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  1. This is just one Hurricane. It’s from CHINA.
    It will disappear like Magic…
    Now I have an appointment at Golf Club.

    Your Donny Bunkerboy

    1. @frictionRx9 I believe my statement of ‘I believe in free speech’ did that. And ‘group of liberals’? How do you know that? There is no YouTube comment conspiracy against you. No one liked your comment and made that clear. End of.

    2. frictionRx9 no one is “trying to remove your comment”. It is just that your comment has next to no logic/evidence/reasoning behind it. Now I would love to have an evidence-back discussion on this topic, but that can’t happen if you just come out here and call people “infants”

    3. @UC93OQ6cUJbNXrDgKtTMTn5g idk, maybe Hillary, Obama, oh wait wait wait, Dr Fauci? Or it could be BLM.

    1. @Elroy Leave a comment on MSNBC they don’t like and YT will divert your traffic to a channel called Newcastle Studios. You will not be able to access up to date MSNBC uploads….Welcome to CHI- NAAH

  2. Wait, a storm. Sorry busy golfing and breaking law, doing business on the side while at it . It will disappear.

    1. @Pete Lind NO!!!! And a tropical storm is not a light breeze!!! Texas never even got help after Hurricane Harvey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @snowflake killer Really because you are the one sounding like a snowflake!!!! You melt at the mildest criticism of tRump when every other president has been criticized since well, George Washington!!!!!!! tRump criticized Obama for 8 years and that was okay????? But no one can criticize tRump?????? That’s fascism!!!!! You need to move to Russia if that is what you want you do not remove our democracy for 1 criminal president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @L D Hurricane Harvey was 2017 , so thats on T-Rump , but then you should have seen that coming from how he handled Hurricane Matthew aftermath , so under campaign you got this headline 17.10.2016 – The Trump/Pence campaign delivered $29000 in food and supplies to town ravaged by Hurricane Matthew , after he took office this 10.5.2017 – North Carolina will receive only $6.1 million from the Trump administration. That’s 99 percent less than the requested amount.
      Still Texas got $13,8 billon after Harvey by T-Rump admin , also remember that Puerto Rico still has not got the aid congress gave them , when T-Rump wont release it … so you gonna vote for republiklans in future even when its proven multiple times they cant govern ?

    4. @Pete Lind I have NEVER voted repub and NEVER will!!! It is utter callousness for any admin to deny any state, city, town desperately needed funding for an emergency!!! I fear it will get worse this summer to a complete lack of leadership/concern regarding the pandemic, wild fires, and hurricanes that are predicted to be off the chain this season!!! WE NEED CHANGE FOR THE EVRY DAY AMERICAN TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!

    1. @James Thomas Do you know how hard it is to get off a pair of wet boots? Not to mention the Wranglers when wet? Hahaha good one!

  3. If only we’d done what every other economically developed country in the world did and got this virus under control by May!

    1. @Invoke the 25th Amendment. well put 🙂 & just to add to it, all other first world country leaders paid their people to stay home, so if trump had been serious about wanting it, he would have done the same. People don’t protest being paid to stay home

    2. @Entity Trump literally encouraged Republicans to protests against the lockdown back in April!

  4. Trump will claim next ,that the high winds from the hurricane will blow the VIRUS right out of Texas……😂

  5. And that part of the country has triage care where because they have too few hospital beds left they’re trying to decide who lives and who dies. God be with that part of Texas, but thankfully it’s not a terrible storm but still…

    1. Well for a country that has more deaths and cases from the virus would you call that a winner.? And one more thing the cases are still climbing .

    1. Pam McCumbers Remember in 2012, when a hurricane threatened the RNC in Tampa and Rush Limbaugh claimed Obama orchestrated it? So Obama was so powerful he could control the freaking weather. 🤣

    1. Bless your hearts!! I lived in the RGV for 10 years. I remember Dolly and how hard that was!!!! My Prayers and thoughts have been and will be for you all!!! Please take care neighbor!!

  6. not a deadly virus, just a flu
    not a deadly hurricane, just a gentle breeze
    fake news, if anyone says otherwise, get out the sharpie & set them straight!

  7. “Don’t worry, It’s alright”.We’re in control” “We are doing a good job.” “It will just go away.” “Excellent !”

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