CTV News declares Liberal minority government 1

CTV News declares Liberal minority government


The CTV decision desk is declaring a Liberal minority government for Canada's 44th Parliament.

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    1. @Christopher Meisner This is the reason why we need an electoral college type of system. Mainly becuz of the big cities holding way too many seats. All the farmers and rural citizens that feed those big cities voted Conservative or PPC and nobody likes Turdhead. Election fraud’s rampant up here as well and what was the deal with using pencils to vote this time when every other time it was with a pen or a marker??

  1. Really! As Canadians should we really be all that surprised? Trudeau has convinced his tribe of Liberals, that Hypocrisy and Virtue are synonymous!

    1. @yourmanwatson I never said I didn’t like migrants , what I don’t like are illegals that barge into your country and start making demands but I can tell you like being pushed around so you deserve everything coming to ya !

    1. @Carlos Laroux Hey Carlos dont forget to install your face diaper when you go out walking or driving by yourself today ok tough guy LOLOLOL

  2. I honestly think we are never going to recover from this government the damage he has done so far and what he’s going to do next I just want to cry I feel so hopeless

  3. Well, there shouldn’t be any whining here after we blew another opportunity to oust one of the two parties that perpetuate the established order in this country.

  4. Thank you Toronto. Bunch of idiots. What a tragic loss of $600 million which money could have gone to health care, the vets, the elderly, and so on.

  5. Can’t imagine what kind of damage the liberals will do with another 4 years. I mean inflation is already above 4% right now, just imagine how bad it will be 4 years from now. Canadians will be broke, except of course for large corporations, like the liberals wanted

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