1. I love the fact that Putin himself has made the best argument as to why Ukraine should definitely join NATO.
    Because if Ukraine had been a member of NATO, none of this would be happening, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And all of the people who have perished so far on both sides, would still be alive. Because Putin would never invade a NATO country. He knows better..

    1. Maybe that could have happened w/in the last 5 years BUT Trump spent his whole Presidency focused on 2 things, re election & Joe Biden, got him impeached twice & he still lost.

    2. Wrong Putin in his last condition to Zelenskyy to stop war was for Ukraine never became a NATO member
      Update you self

    3. Domino nato is still process Ukraine request to became a member it does not happen overnights request was put in 2019

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  2. “if you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs.”
    -Volodymyr Zelensky.

    1. A memorable quote, utterly brilliant. It reminds me of “The Partisan”: “Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing/ Through the graves, they are blowing/Freedom soon will come/Then
      we’ll step from the shadows.” Zelensky and his countrymen are very brave people. I wish them well.

  3. Unless this dude has an infinity gauntlet, Putin is going into many history books as one of mankind’s purveyors of destruction and human suffering. A textbook for the generations to come.

    1. Idk if it’ll be to that extent. When you look at the grand scheme of things, there have been many worse people than Putin. He didn’t do anything that hasn’t already been done

    2. @GenoCyber So in addition to everything else, he is also un-original. His allure and intelligence is largely inflated. His power comes from the world’s perception of it, which is equal parts hubris on his part, and a willingness to swallow it on part of the World.

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    4. @K Laplante Sure racist, like Obama hasn’t already gone down in history as one of the best presidents we ever had.

  4. He’s right about adding more sanctions they need to really feel the pressure unfortunately the Russian will be punished but they need to stand up to Putin

    1. Stand up to Putin? Didn’t you watch Russian citizens protesting the Ukraine War, getting assaulted by their police and thrown into jail? Easy to say than do, why dont you do that and protest in Russia and see what happens to you.

    2. It’ll cause chaos within their country. Your talking rioting. Protesting. A possible coup. The russian people are going to start questioning their government. Demanding answers. Fighting back. War morale will be at an all time low. The people will rebel. Overthrow their government. It needs to happen!

    1. what about Palestine? even though the Palestinians were celebrating the day of is raj mi’raj and suddenly the israel army was massacring them. didyou turn a blind eye to this matter? Or your television media didn’t tell you about this? And when America invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Panama you were silent but when Russia invaded Ukraine you just made a sound. I hate Europeans except Russia and America.

    2. @Reksies these people are only about the hype, they don’t know there are people out there who have been suffering for decades. I feel your pain because I’m Armenian and my country has been dealing with this issue for over 100 years.

  5. Russia: invades Ukraine so that NATO isn’t on its border
    Also Russia: invades Ukraine so technically has nothing but NATO on its border . 🧐

    1. When H!tler sent his army to invade Russia and Ukraine during WWII, much of Western Ukraine weIcomed and collaborated with the Nazis and assisted in the genocide of the Jews as well as killing their own countrymen in Eastern Ukraine, who sided with Russia. This is why there is a large population of Nazis to this day in Ukraine with tremendous hatred for Russians.

    2. Ukraine is super rich in ores. They export tons of Uranium and iron ore. Im pretty sure, that and the oil is worth invading Ukraine for Putin, even with all these sanctions, he’ll profit huge if hes successful.

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  6. Financial problems are not comparable to the deaths and wound’s inflected to the Ukrainian people. War is never a justification.

    1. @voidofFUNUSofficial

      He’s playing a similar game to what US did in the middle east. He fights Neo Nazis/terrorists and claims that he’s saving the world from an enemy who’s dangerous for everyone. In reality it’s about controlling and expanding his empire.

