Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 2nd | MSNBC

Watch the top news stories and highlights from Friday's The Beat with Ari Melber where looks at Donald Trump Jr.'s thirteen minute video intending to defend his father, but possibly making things worse by admitting Trump paid for Weisselberg’s grandkids’ school. Ari also talks with Wolfgang Puck to discuss how the pandemic affected the restaurant industry and the changes he’ll make at his restaurants as a result of the coronavirus. The Beat' airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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  1. Happy Birthday America the best present ever to be received. Especially for the thousands of average Joe’s, men, women, small businesses, small bank’s cities, who were affected by Donald’s seven bankruptcies, he never lost a dime it was all the small people who had to go bankrupt themselves, small businesses and contractors left unpaid, workers ultimately losing pensions people unable to put food on their families table small cities having to cover Donald’s losses by increasing taxes and anything else. So effectively the people who live in these cities paid for Donald’s bankruptcies. Happy Happy Birthday America god bless you all

    1. Of course theres all the business destroyed by BLM/Antifa. Interesting that you dont seem to care about them. All the lives lost to gun violence in Chicago and all major cities every week.

    2. @Raptango_NA that number isn’t even a third of the size and cash amount that got screwed by trinos bankruptcies. Why don’t you people research your candidates? You make sure Democrats get put under the microscope. And that doesn’t count fo the military careers he ruined to cover his lies. And the people who spoke up that the truth be told on what trump says and does – ruined! Any kind of disagreements by people – RUINED! Hes NOT NICE! He has ruined plenty of businesses by claiming bankruptcy and leaving them UNPAID! How can anyone support this man? He can’t even have a charity anymore since the money was used as their personal piggy bank. He is not a good man

  2. Don Jr & Eric, dumber and dumber admit to off the books payment. Lawyer’s advice keep your mouth shut do NOT self incriminate. Donald Jr doing cocaine and partying is NOT living a clean lifestyle.

    1. 🤣😂🤣😂 the idiotic useless eric claiming they live a clean life is nothing but a joke. Smh

  3. “if they could they would have,” they are already knocking on the front door with a battering ram if you don’t open it.

  4. he said “escalade is quality, its a good car” toyota makes objectively better cars for a fraction of the price, so….. im just saying, wolfdude made Ari’s point.

  5. I love it when criminals attempt to impersonate G. Gordon Liddy, who bit the bullet for Nixon. Let’s see if he really has the stones (cojones) to fight the reality that his lifestyle is forever about to change and how it will affect his family.

    1. What’s the difference between a maga hat and the Arizona election audit?

      One joke you can wear on your head. The other is useless.

    2. @John Wilharm
      Have you heard that Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus for his birthday?
      It’s made of Russian chick pea.

    3. @Ann van de Kew so that is worse then…. “You know the jerk with a Golden toilet would HAVE to see a Golden Shower!”

    1. Narcissist’s and their flying monkey’s are not capable of keeping their pie hole’s closed. It’s doesn’t run in their genetics, which in this case is a good thing. ~Clean up on aisle #45 👍🤣

  6. Eric is peeing himself. Listen to his voice jump up and down, and when he says “…right?” it means he’s not sure. He’s just hoping.

    1. “Right? Right? Y’all agree with me right?
      Remember what my Father said about
      Herd mentality, I mean herd immunity.”
      Edit:. Trump actually made that slip.

    2. @John Swo I didn’t hear or see him——I CAN”T STAND ANY OF THE TRUMPS, I TURN IT OFF.

  7. Oh yea – let’s take a very close look at Junior’s eyes during this blithering diatribe. Champaign don’t make me lazy, cocaine don’t make me crazy, (so junior says) ain’t no body’s business but his own – unless it’s the IRS knocking at the door. Where’s the DEA when you need them?

  8. Grfter junior has just incriminated his father,linking him to the school payments..clever boy.

    1. “They don’t DARE put a trump in jail we have WHITE PRIVILEGE we don’t DARE pay taxes” Donald Jr

  9. Basically ” my dad did that, he’s a good guy” was hush money so that Weisselberg would continue doing his bidding and not talk.

  10. Don jr.’s defending his dad for cheating on his company’s Federal taxes is ridiculous because Trump’s company violated our Federal tax laws. During the last four years, Trump violated others laws too, such as obstructing justice by ordering McGahn and other staff to refuse Congress’s subpoena’s.

  11. As I’ve always sad: there are none so indignant as those who have the least right to be.

  12. Eric tЯump: “My dad paid for his grandkids private school in New York City “.
    Let the throwing of family members under the bus -begin!
    The tЯump version of throwing family members under the bus is kinda like musical chairs -throw everybody or anybody under the bus before they throw you under the bus.

  13. Both of daddy boys are having a serious melt down.
    “It is what it is” said your daddy.

    I would have love to party with Michael Steel back in the day.
    “Yeap baby”!

  14. If the trump foundation and trump University was them living a good clean life they are in some big trouble

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