1. I don’t have to back it up dude!!, the evidence is already out their.. you must be a trump supporter that’s getting ready to lose!!, man sucks to be you lol.

    1. @rtuinila1 you should stop poking fun at Trump if you want grown people to take you seriously.

  1. “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”
    — Napoleon

    1. @toddburress68 Sun tau the author of THE ART OF WAR has been quoted by a lot of people( some of which haven’t even read the book!)

    2. True and I agree fully but they need to be in a position that they can change their strategy for example if people actually believe trump is now concerned and cares about the virus etc. Yes it’s all fake but it will fool some of the more gullible.

  2. Most Americans killed in the u.s. by trump’s ineptitude than any previous president in my 6 decades

    1. I’m 66 and most Americans were killed by leftists who support and enable the death cult called the demokkkrat party and their fascist MSM propaganda machine.

  3. Our flag can be flown upside down because we are in a constitutional crisis with this president and the fascist GOP SS.

    1. realhiphopdotcom It doesn’t matter what I know or not. I’m not the president. I’m just calling out the traitor and his sycophants.

  4. I love America democracy but trump is now a anti American so he is dangerous to national security and a facist

    1. @Mr Bunny Slippers Still at it, each posting is more funnier than the last! Just keep it up Sundays are boring and you being a clown , you’re making my day

    2. @Ulysses Morando Only if a Democratic President is in the white house then they are very pro Fiscal Responsibility and Law and Order!

  5. The USA is clueless. It took THIS long to figure out that Trump and his criminal cronies are fascists, smh.

    1. @Shirley Dye …..the Quiet Americans voted for President Trump because Washington no longer worked for the American People. Their corrupt ways and their extravagance had ruined the US Economy and US Manufacturing and the WALL was necessary to halt their Darkness. Our Children no longer want Abortionists, Homosexuals and Chinese Drug Manufacturers standing under the Flag of the USA.

    2. @Dennis I funny, I would be slathered with honey, and staked to a bullet ant hill then ever vote conservative. Especially after living decades under conservative rule hearing them say they have no money to help people while they give out billion in no strings attached (and I’m betting tax free) hand outs to billionaires and big corporations. Hearing how the coffers are bare then give themselves a 15-25% raise.

  6. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy, 1962

    1. mahbin you cult45 members are always calling everyone dumb like elementary children when clearly y’all are the brain dead ones.

    2. Tee Hee
      The entity known as Trump has outwitted the best Nancy can throw at him. He outsmarted the geniuses at the FBI and the DOJ and the CIA.
      Past time? The Very Stable Genius has just gotten warmed up.

    3. @Mr Bunny Slippers Putin is behind everything that the Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party does.

  7. My brother-in-law says every protester is a terrorist, yet when I remind him of the Boston Tea Party he has nothing to say. Ben Franklin said that if you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you.

  8. Snyder’s book “On Tyranny” is so scary. We can see those things happening in our American right now.

  9. Putin will have a big smile in his face when he sees the chaos on the streets of America. Britain next?

  10. He’s a disgrace america, vote him out, or remove him forceably. The world needs you safe n sound. Love Australia

    1. Mind your business..worry about china.they are gonna be walking all over your country soon.

    1. You are totally correct. When fascism rose in Europe, it also rose on the promise of law and order and justified itself as being for the people. The similarities are eerie.

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