1. DOJ should appeal this decision by this judge which treats Trump preferentially without any truly valid justification.

    1. The fact that she was appointed by him should’ve made her ruling a conflict of interest in itself. I don’t understand how she was allowed to do it when she was appointed by the plaintiff!

    2. @Barbara Roberts Agree with you on the judge, I hope she gets reminders of how lame she is forever.
      So it goes to the Appellate if DOJ pursues it. Not sure, but I think if either side does not like the ruling at the Appellate, I think it goes to the Supreme Court. If I am right and the SC upholds it, guessing people will be screaming for Biden to pack the court. If that is after midterms, and the dems hold the Senate, that could be quite an interesting mess. If it hits the SC before the midterms, and they uphold, same interesting mess regarding the packing. Again, this is provided the SC listens to motions, as opposed to just decided cases, and decided this one is worth their time. The Appellate could reverse her decision and send it back down, which would take the SC out of the loop for now.

      Agree on your read of the orange blob. The Republicans that let him go on the impeachment trials broke their oaths, they all need to go.

  2. Legal experts said they’d never encountered a judge who voiced an opinion on a request in a case prior to hearing the arguments from both sides. This judge saying she was “inclined to appoint a special counsel” before the DOJ could present their arguments on the motion is a pretty blatant show of bias.

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🙌 I didn’t vote for biden, I voted against trump along with millions of others and you saw how that went, do you really think trumps endeared himself for 2024, by self inflicted mess he’s got himself into

  3. Appeal the decision on the basis that everything is evidence in an investigation, until cleared by forensic analysis and thoroughly examined.

    1. @5rings16 What’s the argument here? “We were packing so fast that we accidentally packed hundreds of confidential documents even though we made the law on mishandling sensitive documents more severe, stored the documents in a basement closet, moved the documents in and out of said room multiple times, finally put a lock on the door after requests from the DOJ, gave back some of the documents that were requested but not all of them, lied to the DOJ about returning them in a sworn affidavit, moved some of the documents to my private office, completely stopped cooperating with the government’s requests.”?

    1. @Mama Moosa the problem is some of us would like to see BOTH SIDES get what’s coming and others only want it to happen to the other side. I’ll let you figure out who’s who.

    2. It’s not about who you are in this world, its about who you know. Lots of back scratching going on. History is just new people doing old mistakes.

    3. Right.
      I am so sick of hearing about, Donald J.Trump’s, endless appeals.
      I know he has the right & I am O.K. with that.
      It just gets old, hearing appeal after appeal & no ultimate conclusion is reached.

    1. @Bryan If you believe that, then I have some land in Florida to sell you. Lovely, a trifle damp, but great! Real cheap!

  4. Submitting the request to a different judge (Cannon) – specifically a Trump-appointed judge – stinks. Any judge or Justice with an ounce of integrity would & should recuse from any case involving his behavior.
    There should be an immediate qualification review of ALL Trump -appointed justices, suspending their judgements until cleared.
    A simultaneous execution of search & seizure warrants on ALL Trump properties is probably a good idea (ASAP) as well.

    1. Funk luck 🍀 I can send it back on your end of 🙄😳📱😳😃

    1. I thought she didn’t even have jurisdiction in this case. How is this ruling a thing? This judge now is a chance of being impeached. Maybe she doesn’t like being a judge or she is bending to trump like Lindsay.

    1. @Ryan Malone “so much for everyone being treated equally under the law”….if you cant relate the OPs statement to Hunter Biden and the equal application of the law then you haven’t been paying attention.

    1. It gets appealed to the 11th circuit filled with Mcconnell and Trump appointees and the head of the 11th circuit Clarence Thomas

    2. I would let it ride. Trump can’t use “I wanted a Special Master and did not get one’ as a reason to appeal after he is convicted?? This may backfire on him? It will only slow it more if they appeal! Every ex DOJ lawyer, every law professor has already come out and said Executive Privilege for Trump is a crock…..he lost that when he left office? I would let them have their Master…THEY would use it as an excuse to appeal so might as well take the time now as waste it later on?!

    1. @Shane Alan Lol. Seriously? If you steal your employers classified documents after being fired…. Would you get a special master to review the documents that you stole in effort to avoid prosecution?

      If you say “yes”… that says a lot about you.

  5. “The stigma associated with subject seizure is in a league of its own”. Very clear, and exceptionally unjudicial-like statement by the DJT-appointed Federal Judge. If there’s one theme that is very consistent throughout the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Laws governing our citizens it is, “Equal justice for all”. Trump is a citizen, albeit the worst example we have seen. This judge will hopefully be removed from the case ASAP. Very clear prejudice based on that one comment alone.

    1. @Pixel Pusher The president lone declassifies material. What Im saying is that just have secret docs isnt as crime. You have to prove intent to get personal gain or that you gave aid to a foreign gov. He didnt. He cant be charged.
      You dont have a case clearly.

  6. If it gets appealed it gets heard by other trump judges. Its almost as if trump knew he would be needing them some day…

  7. Why is it ok to have a judge not related to the case, step in and halt a federal investigation? The USA is in deep trouble!

    1. It’s justified in cases where there could be a conflict of interest. If Trump’s lawyers had immediately filed the motion for a master then I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I think most judges and lawyers would agree. 
      Giuliani had a sp. master appointed because the FBI seized his 18 devices over a year ago, and due to his proximity to Trump as a lawyer. Then it was argued there definitely was attorney client privilege. But he did so right after the Feds seized his devices not 2 wks later. In this case, it’s just Trump doing what he always does. Delay, delay delay. He’s hoping to push this out until the midterms, or his reelection. The DOJ isn’t going to stand for this. They will likely appeal. Particularly because the judge never listened to the DOJ’s evidence before considering the appointment of a special master. Particularly after two week lapsed. Particularly after the judge acknowledged it doesn’t appear the FEDS are making this a political or personal crusade. Particularly after the Feds sifted through all of the info already. Particularly since Trump took the case outside of the county from Mar A Lago where a Judge he appointed (after he lost the election) Would give (and did) give him a favorable ruling. Overall, it just delays the case. But it won’t stop the DOJ. They’ll smack her bs down post haste. I’m sure Garland and a number of others at the DOJ saw this coming and are none too happy. They’re about to give her a lesson in law and Trump will get one as well.

    1. A young inexperienced judge who has no jurisdiction over the case, which is already being seen to by a magister at that. They specifically went around the existing judge because he had been proving too fair for them, and then sought out this woman because she was a Trump appointee. I’m suspicious that this woman likely received a large amount of either bribery or coercion of another sort to get this ruling out of her.

    2. WTF does the judges age have to do with anything? Being granted a special master is a basic standard. It’s essentially just a neutral person who monitors and make sure rights aren’t being violated and that proper legal procedure is followed.

    3. It makes sense relating to what’s relative to those who unjustly continue to hold authority, I see it everyday since day one, The good news for me is all credibility is going down down down, as he tries to hide his failure to victory followers and all. Time will be the victory for the U.S.A. …

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