"I can't get back the time": Wrongfully convicted Nova Scotia man speaks 1

“I can’t get back the time”: Wrongfully convicted Nova Scotia man speaks


Glen Assoun, who was wrongfully convicted, says he is grateful the publication ban has been lifted so he can finally tell his story.

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  1. If this man doesnt get at least 10 million in restitution ALL Canadians need to PROTEST AND PETITION OUR GOVERNMENT

    1. Money can’t buy time. Though it can such things as get super creepy types of country leaders, sociopathic billionaires with bonesaw habits or whathaveyou out of legal troubles by throwing a stack of millions at it.

    2. True Tech it’s because of killer Kadhr. There’s context to his comment you don’t get.

  2. I will soon be joining this man in my 20 years or more of prison for a crime I have not committed.

  3. So shameful, the Justice system let this occur to the point that 21 years later an innocent man walks free and the guilty party is still out and free.

    1. To expand a bit, the Canada Evidence Act doesn’t specify retention.
      Keeping the politics of the RCMP policies aside, it would do well for the Federal Government to amend the Canada Evidence Act to enforce retention of evidence when a conviction is carried out, that way this would not have occurred in such a manner and so LATE.

  4. Once the police have made their minds up and convinced the prosecutor that they are correct it becomes very difficult for an innocent person to be found not guilty in court, especially if one is a relatively poor individual and can’t afford to mount a defense with an expensive lawyer and expensive defense investigators. The crown has unlimited resources to hire expert witnesses to testify for the prosecution.

  5. Yes it happens in canada too. He should be compensated handsomly. Prosecuters should release all evidince not just what they believe helps their case.

  6. This has to be the worst possible nightmare for anyone who has to be put thru it.
    I believe in the justice system but there needs to be a real investigation into the wrongful convictions that happened. It keeps going on n on..
    So very happy for this poor man n his family! I hope with time, therapy and justice, he will be able to find peace in his heart again..

  7. I pray Mr Assoun gets compensation and finds peace in his remaining years..Nobody deserves what he had to wrongfully endure

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