‘I Don’t Understand How This Is Good For The United States’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations discusses the impact of the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and why he doesn't believe the action benefits the U.S. Aired on 1/6/20
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'I Don't Understand How This Is Good For The United States' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Abdullah AboMuhammad the other presidents negotiated.trump is his way or no way,that aint fair to anybody.we are all human an need to help each other


    1. Lynda Klodt So basically the only response to the truth you people can come up with is to call them a racist or a Russian cohort? Really?

    2. Lumby1 why don’t you try a response that’s actually intelligent. 🤔 I don’t know. Maybe a response with actual thought behind it. People who can’t fight facts usually stoop to flinging insults. Your clearly to easy a sparing partner. Tip:educate yourself/Do your own research not based on media outlets.😉

    3. Mary Carter you’re right! Now he has 55%, his highest polled numbers yet! 55% of voters want him impeached AND REMOVED from office.

  1. I can’t believe, how we are letting a tweeting madman run this country, and that includes all his cronies like: Moscow Mitch!

    1. White privilege would allow an uneducated, racist, POS run a country that’s founded on white supremacy that’s how

    1. @MidScream1 I really hope yr boots are ploished and ready for the front line? Where all maggots need to go to help fight for yr fellow racist white Americans 🤔 ‘bone spurs’ will have yr back 😂🤣👍

    2. @DB Stevens so if another countries leader took out Trump, that would be ok right?? I really hope you have also polished yr boots too??

    3. @Lenny The Rapper it’s not that we spend too much to subsidize the liars losers deadbeats dropouts druggies fat people illegals and socialists… it’s that we don’t take in enough in taxes? Is that your argument? 🙂

    4. @MidScream1 duh!!! So u defend yr impeached potus and mega rich corporates off the tax hook just to make yr stand against every American that u have just listed?? Yep makes no sense 🙄
      Typical all round maggot…heartless, white, stupid and privileged 👎

  2. Democrats understand that these actions have huge consequences.
    What Trump has done without considering the End Game is beyond careless.

    1. Exactly! Remember what happened when Reagan decimated the Iranian navy in the eighties? Remember when he bomber Gaddafi’s compound? Why Iran and Gaddafi just kind of…faded away.

    2. Democrats have also been complicit. Republicans just make it more apparent.
      Both sides have many bought and paid for politicians that need to be voted out.

  3. Donald Trump, “I can do whatever I want”
    That really needs to be stopped now. This is beyond a joke. Remove him. And do it now

    1. Andy Man absolutely Trump is a dangerous, brainless, mad man, a Nero, a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Charles Manson. He must be stopped! We are not a country of brainless jerks. We don’t deserve crap like this. What Trump did was murder of two men, it’s illegal, immoral and all he does is lie. He’s got to be stopped.

    2. jane doe you bet your bippy. There’s no one on earth that Trump is loyal to. He will turn on ANYONE, especially including his followers.

    1. Seems as if he will accomplish that very easily since he seems to have the full support of the Republicans.

    2. Phoenix DarkMoon yes that’s it exactly. He has to be stopped. He’s a horrible excuse for a human being. This is no joke. Lock him up! Stop him please.

  4. Dude he’s trying to recreate another war so can be distracted from impeachment and north korean nuclear program. He’s trying to bait them into doing something to us so he can justify why he will attack them and he can look like a hero. This man is psychotic!

    1. As long as Republicans consider him sane, that is really all that matters to him. In short, Democratic opinion is irrelevant from his standpoint.

    1. @zalla00 “…the USA has been seen as almost toothless…”

      Not all of us, only the tRUMP supporters.

    2. Oh yeah eliminating a military target who was orchestrating attacks with Iran’s proxy forces and weapons against US soldiers in Iraq is totally the same thing as randomly beheading civilian non-combatants. Oh yeah sure it is. [roll eyes]

    1. lol ironic coming from a a Leftist whos party has self imploded with non stop vile transparent false narratives about our POTUS #Trump2020Landslide

    1. America should have its 1000s of eye blind by now. This is getting too dangerous. Every american president after ww2 has wars, multiple wars under their belt.

    2. rushane green we did nothing! Trump did this. Take HIS eyes! Leave ours alone. I think Trump was a criminal, a beast, a lunatic, a murderer to do what he’s done and threatening to do. He has to be stopped!

    3. S M no effing way, no turn the cheek with Trump. He’s a liar, a hate monger, a cowardly bullying mad man. He wants war, he can go fight it alone!

    1. lombardo141 the Sec of State plus others is who has been pushing him to go after Iran for months. Trump boasted to his pals in Florida before he did it. He’s sick in the head and too easily swayed by people like Putin.

  5. oi all the white people that voted for trump should get drafted first, go out there and make america great

  6. There is one thing to understand and remember here:

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