Hurricane Ida Intensifies As Category 4 Hurricane, Sustained Winds Hit 155 mph 1

Hurricane Ida Intensifies As Category 4 Hurricane, Sustained Winds Hit 155 mph


NBC’s Al Roker reports from New Orleans as Hurricane Ida’s max sustained winds hit 150 mph after intensifying to a powerful Category 4 hurricane as it threatens parts of the Gulf Coast before landfall. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Hurricane Ida Intensifies As Category 4 Hurricane, Sustained Winds Hit 155 mph


    1. @Joni Beehive al is fully 💉 and a brave soul charged with bringing ppl critically important information about their homes and towns… should we close our eyes and wait til the storm passes? Al has probably already jetted out of there anyway

  1. If you’re make someone stand that close, at least give them a life jacket! Scary! We love you, LA from NM.💖

    1. They placed him in front of barriers without threat of the surge, and by the gate, blowing inwards away from the water he does not need one

    2. Some people know how to swim in inclement weather. I guess you are not one of those people so you don’t get it.

    3. And people can still drown in life jackets.
      People can drown in two inches of water if they pass out face down.

    1. The real reason is, dumb ppl wont take things serious if they cant see it with their eyes.
      Thats why they have helicopters in the air, and cameras aimed at tornadoes.
      Its simply to make ppl understand how serious things is.

    1. @Ninef Sargis : LOL….. You got that right. I’ll be standing there too holding the camera.

  2. Jeez NBC, Al’s 67 years old. Do you really want him on combat duty STILL??? The guy has put in his time! Give him some cushier assignments!

    1. Ck Twitter. There’s a vid of him saying “screw you” to anyone who thinks he’s too old for this. 👍

    2. @bchlovr Yes, no disrespect to seniors, my dad is the same age and he likes to do crazy things too, while we’re hiking. But you don’t have the body of a 20 year old. You have to be careful.

  3. Al straight being a thug!! Water bearing his a*s and he still standing!! Thug life 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    1. Wonder how many rocks he has in his pocket to hold him down😂🤣 he very well could get washed out to the Atlantic

    2. Yeah that’s what I’m saying! Everyone is like “why did they put him there” I guarantee that Al wanted this job. His is a legend.

    1. Yes! Reality TV show called ‘Eye of the Storm.’ 12 suicidal people near a hurricane, each with camera. The last one to survive gets helicoptered out, wins money, and hopefully a new perspective to live.

  4. That is one serious noise cancelling microphone he has. That wind is blowing fast but you can barely hear it! Amazing!

  5. I can’t even pay attention to his report between the comical nature and dangerous nature of his location. Why is this necessary? You can give shots of the storm conditions without putting a human being in such stupid conditions!

    1. @Tayla G I don’t think people are tuning in to see that, we’re watching the storm not the reporters!

  6. NWS: “Everyone in the lower parts of Louisiana must evacuate.”
    Maga: “Yeah! Everyone get to safety!”
    CDC: “Everyone should get the vaccine or wear masks.”
    Maga: “Over my dead body!”
    Corona: “OK!”

    1. Oh btw jus saw on Bloomberg news, the largest real world study out of Israel, natural immunity is 13x more effective than the vaccine …. So have fun with your vaccine 😂

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