Goldman Sachs CEO thinks inflation will go higher

The CEO of one of America's largest banks is worried inflation will remain problematic for a while longer — and he thinks there's a growing chance of a recession. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said in an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow that people need to "prepare for an environment … of higher inflation." #CNN #News


    1. Privatization of profits and bailouts by taxpayers money when in trouble !!!! They are geniuses !!!!!

  1. Then pay your fair share. We won’t be here if if wasn’t for rich people overcharging for every item.

    1. @Republican Taliban I said it wasn’t the problem, then neither was “giving trillions to the rich.” This particular CEO is being honest and on the right track. You should listen to him and not political partisans.

    2. @Upper 90 Truth be told, your ignorance isn’t so much hilarious as it is sad, and for your edification, appeals to popularity are a fallacy of logic.

  2. You’re fine as long as the stimulus goes to you and corporations! But oh it’s bad when it comes down to help the American people go fly a kite

  3. China’s nominal GDP is currently 18.6 trillion dollars and if we add GDPs of Taiwan Hong Kong and Macau it’s 19.8. This GDP will increase to 21.3 trillion at the end of 2022.

    The US GDP will shrink from current 23 trillion dollars to 21 trillion in 2022 due to the ongoing economic recession.

    1. @B Bodziak I totally agree with you. Trump made a stupid decision because he is illiterate in economics.

  4. What about home values along with low interest rates driving inflation🤔. Nah can’t be that🤷🏾

  5. Corporate profit margins are at their highest point in 70 years. Corporations are trying to blame inflation on stimulus checks etc.. Meanwhile, they’re overcharging us for gas, medicine, and groceries, and pocketing the difference. It’s a racket.”

    1. the Campbell soup syndicate met up with trump is at it again right??? those damn spaghetti O mafia!

  6. The government took in $32 billion because of the tariffs the last administration imposed. Who paid for that?

  7. In 1980/81 when interest rates hit 20% that was a doubling from 10% for say mortgages. What people did when their mortgage payment went from $500 to $1000 per month, they threw their keys in at the bank. They could do this cuz you could rent a decent place for $400/mo. If mortgages double from 2.5% to 5% now, people who were all in at $1500/mo will do the same BUT they will not have affordable clean housing to go to as rents in metropolitan areas run $2000 – $3000. If the brakes are not applied you will see homelessness skyrocket with people living in their cars.

    1. They had interest rates low for two years before covid hit and they had to lower them to near zero, that they kept till this year. That’s four years of low interest rates just printing money.

    2. @сокрушитель троллей Wrong since 2008. They gave the keys to the United States treasury to the corporations. In my opinion it happened before that. This was just letting everyone know, yes, the game is rigged.

  8. “Chaos reigns, and instead of showing compassion, I need to paint my yacht more than that person needs to live.”

    1. I worked for my boat for over 25 years. It’s more important to me it gets a new coat then a criminal spending money on drugs. If I was silver spooned I’d agree. But in reality you just play the victim throughout life. Want something nice go to work for a good while and save like a responsible adult. Wanna be the same stay were you are and keep letting time pass. Times the only thing I’d give all my money up for.

    2. @Slothy All of my investments lie in the hereafter. You make yours, I’ll make mine. Let me know if you find a way to take all of it with you when the time comes. The Egyptians tried it.

  9. People fail to realize inflation is cyclical in large part because – at a certain scale – it makes debt easier to pay off – there are other factors, sometimes not foreseen, but, in aggregate, is it the plan of the extremely wealthy, corporations, and governments with deficits – transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to them.

  10. I have $41 for the next 8 days. I feel so much empathy for his situation. Being down to your last $41 million is harsh. I don’t know what I’d do in his situation. Myself, I’d buy food.

    1. Can’t fill the gas tank but should buy a new Tesla…. Used ones going for more than new currently…. Winning?

  11. CEO: Yeah too much stimulus for the people.
    US Citizen: And to many tax brakes for CEO’S and big American companies that make records profits?
    CEO: We’ll now hold on a minute, let’s not go crazy.

  12. As long as big corporations get major tax brakes and are allowed to charge whatever prices they want the rest of us are screwed. Especially those of us who are retired and on a fixed income or earning barely enough to cover the bills.

    1. I agree totally. I’d love to change places with him for 6 months. Live just like us. Paycheck to paycheck, no investing no 401 as not everyone has thoughs NOTHING and see how he likes it.

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    5. I just looked him up on google and he’s a licensed broker, I am contacting him right away, thanks

  14. Since his bank is failing and people are already betting on them going belly up, of course he would love for everything to follow suit. This is corporate greed creating opportunities for themselves and have an excuse to price gouge. NO BAIL OUT THIS TIME!!! Survival of the fittest for banks!

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