Canada needs to be 'better prepared for a rainy day,' warns auditor general | COVID-19 update 1

Canada needs to be ‘better prepared for a rainy day,’ warns auditor general | COVID-19 update


Canada's auditor general warned PHAC lacked the ability to manage stockpiled medical supplies and budget constraints hampered the agency.

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  1. I thought this was about preparing for a raining day! You lied to me!!! My mom also told me all I need is an umbrella ..

  2. Auditor General: Canada should be prepared for a rainy day.
    Government: Starts upgrading nationwide sewage system.

  3. No, you’re kidding me, really, you don’t say, go figure , a kindergarten child knows that fact better than these idiots running things

  4. I remember the stories of my Aunties making undergarments from flour sacks and also stories of money being hidden in secret spots in the house

    1. Scary. Every store I go to, clothes are restricted, and I need some. It’s getting weird.

    1. And what do we do with a drunken sailor?
      What do we do with a drunken sailor?
      What do we do with a drunken sailor, earl-y in the mornin’?

    1. Be real say let’s get rid of the whole system, they are all puppets to the richest, if you are so dumb you still can’t see it, or maybe it suits you, then it’s sad.

    2. @Munte Kald trudeaus government has spent more than the previous PM and government… inflation wasnt as bad back then

    3. Trudeau has spent more money in the last two years than all other previous governments combined. Let that sink in. WW1, WW2, the Great Depression, the Great Recession. What a joke these Fiberals are.

  5. in other words, taxes are going up, the government needs more of our money in their account for a rainy day/ bailing out quebec businesses / flying in voters/ and other scandals that a pillow case with a dollar sign on it can make go away.

  6. Canadians need to better prepare themselves against the government preparing against them.

  7. Thank you for this information, no one in Canada could have figured out that saving for a rainy day is important since we all believe the budget will balance itself.

    1. the average human lifespan is *_79 years_* … Covid patients died from a *_lethal_* condition only recently identified as *_”old age”_* … the mortality rate ForPeople who contract *_old age_* is *_100%_* for those over *_80,_* so don’t go outside or you’ll catch it

  8. The military intelligence briefing in January 2020 was clear, coronavirus was airborne and highly contagious. Governments and health authorities CHOSE to downplay it to stop panic. Essentially treating YOU like a child. The correct response would have been to have a fully informed citizenry making fully informed decisions.

  9. With a scared face of incompetence, Canada’s auditor general asks for forgiveness in this time of mask usage, lol…….. Clown Show full ON.

    1. These politicians need no more the one year terms then out of office like that the have no time to be corrupt

    2. @Mateo Harmiss I’m starting to think that they need to wear body cams and the only time they can take them off is when speaking to a military intelligence officer.

    3. @Chicken Leg 100% agree I need to be in charge of the law, it’s so easy it’s like 1 + 1 = 2 u get in office and your bank account and your family’s bank stock rockets

  10. Canada needs to be “better prepared” at election time by voting out Liberals at every level of government. Liberals and liberal “ideology” are destroying this country.

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