1. *CNN BBC will not Show Unarmed Africans INDIAN students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    2. Biden has 37% approval rating this week on Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll…Biden is TANKING !!!

    3. @Dimitri VforVictory Don’t forget he’ll always use that as a threat. It will give him carte blanche to invade any nation he pleases.

    1. @I A That’s you proving you only gathered what was said by putin, via western media. What happened to reading both sides?

    2. *CNN BBC will not Show Unarmed Africans INDIAN students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    3. @Stefanos Marcou and you are a zombie lib. He just told you he is not Russian. You snowflakes are the demise of this country.

    4. Biden has 37% approval rating this week on Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll…Biden is TANKING !!!

  1. Evil prevails when the good do nothing
    The good sits back and feeling warm and fuzzy and pretend it’s not their war
    Evil will eventually reach them. By then for good the overcome evil, good have to be very very good

    1. The good is too afraid to start WWIII, cause it can escalate into a nuclear war.
      Our hands are literally tied, and everyone is doing their best.

  2. Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦 this is turning into a world war….as crisis keeps rising a lot a lives and savings would be lost it’s a best time to secure your saving for the future through digital currency like bitcoin

    1. *CNN BBC will not Show Unarmed Africans INDIAN students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    2. Biden has 37% approval rating this week on Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll…Biden is TANKING !!!

  3. That woman doesn’t know Ukraine is in Europe 😅 wake up girl, you’re not in the Soviet Union anymore 😂

  4. “They were late, but we made it.”
    The first thing I thought about that day, when it all started, was the words of Hieromanach Seraphim of Sarov—”If they don’t want to through saliva, they will have bloody diarrhea.”
    How deeply and very briefly, but clearly clear is the meaning of what he said in the past centuries. I understand that with regard to today. Where the meaning is simple—you will not understand, then bloody diarrhea is provided.
    From myself, objectively, the opinion of a simple man in the street- on what is happening:
    “A professional military man who knows more about the war than anyone else will do everything to prevent this war from happening. He will do everything to make peace in the world. This is the difference between a professional military man and a self-styled military man. Since the so-called military man, even if he is a hundred times considered a hardened warrior, who has gone through many wars, will always fight only for the sake of war, profit in it, his vanity, animal thirst for blood or his delusion, and not for the sake of peace, goodness, life and justice. In one word — “jackal of war”.
    And when a professional military man realizes that there are no other arguments, there are no more opportunities to preserve peace, then he will professionally enter into battle —as the last argument against those who do not want peace.
    Even if the advantage is one against a hundred, a professional military man will still enter the battle, and the paradox is that he will always win!”
    Russia went ahead as the only way to protect itself from a long-fired projectile in its direction. If this is not done— it will be too late.
    A good phrase is a significant phrase —”THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT STARTING A WAR! THE RUSSIANS ARE FINISHING IT! ”
    Vladimir Putin has acted and is acting professionally!
    Vladimir Putin is fulfilling his duty to his fatherland and the people entrusted to him. He does what I, if I were in his place, would do the same. When the word ended, the arguments (through saliva) in the belief of a worldwide delusion that all of us (the whole world) are ready to plunge into the abyss of non-existence, and Vladimir Putin in his addresses / speeches has said this more than once (look,when and where and what he tried to convey to the whole world), then the moment of truth has come (bloody diarrhea). Unfortunately, that’s what happened. And the time has come for the whole world-when all the masks have been removed.
    I hope many people have begun to understand what is happening that it’s not even Zelensky (he doesn’t even pull a pawn) and not in the European community — but in the evil that never wants peace, but always wants war. Evil-which is stuck, as our President put it, in the EMPIRE of LIES.
    Evil that freely, brazenly and cynically destroys and robs the entire planet for the sake of its satiety. It destroys people, peoples and countries. Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria and a huge list of their bloody walking with a disastrous step all over the planet.
    And now I hope at least many have begun to understand the essence of all things. Any War is an unpleasant thing. And not needed by anyone. But on the other hand, the War sobers quickly and brings you to your senses too quickly. And it pulls out very well from the “boiled frog” state (the effect of cooking a live frog, where with slow heating to a boil the frog does not notice that it has been boiled alive). Russian Russian world has been cooked alive for more than 30 years (I mean everyone who is born and thinks in the Russian spirit, regardless of nationality and religion), and finally there was a chance to jump out of the pot before it was cooked in the end. At the same time, the Russian world will finally see the true face of this evil that has hidden at the top of the West and its attitude towards us. The supreme evil of the West (not taking the simple and kind Western people) he boiled us alive. And he has also misled and still leads his peoples astray, through suggestion and propaganda, with the aim of generating hatred — for the “Russian world” and the “Russian spirit”. Because, the supreme evil of the West has always hated and will hate everything connected with the Russian world. Because the Russian world broke his back more than once, and there was something for it (take a look at the history, if you don’t remember).
    At the same time, the Russian world has never hated the West, but simply treated it like a crazy person. And if I hated him, I would have gotten rid of him long ago. And the Russian world has always given the West a chance to correct its crazy. Unfortunately, the West quickly forgets its lessons. The screeching of a liberal-minded society is also understandable (it is already practically boiled meat) and therefore it is difficult for him even to realize and navigate what is happening. They don’t even understand what fate the supreme evil of the West was preparing for them and their compatriots, smiling. The signs are no longer hidden—I would not be surprised that the Russian world will now be in the most powerful persecution in the vast West, like the Jewish one in the World War. And the persecution has already begun, as we can see.
    With or without money, the West needs a dead and sterilized Slav. And this includes Ukrainians.
    I repeat, our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Pro with a capital letter!
    He made a courageous decision-because he is very well aware and understands what is at stake now!
    Not only the Russian world is at stake! But also the whole world! Western Evil has long been blinded by the brilliance of precious metals and diamonds, and they can only hear the rustle of bills, unfortunately! This is the same- it has long been deaf and blind! Without even realizing, without seeing that they themselves have been hanging over the abyss of eternity for a long time, while dragging the whole world into this abyss!

