‘I am accountable’: Erin O’Toole faces Conservative caucus after election defeat

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole announces members will conduct a review of the election campaign after the party's loss.

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    1. @Aidan303 Who the hell would be Canadian Trump? When have we had a Prime Minister who is pro-Canadian? You could say both Trudeaus are/were very pro-Quebec, but……..

    1. how can there be conservatives when it’s all progressives. “progressive conservatives” are progressives.

  1. Of the 2, he did get the popular vote. Something our blackfaced drama surfer campaigned on changing originally.

    1. @Avarosa No such thing as the popular vote. DERP/ the last election with Scheer at the helm, 67% voted ANYONE BUT CON. LEARN MATH

    1. I started voting PPC when Scheer was whining about how terrible Trump was in the states. O’Toole was no different. If Trump was too far right for you then you’re the extremist.

    1. and Trudeau was polling at >40% when o’toole was on his “true blue” binge. Just because we’re sick of dramaboy doesn’t mean we’re gonna go hard right anytime soon.

  2. Not a surprise that he lost. Gave up on conservative beliefs to give liberal talking points. Seems the only conservative with guts is Pierre Poilievre.

    1. Conservatives will continue to lose if they don’t move closer to the center. Ideology isn’t everything.

    2. @TheArkwelder lol are you serious? What about their latest campaign wasn’t centrist? They are boringly moderate if nothing else.

    3. @TheArkwelder lol or one city shouldn’t have 113 ridings…the older generation prefers liberal for more of a living wage as they’re retirees so I think whatever generation holds the highest population plays a major role as electorates

    1. @pinkdiablo444 being a true blue isn’t being alt-right it’s just being a traditional and classic conservative.

    2. @Jason Lusk I actually referred to policies and plans you on the other hand are just throwing out cheap shots. TruAnon.

  3. The saddest thing is that Canada has no Leader. All these you see, are clowns, serving their own. We need a leader asap!

  4. Guts with nothing to lose = PPC leader compare with Guts with something to lose = O’Toole. I prefer the latter.
    It remains to be seen which way O’Toole will go in a few months if he stays leader.

  5. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming for you O’Toole
    Hence why his voice was shaky after saying he takes accountability.
    NiH director has resigned.
    It’s all going to snowball

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