"I Feel Like Someone Had Socked Me In The Gut." Bill Cosby Accuser Reacts To His Release 1

“I Feel Like Someone Had Socked Me In The Gut.” Bill Cosby Accuser Reacts To His Release


Former model and Bill Cosby accuser Heidi Thomas talks to Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser about Cosby's release from prison and what it means for survivors of sexual assault.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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"I Feel Like Someone Had Socked Me In The Gut." Bill Cosby Accuser Reacts To His Release


    1. I hope bill put a bag over their heads. Most of these women are not attractive. They should be glad someone showed a interest in them. One looks like a man.
      How’s that metoomovement going…lol

    1. It’s funny because the judge, his wife was the founder of the Mitu movement. An organization that got $100 million worth of donations at the exact time when the verdict was read… The judge barred the prosecutors and the defense attorneys from cross examining each other‘s witnesses and didn’t allow any of the Cosby witnesses to speak to the jury. This judge in this case got the case thrown out because he used it to profit off of a movement that his wife started… That’s why they blatantly cut off the ability to re-prosecute him… Anything you try to prosecute Bill Cosby with from this point on will be considered a miss trial because of our government employees

  1. Wait, seems to be walking fine here.

    Disgusting , the women, mostly black who are okay with his release (I have a thread on LinkedIn and 4 different black women commented throughout the thread that they were happy he was released. If he were white they’d say nothing since most his victims where white. I guess you are only “woe is me/thee” when the victim is black, which isnt new.

    1. We don’t know if he is guilty or not.
      It seems to me that Cosby is a scapegoat, cover for those on Epstein’s CLIENT LIST ( politicions, wall st exec, hollywood exec, scientists, etc..).
      Cosby was a set-up!

    2. Oh please. Where was the outrage when over a dozen Black women were sexually assaulted by former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw? I didn’t see Gloria Allred come to their advocacy.

    3. @The Deal I never said it didn’t go both ways, which is a sad society that we live in.

    4. @Candy Burgess Another sad reality is that you find that it is disgusting for Black women to be glad that the Constitution was upheld by this Court. The Constitution is supposed to protect everyone. We can’t demand Constitutional protections for only select citizens. As many times as the criminal justice system has aided and abetted in the railroading of Black men we should at least see it as a positive when the system has corrected a wrong. This is not about what you or I personally feel about Bill Cosby; it’s about correcting a legal wrong.

    1. Here’s an awesome documentary on the Cham that was the Cosby trial… Freaking judge who ruled in the case was the husband of the founder of me too…

    1. Also how many innocent people are in jail because women falsely accused them and ruined their lives?

    1. @ape kaspank Wrong. We have numerous examples in case law where witnesses are not cross examined whether agreed upon by councils and judges or not. It doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. Cosby was let go because of a prior agreement/sweetheart deal not to prosecute with the evidence. Your reply is what’s irrelevant lol.

    2. @Aaron Christoffersen Name one… Name one single case where a judge told the defense attorney that they couldn’t question the witness. I’ll wait…

    3. @Aaron Christoffersen When you are done with that, read the sixth amendment. It’s really important that you do a little bit of research before you start trying to debunk claims from people on the Internet… you have the right to confront your accusers in a court of law. Y

    4. @ape kaspank Priors. The witnesses did not have direct testimony about Andrea. THEY COULD ONLY TESTIFY WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM.

  2. The part I dont “get” is…. if there are 60 accusers… then there should also be 60 times the evidence…..no??!?!

    1. @Unapologetic 432 right…lol… out of 60 not ONE..not even one went to the police?!?! or reported a crime to anybody …lol… Yea right… what are the odds of that?!?!? ….lol…

  3. Put personal feelings aside. Legally what the judge and prosecutor did in this case was extremely outrageous. The former prosecutor agreed to a non prosecution agreement in exchange for civil depositions. Over a decade later hours before the statute of limitations that new prosecutor Kevin Steele renegs the deal and charges him anyways much to the dismay of Bruce Castor who agreed to the NPA.
    After throwing the kitchen sink at him in his first trial and only getting a hung jury they added more conjectures evidence from women decades ago to ensure a conviction. This was totally BS

  4. They’re just upset because they wanted to see Bill Cosby die in jail and now they don’t get that🤷🏾‍♂️


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