Ron MacLean apologizes for remarks seen as homophobic | McGillis on hockey culture 1

Ron MacLean apologizes for remarks seen as homophobic | McGillis on hockey culture


Former pro hockey player Brock McGillis says Ron MacLean's remarks should serve as a reminder to sports media about increasing inclusivity.

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  1. BAHAHAHA Just get him off the air already. Hes had it coming a long time. Hes a total coward.

    1. Ron’s a Liberal, he’s safe from Cancel Cul…… wait, I forgot, the Lefties always cannibalize their own.

  2. All I can think of is Don Cherry back in the 90s when he was dressed up and acted like…well you know

    What would this say about this

    1. @David Tre wrong. Don refused. Look it up. He said his dad told him to never apologize for anything.

    1. That’s what you do when you mess up and can find a camera to cry in order to keep your salary and position.

  3. A lot of wining going on, it looks like the only way to not offend anyone is for everyone to quit talking period, this is getting ridiculous.

  4. Don Cherry has his Dignity and legions of fans intact. Little sad ron maclean not so much. Very pitiful

  5. Imagine potentially ruining somebody’s life and getting them fired bc they hurt your feelings without even trying to Society is FUCKED

  6. Will Ron get the ‘ole cancellation like Cherry got? It’s the new normal now right?

  7. Anything you say can and will be used against you by someone, somewhere. Wokeness and oversensitivity is ruining society. To think this was even newsworthy is insane.

  8. I think Ron Maclean turned into Rolf Gruber from the famous Sound of Music movie. Even Jen looks like of Liesl too.

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