Hunter Biden was in an Arkansas court today. Here’s why

Hunter Biden was in an Arkansas courtroom related to a years-old paternity dispute, CNN’s Sara Murray reports. Then, Jake Tapper breaks down Biden’s legal troubles with Murray and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig. #CNN #News


    1. @Glenda Langley I’ve been listening to Brandon Lake ” Song” gratitude 💖 And elevation worship ” song” More than Able “! And sorry to hear and I’m praying for you 🙏🙏 And keep me in Prayer’s and thank you.

    2. @Lisa Foy
      You will be in my prayers also Lisa. I’ll check out the songs you recommended. Thank you and God bless you.

    3. ​@B BodziakThat has no bearing on this it has nothing to do with what he paid in taxes. It does have everything to do with the finances he’s been receiving from multiple overseas sources an his paintings and what ever or who ever else has paid him for access. And btw Sloe Joe paid a 24% tax rate for ’21 lower then Trump’s secretary

  1. Now she can hire a full-time nanny, a maid, and buy a new father! Must be nice! With alimony like that it’s a wonder more men aren’t pushing women to have abortions instead of pushing for bans…

    1. It is a % of his income/assets so that is not an issue for people in poverty, they want them to breed up a cheap uneducated work force for the Uber Rich..

  2. If he’s paying all this money to the mother of his child, why hasn’t he met that child? If he’s paying for her and they’re 100% sure it’s his, he should be able to meet and see her whether that’s under supervision or however they can work that out ,..but it needs to be a court order as well.

    1. ​@Tammy Brothers she was not asking for more, hunter was asking it be lowered. The man is a mess. Whatever the mother buys, I’m sure the child benefits.

    2. Better break out the paint brushes and make some more paintings.👨‍🎨🏜💰💸feed the baby.

    1. @Jill Featherman To try and get it reduced, she wants to keep that 20K monthly rolling-in.

    2. @Smell the Glove I wonder if she has to pay for security though out of the 20k that would take more then half I would think

  3. Imagine being a grandparent but not have any thought or care to visit or see your granddaughter….🤯

    1. Imagine the shame that poor child feels when someone asks what’s her last name.😂

  4. Family time (if not already done) children you have a 1/2 sibling named “Navy” your mother can explain her CURRENT emotions on the subject

  5. wait.. this started as a paternity case… i have been a single father for 17+ years… and i denied my ex-wife to be allowed to pay me in child support – no, girl, you can’t support the child that i raise…

    get out da way…

  6. Neither Joe or Hunter have ever acknowledged this 3 year old girl as one of theirs….

    1. Seems like an internal Family matter, Hunter did have a drug problem maybe he does not have any access.

  7. For everyone saying $20k/month is absurd, I agree with you, but Hunter was the one who agreed to it and has been paying it for the last three years ever since paternity tests confirmed he was the father. Sometimes when you make love to a stripper these things can happen.

    1. Conditions change. When the money is there…good. But if the cash flow isn’t what it was and it can be proven?? $20k is an insane amount of money per month. Even $10k ??? Some women just take advantage. She should be glad he is paying unlike many fathers. This just seems like greed to get that much.

    1. Miami Herald article, Jan 23: While (the mother) Lunden Roberts, of Arkansas, wants the Biden family to “remain estranged” from her daughter, she filed a motion in court requesting her child to bear the Biden name on Dec. 27.

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