Huge lineups outside King-Vaughan polling station 1

Huge lineups outside King-Vaughan polling station


CP24's Marc Liverman reports from King-Vaughan where some people in lines have waited nearly two hours to cast their vote.

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  1. If polls close at 9:30pm , then how are they possibly going to get in? How can they be changing the rules for different locations?

  2. Look at all those Liberal voters. It’s amazing how you can change the results of an election by importing voters from other countries…

    1. @Kai Malino as for telling folks to move to america way to set yourself up with more taxes but being a liberal shill im sure you’re fine with it.

      Come remove me lets see how that works out for you.

    1. @Franklin Fleming If the choice is between science and bravado, I go with science. I may get run over by a car tomorrow but at least I will not become an expected and avoidable casualty.

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