1. Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful news, thank you for your culture, glory to the heroes!

  2. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”
    – Plato

    1. @A W no we dont, lmao. He’s not without his merits but he’s certainly doesn’t fit the bill of some of the strong and magnificent presidents the US has had in the past

  3. Well maybe Ukraine need to also invade Russia to regain thean new territory too. Russia is not able to respect Ukraine territory and their citizens yet. Well Ukraine need to expnd their territory from inside of Russia too if Russia want to keep the Ukraine terriroty. Could Ukraine invade Russia also to expand their territory? …

    1. eliminate the missile launcher with long range missile, it will reduce the damage.especially human victims.
      Approach to reach it or with long range missile.

    2. @Dwayne Smith Yeah that would be fun to watch. Russia would throw everything at Ukraine and turn it into the worlds largest parking lot.. You really want to see Ukrainians suffer.. 🤣

  4. Since Putin likes to portray himself as being a “tough guy” maybe he should go to Ukraine, and lead his troops into battle while riding shirtless on a miniature Shetland pony.. 🤣😂
    Glory to Ukraine!!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

  5. We have to allow Ukraine to reach inside Russia. The US has better weapons that would allow that. give it to them. If Russia was busy Rebuilding major cities, it would slow Russian progress. Give Ukraine weopons just under nuclear.

    1. I think the US just approved giving Ukraine the ATACMs. It’s the longest range rocket that the M270 and HIMARS can launch.

  6. Lavrov says Russia “cannot allow” Ukraine to have weapons that threaten Russia or Russian-held territory. Really? Well, buddy – that goes both ways. Ukraine can’t allow Russia to have weapons that threaten Ukraine – period. See how that works, Mr. Lavrov? Such utter impudence, arrogance and belligerence coming from Russia – pretty sickening.

  7. Even if Russia is driven out of Ukraine, it is now obvious that the civilized world must do something different in the long term. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Human nature is not going to change, so we need to reverse the global market race-to-the-bottom that empowers violent and dysfunctional governments. (Even some Western democracies that support rogue states for minerals need to be put under pressure)

    Instead of complicated and inconsistent sanctions, it would be simpler for free countries to just to put massive taxes on all imports, and only give waivers to other free countries; then give incremental discounts as incentives to non-free countries for democratic and human rights improvements. Free trade, should only be with free people.

    Why incentives? – People love discounts, bonuses and prizes, but hate mandates. Any successful system must work with nationalistic pride, not against it.

    The policy must also be consistent. Free trade with China, but no trade with North Korea does not provide a clear message.

    Write your representative today and demand consistent, incentive based economic pressure. Just sitting around complaining and waiting until the next destructive crisis is no longer an option.

    And the icing on this cake – instead of adding costs to taxpayers; an incentive based policy would create an economic boom for every country that uses it.

    1. eliminate the missile launcher with long range missile, it will reduce the damage.especially human victims.
      Approach to reach it or with long range missile.

    2. ukraine lost already over 700 multiple launchers

      but narrative says these few will replace them

  8. There should be a significant increase in tough, crippling sanctions against Iran, further isolating them from the world if they actually do provide any of their drones to Russia.
    The allies should be informing Iran of that response immediately.

  9. I agree with Petraeus that the HIMARS but more importantly the M270s and the precision munitions being provided to UKRAINE, is having a ” huge impact”on the direction of this conflict.
    These weapons systems will be increasing in numbers and will continue to be an enormous advantage for Ukrainian forces

  10. We must continue to aggressively confront Russia or a cold winter will be the least of our problems!

    1. Actually Nuclear winter would be the #1 problem for survivors. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. Just because Ruzzia Squats on Ukrainian lands doesn’t mean they’re staying! SLAVA UKRAINI!!!!

  12. Glory and Victory to Ukraine. Kudos to the West for supplying heavy artillery. May there be many more arms to come.

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