Human rights activist says she's in danger if Canada deports her back to Chad 1

Human rights activist says she’s in danger if Canada deports her back to Chad


Human rights activist Mariam Agrei tells CTV National News she's facing deportation from Canada in June and fears for her life.

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  1. Step up Canada!! Don’t let her go back
    the Canada government should do something about it now?
    Help those WHO need help.

    1. @Drizzt why should I, that what a government for. How many refugees come to Canada and Canadian government help. They should help her.
      You sound racist buddy…lol

    2. @Brian Bloomfield Government’s are for the country they’re a part of, not citizens of a foreign country.

      And of course, pulling the racism card.

    3. @TheDudeSama He has nothing intelligent to say. Like I said if he’s so concerned about it he should help pay for a lawyer and whatever other funds she needs.
      But he won’t.

    4. @Brian Bloomfield having worked in the system, most refugees are not actual refugees …they use it as a shortcut to gain entry that would never have been available to them

    1. @Jumbo Me I knew you are racist I caught you, I am a Canadian citizen I am not going anywhere and I am not on Welfare, I work unlike you, my taxes are paying for your welfare dollars.

    2. @Omar Nur words or phrases that have lost their impact because of overuse

      I believe the science
      I can’t put that in my

    3. @Omar Nur Canadian’s are the founding stock and their descendants aka Europeans. You may have been given some papers but you are not Canadian.

    1. I see you been there yourself, did the door hit you?
      You’ll get your karma. Wait and see.

    2. @Brian Bloomfield No it won’t lol. Keep telling yourself that. My family will be just fine like always..

    1. Then why are you on here and say what you said. Not interested and yet your saying something.
      Someone hurt your feelings.

    2. @TheDudeSama Oh it’s covid now, well idiots are still out there partying and holding round ups. When there is covid and still doing the same today. Ontario was the worse. No mask and all going about there day.

  2. She’s giving it her all. She volunteers .If you’ve ever experienced abuse . You can tell she’s not making this up. I wish her well.

  3. I might have heard things wrong but didn’t she say she had a daughter, and that the same abusive family that hurt her now has her daughter in Chad, and she ran away to Canada….

  4. Why is it that if your country messes things up repeatedly, we are the ones who have to fix it and then you claim we are priveleged? Stop messing up. Tired of paying for your mistakes.

  5. I take it that if she’s facing deportation, she wasn’t let in on compassionate grounds? Is there an actual story to link to? This clip is useless on it’s own.

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