    2. Crimea a fucking river… it’s a drop in a bloody ocean compared to the amount of people USA killed with THEIR invasions into foreign countries. Iraq? Million dead civilians. Vietnam? Hundreds of thousands and chemical agents were deployed whose deadly effects can’t even be quantified. Afghanistan which was flogged by war and left abandoned to its fate. Korean war etc.. so many dead innocents.

    3. @Soldier of Feels

      That was wrong too. Two wrongs don’t make a right. These big countries are trying to dominate and control smaller countries who they view as threats. One just happens to be more successful than the other and Putin feels the walls closing in on him.

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  7. Still remember watching years ago on Polish news TV Khodorkovski’s story, his personal fight with Putin’s regime, how Putin was trying to destroy him. He was brave, fought for a long time. Balls of steel kind of a guy.

    1. @Jan 6 was “Wall Street Putsch” part 2 Putin to ex-soviet countries: “Watch me lose billions per day in this war while I bomb hospitals because I can’t win on ground, while Russia’s economy shits itself in 2 weeks! Submit or You are next!”

      Ex-soviet countries: “K” -immediately start to flirt with EU and NATO

    2. khodorkovsky was a corrupt oligarch who murdered journalists as he and the other oligarchs plundered that country before Putin threw them all out. That’s why they hate him. I can’t believe that so many people continue to believe the same liars that brought us the Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie that led to the slaughter of half a million people – but here we are, believing them all over again.

    3. Bill Clinton and Epstein love little American girls. American people know this, but they are silent. Because they can be killed for it. The USA is a totalitarian dictatorship. Where former presidents pose a danger to your young daughters. AMERICAN PEOPLE COWARDLY LOOKING AWAY FROM BILL CLINTON 🤣🤣

    4. @G. Holman “which makes him unselfish”

      Wrong. He stands to benefit from the removal of Putin’s regime just like everyone else.

    5. Putin is the same “brand” of genetic failure as Trump. Now we know why Trump was so desperate to steal the election. He was to be part of this.

    1. @Ilias Hornung you should wake up. Millions of people, mostly women and children, had to flee Ukraine. Buildings, including house, infrastructure destroyed. Many killed. All by the Russians.

    2. Best advice to solve the Russia Ukraine crisis on YouTube under two minutes by CIA John MEARSHEIMER

  8. It’s just sad that the democratization post USSR went bad. Russia could be a prosperous country keeping all the good sides about Russian culture. It’s a textbook example of the dangers of tyranny. Neighboring countries and normal Russians pay the price. The only winner is China, which now has Russia in its leach and can buy resources at a discount. However if a worldwide recession is the result then China will lose, too.

    1. I believe that political movement in the 1980’s was called Perestroika. Mikhail Gorbachev was at the helm and the reform didn’t turn out to be what was intended. Glasnost was his policy reform intended for government to be more open to the Russian citizens.
      I believe the Duma, a Russian legislative advisory group are the ones that destroyed the intended democratic reform.

    2. USA and IMF f*cked up the democratization of Russia with their “shock therapy” prescription. They prioritized the privatization of Russia at any cost, including economic instability. In the end, it paved the way for the rise of oligarchs and Russia went back to a state-controlled economy via oligarchs instead of state enterprises under communism. Nothing changed because US imperialistic ambition trumped reason.

      Now Russians remember “liberal democracy” as chaos, starvation, corruption, and oligarchs stealing their country’s wealth and converting them into GBP/USD to buy yachts and prime properties abroad in US and UK. That is why they tolerate a thug like Putin instead of giving liberal democracy another chance.

    3. @Florin Jurcovici right…..exactly how is Ukraine going to defeat the Russian invasion of no one steps in to help? They are doomed to failure friend….

    4. Yes, Russian economy will tank. It’s sad because alot of Americans like to travel, see Russia, it’s culture, it’s people. Now Iron curtain. DONE. Travel industry, cruise industry done!!!
      Lost respect from the world if this war elevates to nuclear fallout, leaks.. If Putin users chemical warfare on Ukranian people, the entire world will be against him.

