1. So I was just making a point … wait … Justin made 2 points lol … get it .. safety in the end zone

    2. Yes sir undefeated season choke bye I think he is trash besides I wonder how much he would have won if new england didn’t cheat so much

    3. Totally agree, TB12 should be in the HOF one day if life is fair. But I don’t think TB12 was the 3rd best QB in NE history. He is right behind the great Steve Grogan as the 2nd best signal caller in NE Patriots history. Good job Tom! A fine career that might be HOF caliber!!!

  1. “How about in 2001 when nobody outside of New England knew who he was” – yeah, except for everyone from Michigan! Go Blue!

    1. Anyone who even casually followed college football knew who he was. He didn’t exactly play at UTEP or San Jose State.

    2. Came in to replace the number 1 guy at U of M, then played so well, he replaced the starter…

      Brady been the goat ever since

    3. @Brian S not fair to blame him for the 2 losses to the Eli and the Giants in those 2 SBs. He wasn’t great in those games but don’t insult him by comparing him to an animal! Plus that catch by David Tyree! TB12 will always be one of the better QBs in NE Patriots history, to me at least.

  2. He’s got a few years left if he doesn’t mind playing backup and mentoring the right up and coming young QB. Imagine having Brady ready to come in off your bench!

  3. I must ask the question….”Was it worth the loss of your marriage?” I hope that there is reconciliation and they get back together as Husband and Wife. I wish him and his family the best.💛

    1. @Nar Rogers And how do you know that wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back? He could have promised his wife and children that he would retire, and then went back on his promise, causing the end of their marriage.

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    3. @Baby Huey that’s so true…which really highlights Joe Bidens devotionto his kids. Instead of putting his children through a divorce so he could marry their babysitter, he cut his first wife’s brake lines.

  4. The length of his career is the craziest thing. I remember when he played at Michigan when I was in elementary school. Now, I’m 33 at the time of his retirement. The NFL doesn’t have the dangerous, career-threatening hits that it used to.

    1. @Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT totally agree, super bowls arent the only metric. Grogan beats TB12 if stats and SBs are included but if only SBs count then TB12 potentially becomes number 1.

      I am keeping my fingers crossed TB12 gets in the HOF eventually, the list of players eligible in 5 yrs are monsters so they will steal votes from him, not fair but that’s life

    2. @Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT yep, imagine if Steve Grogan was the starting QB instead of Drew Bledsoe, who knows what becomes of TB12. Likely a nice career backup???

    3. @henry lee That’s a good point. If Bledsoe didn’t get hurt, Tom possibly may have never gotten his chance.

  5. The only thing I’m going to say about Tom Brady, it’s going to take someone very special to beat his records and longevity….

  6. Ha , I retired at 39 , the 1st time, turn the page of this life big man , I watched you from the beginning , pats fan since 1977 and a lifetime of bragging rights thanks to you

  7. Thank you Tom for being the greatest role model and player of all time. He just couldnt win long term without his biggest supporter – Gisele. He called her his “good witch” because of her emotional/spiritual intelligence. He was used to having his sisters and Mom be his biggest emotional supporters and this really broke him. He was so great not just because of all his work and his talent but because he was THE MOST EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT… and HUMAN, which is why he could LEAD like no other famous player. Gisele helped keep him level as he got more famous and hot headed and when he got down. It’s so hard to lose your partner. (Not to mention the Bucs had no O line and lousy coaching this year)

  8. He had football blood in his veins and it was hard not to play, even had to lose his wife, to try again. Just enjoy your retired life, you can always get another job as announcer or asst coach. The doors are still open for him. You left a pregnant girlfriend for Gisele, so you can move forward again.

  9. if he wants to play after retirement, form a pro senior league and get all the retired players together, bet still lots of people will watch.

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  11. Some people don’t know when to quit and end up crapping their pants at the Vatican. I’m glad Brady came to his senses.

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