Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY

Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY 1


Hurricane Sally lumbered ashore in Alabama early Wednesday, shoving a surge of seawater onto the coast. Before sunrise, water was up to the doors of Jordan Muse's car outside the Pensacola hotel where her family took shelter.
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15 Comments on "Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY"

  1. Im in Mobile and i thought this was gona be us. Prayers

    • Mobiles don’t do well I remember Hurricane Andrew 1992 took entire blocks of mobiles swept them away nothing but dirt. I would pack up head for a hotel inland for a few nights. My in-laws live in FL they live on small retirement income they put $20 box every month call it their hurricane fund for hotel cost if they need to leave quickly.

  2. Well at least the streets are cleaned now. We need this in Gainesville too. Wash away some of the gators as well.

  3. Looks like the remaining winds is going to miss us..

  4. Caused. Seeded’

  5. Hurricane lives matter!

  6. Praying for everyone..

  7. here in Ca we are on fire, Florida is underwater. Wild

  8. Do you remember when Katrina hit New Orleans?
    Republicans said, “They were warned an I don’t want my tax dollars to help them!”
    Just a reminder.

  9. Photographer James P. Grierson | September 16, 2020 at 8:49 PM | Reply

    Alligators roaming neighbourhoods , Heavy Rains, Hurricanes, Fires, Mud-sides, cars & trucks floating down the street ……….Someone is playing Jumanji again

  10. Lmao what a fake thumbnail why I hate fake news . 🙄

  11. Mckeis Mcglogkin!!, Travin Martin, Harry T Moore, etc.!!!!

  12. Why leave your car in a parking lot where you know will be flooding from storm surge unless you want to get rid of it have insurance cover it. Just drive inland 50 miles get a hotel and drive back after it moves on.

  13. The Labrant fam just left Florida with there new baby Zealand thank god

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