    5. They’re ALL kleptocrats. National issues mean NOTHING, it’s about corruption and financially raping the Russian people. Prior to the revolution, Ukraine was exactly the same. This Russian ex-pat found religion AFTER he’d enriched himself at the same trough and fled to his piles of loot. Noting the Western oligarchies are MORE than happy to host the oligarchs for a cut of their 💰

  9. These problems are incomparible to the problems of the people who are being killed and wounded….yes…also incomparable to the over two million displaced people who had to abruptly leave their life behind …incomparable to the damage done to homes, streets, hospitals, schools , etc. Etc.

    If you have to pay more at the pump just think of them!!!

    1. Agree. I don’t care if I pay $20 a gallon at the pump, it is nothing compared to the horrific state of Affairs the Ukrainians are dealing with. And everyone world wide is paying high prices at the pump, not just the U.S.

  10. The underestimation of the century. Putin really though it would be a walk into the Ukraine and it would be all over in three days.
    Whoever gave him advice is not looking good right now.

    1. Does show the downside of inspiring fear rather than respect. Can he truly trust anyone if they’re too scared to be frank with him?

    2. @The mystery Files that is a Russian Vranyo that has been debunked, and you are a Russian bot working for the Internet Research Agency. I hope for you they do not pay you in Rubles.

    3. when the yes me around you are terrified to give you how it really is, and your country is so corrupt that even the money for your military is going into Putin and his circle pockets, this is what you get. No one wants to tell Putin any bad news or news that would imply Russia is in bad shape.

    4. Do you remember when George W. Bush’s administration said Iraq would welcome our invasion as liberators? That the Iraqi army would lay down weapons and welcome us to overthrow Hussein?

      Whether it’s a Republican or a Russian tyrant an unprovoked invasion is never a good idea.

    5. I was convinced with what little knowledge i had that Russia would secure Ukraine in 1 week. Its incredible how the Ukraine people are teaching the world about resilience and bravery

  11. Khodorkovsky’s oil company wasn’t called Lukoil but rather Yukos. It was taken over by Rosneft through a corrupt bankruptcy process in the mid 00s.

    1. @Yawos How the f_ck could you know how wired I was over the Iraqi war? And what does any of this got to do with the criminal barbaric Ukraine invasion?
      For what It’s worth, I was against the Iraqi war.
      Get your head out of the sand, Putin is lying, he is always lying.

    2. @One Trick Pony Every oligarch is a crook and thief. How do you think they got hold of lucrative Soviet enterprises so easily? Remember, these folks lived under former communism where private property is prohibited. How do you think they got the capital to buy these state enterprises and make themselves rich?

      Just because this crook sides with the West doesn’t make him any less of a crook.

    3. @Pizza Doe do you even know or understand anything of what you’re blabbering about? Anything at all? My guess, from reading your comment is you don’t.

