Maxime Bernier's speech after his election defeat 1

Maxime Bernier’s speech after his election defeat


People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier speaks after he was defeated in his home riding of Beauce, Que.

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    1. @Steve Any federal party should be just that, a federal party. They should have candidates throughout Canada! Anything less is absurd.

    1. @Chris Palmer funny how the angry “tolerate” liberals are the ones who yell and scream racism whenever they are confronted with something they don’t like. It’s almost like a default in their brains!… Don’t like something… Racism!!!

    2. @Greener01 The Green Party you mean? Decades to just get a seat. Yet only 200k voted for them lmfao Talk about irrelevant huh? Lol

  1. A 3-year-old party tripling their vote share and overtaking the Green Party’s popular vote share is an election failure now?

  2. The Liberals lost seats in the Maritimes, every other party maintained the same seats. But the PPC got 5% of the popular vote which qualifies them for the next leader debates and Federal funding for the party. This wasn’t a defeat for the PPC, it was a launch point for the next election.

    1. @Dai Neal Maybe you should put your name forward to be a candidate. You can ensure that your riding has a PPC option on the ballot.

    2. @Go Grape Max works for the PPC full time. Since he is not an MP he is given a not too fat salary paid for by PPC members such as myself. I am happy to contribute to the party and to Max paying his bills while he endlessly travels the country building our party.

    1. They aren’t even recognized in their strongest support regions of alberta and Saskatchewan it was just called other or independents. More votes for them in the conservative stronghold than actual conservative party lmao. That’s a big ouch for the blue team to lose support in their own fortress of alberta. Sad to see more places weren’t as big but we can hope

    1. The popular vote means nothing. It’s about getting voted in inside your district that you represent. How would it be fair to districts that actually voted green to give their seats to a bunch of contrarians spread across the country?
      Don’t worry next debate the PPC will be able to present itself and really turn off the public.

    2. @greenbay Turn off shills like you who only care about glib rhetoric you mean?

      Trudeau has done so much!

      Let’s play a game where we count the number of times he wore blackface. Whoopsies, we lost count.

      Climate change is soooo important you guys!! Emissions in Canada have gone up every year since Trudeau took office in 2015.

      Believe all women! Oops, not the woman that accused Trudeau, she’s a liar!

      Trudeau was definitely not involved in any WE charity scandal! I mean, how does the commission define family anyways? Oops he lost power, no more questions on this Zoom call!

      Trudeau doesn’t think about monetary policy, what’s inflation anyways? Is that like filling a balloon with helium?

      On.. and on… and on… and on…
      The liberal mind spins endlessly.

    1. Spoiler: the reason they didn’t cover him is because they determined it would not be worth the viewership drop to cover him.

  3. Is is a defeat when all other parties stayed the same yet PPC share of the popular vote tripled? Not so sure. If this keepes up they will gain seats next time around.

    1. @greenbay To give you some perspective the green party was founded in 1983. The PPC was founded in 2018 and received more votes than the green party in the 2021 election. The green party ran 240 candidates and the PPC ran 312. All movements start small. Most millionaires start out broke. So tripling your wallet from $100 to $300 may seem insignificant but if you can maintain that momentum it will be significant.

    2. @Jeff Tighe it’s only significant if they can make anything of it.
      No seats. And don’t think the party can keep doubling every year catering to the crowd it does now.

  4. I love this guy, the only guy who is running on principles, and not pandering to say whatever it is that is popular just to become PM.

    1. @Big BlackDawg Trump was amazing. Without him and Operation Warp Speed we would still not have COVID vaccines.

  5. When Canadians finally start marking elections Ballots with the right choice rather than the default choice..perhaps then..Thank you Maxime !

  6. I love this guy ! Can’t wait to see Trudeau face when Bernier become a Prime Minister in Canada ! Thats gonna be my best moment after 20 years !!!!! HAaHAHAHAHHA

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