  5. You need to cover important events like Antalya Diplomacy Forum that is currently ongoing in Türkiye. High-level participations from lots of countries. Meaningful and efficient initiative especially in these days. Facts first!

  6. This lady is so sweet. She sounds like she has a heart of gold. She would be the best Mum to her child and partner to her man. Stay safe Inna, the World is with you and the people of Ukraine.

  7. I can’t believe we’re just sitting here watching all this when women, children and the elderly are getting genocide. We need to stand up to the bully. He’s going to come after us as well.

    1. @Janelle Knightwatched it. But it falls to show and explain the western government backed coup that took place at that time(Obama administration) during the peaceful protests and the bombings on the Donbass region of Ukraine during 2014-2020. The american government is using Ukraine for it’s political gain. Bias propaganda by american Hollywood directors. Always two sides to a story. And if you just believe everything your media and government tells you then you are truly blind and feebleminded. Critical thinking for yourself. Peace be unto you.

    2. @Open1seyes Why do we blame America for everything? Every government aside from Poland is just sitting here and watching acting like Putin isn’t going to come after us. He will definitely come for every government that imposed sanctions on Russia.

    3. @Mara Hanson because american government has its hands in most countries all in the name of democracy, Okay. America can’t even fix or handle it’s own problems and they want to fix and control other countries, please.
      Then go fight yourself or send your children to fight and die for corrupt politician and banksters for their greed and power.
      Why send our children to fight a political war? There is no threat against american citizens or soil. Protect our own. Ukraine and Russia have their own history to fix. There is always two sides to a story, don’t just blindly accept what your feed.

  8. 1 month of pandemi (covid-19 ) is equal to 1 year of savings for an industrialized country! 2 years or 24 months = 24 years of savings .Gift to share, help each other !

  9. Wow!! GREAT FOR HER!!! when crisis calls, Some people revert to more basic or instinctive fight-or-flight reasoning.

  10. Hey Don where’s Jussie !? I hear there may be charges coming up against you as well related to that case and that you may end up in the same place good luck with that Sir

  11. Much respect to her for being brave but sometimes being brave don’t stop bullets from cracking at you🤔

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