    4. Best advice to solve the Russia Ukraine crisis on YouTube under two minutes by CIA John MEARSHEIMER.

    1. *Brief history of Ukraine corruption*
      -obama admin appoints Joe Biden as point man to Ukraine.
      -December 2013 John Brennans CIA funds and orchestrated Euromaiden color revolution in Kiev
      – February 4th, 2014 victoria Nuland caught on tape saying they want Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister.
      -February 28th, 2014 Yatsenyuk sworn in as prime minister of Ukraine. 3 weeks after Nuland requests it.
      – march 2nd 2014 US begins sending Ukraine BILLIONS of our tax dollars.
      -mid march 2014 burisma hires hunter Biden and John Kerrys son for $1 million a year. Later adds Carl’s pelosi and mitt Romney Jr.
      -$3.6 billion US tax dollars goes missing in PrivatBank, owned by Burisma and Tony podesta. The brother of John podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign manager.
      -burisma owner gets personal visa from Hillary Clinton 3 hours after money goes missing
      -clinton foundation gets largest donor in history: ukraine government
      -biden holds 1 billion to get victor Shokin fired for investigating Burisma, replaced with Lukeshenko.
      -ukraine panics when trump wins, helps Hillary/DNC/Alexandria Chalupa invent trump-russia conspiracy.
      -Ukraine attorney general Lukeshenko is convicted of US voter fraud for helping Clinton.
      -lindsey graham, John McCain, and Amy klobachar go to Ukraine do photo op.
      -zelensky recieves campaign financing from open society foundation (George Soros)
      -zelensky offloads $3 billion shell corporation 2 weeks before sworn in.
      -trump impeached for asking questions in Ukraine
      -zelensky shows up as #1 person in Panama Papers.
      -covid shows up just in time for US election
      -2020 coup of trump using same methods used in Ukraines coup
      -pallets of bricks show up in Minneapolis for rioters.
      -washington state Ukrainian truckers caught rioting with BLM.
      -Rand Paul proves we funded covid bioengineering in Senate hearing.
      -Russia discovers US bioweapons labs
      -Biden threatens nuclear strike march 2nd 2022 in secret communication with moscow. Russia goes to highest alert in history.
      -china tells UN the USA has 26 bioweapons labs in Ukraine and it’s the tip of the iceberg
      -march 11th Russia testifies before UN security council with 3k recovered documents the US running bioweapons labs in Ukraine and engineering bat coronavirus in them.

    2. Truth and Democracy? While being in the 122nd among 180 countries in corruption ranking 😂. Facts say opposite though

  12. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  13. The more I hear from people who actually worked for or got close to Putin, the more I’m convinced Putin’s nuclear war threat is just a threat. And they all say the same to stop the war.

    1. @E S I agree with you 💯
      “Now, when he says that all of those billionaires around Putin are merely his foot mat, and that they cannot influence him makes no sense. A united/collective group of powerful persons that are around Putin can weaken him if they want to. I know he’s bitter for all that Putin did to him, so I understand some of his responses still

    2. Putin loves money too much, he wants to be powerful with his money, but he will be confined to Russia, not being able to get out of for the rest of his life, without being massacred.

    3. @Micah7789 if 🇺🇸 did that dictators would spring up all over the world and before you know it they would be knocking on the door

    4. @Александр Воронков i hope one day Russia joins the EU as a flourishing democracy. It will add more balance to the continent and create lasting peace… borders are obsolete in a connected world anyways.

    1. When H!tler sent his army to invade Russia and Ukraine during WWII, much of Western Ukraine welcomed and coIIaborated with the Nazis and assisted in the genocide of the Jews as well as killing their own countrymen in Eastern Ukraine, who sided with Russia. This is why there is a large population of Nazis to this day in Ukraine with tremendous hatred for Russians.

  14. Very insightful observations by this gentleman. Actually, militarily, this invasion wasn’t handled with any of the tactical acumen I had thought the russians possessed. I’m actually surprised at the appparent ineptitude of their commanders. It bodes well for the Ukrainians in the short term. Hopefully, we (the West and NATO), will use this time to boolster the ukrainian ability to resist with financial/materiel/and military aid.

    1. This gentleman has organized war in Chechnya, he organized everything to make Putin a president. Why he became one of richest people in Russia while regular people couldn’t buy even bread? Because he and his friends stole everything possible in Russia while president Yeltsin was manipulated by Khodorkovskiy and sus friends – Abramovish, Gusinsky and Berezovskiy. They destroyed everything that left from USSR, they destroyed Russia economically. And now he is white fluffy rabbit. It’s very easy now to lie to people who doesn’t know Russian history very well.

    2. Putin severely underestimated Ukraine and it’s people. They have showed teriffic resolve and fight and the world is proud of them so fair play lets arm them feed them and give them humanitarian aid NOW not later when thousand’s more die!!!

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