‘I Just Can’t Face Another Surge’: Premature Reopenings Threaten Vaccine Successes | Rachel Maddow

'I Just Can't Face Another Surge': Premature Reopenings Threaten Vaccine Successes | Rachel Maddow 1


  1. Omg first comment!!!
    They should do a criminal investigation in the Trump administration on how they handled the pandemic n all the lying 🤥
    thousands of life could’ve been safe!!

    1. @Rick Brosky “maybe it goes away by April with the heat” – Trump stable genius
      “Inject disinfectant it knocks it out in a mint one mint” trump 2020
      It’s what it’s- Trump interview w axios
      I don’t take responsibility – Trump 2020
      I always play it down- Trump 2020
      Hahahahahah !!!

    2. Where I live, we had to turn our ice rinks into morgues in March 2020. But people here wear masks and get vaccinated and we still have a mask mandate, so we won’t have as many problems now as more stupid states.

    3. @Carlos Carlos if it is the manmade version it came from North Carolina. Through some spycraft gone bad, it wound up in Wuhan and was mishandled, then covered up.

    4. @Rick Brosky Fewer than under Trump, but you don’t care about that. You just want baseless talking points so ‘daddy’ will love you. pathetic

  2. Re-opening businesses with the mask order in place = logical, common sense.
    Re-opening businesses with no mask order in place = just plain dumb.

    1. @Jim Young Yes smoke particles are smaller then smoke. Put your mask on light a candle and try to blow it out.
      Why is it a mindblowing to you that a thing that needs your body to live and a particle of something are not the same size? Is just that you can’t see them? Are you that dumb?

    2. @Ash Roskell reading comprehension problem today ? I did write to encourage people to wear the mask as well as a face shield to cover the eyes , because the China virus is the most deadly dangerous disease in over 100 years .
      Who’s Karen?

    3. @Carlos Carlos What you’re saying is accurate but you’re saying it in aracist way that takes away from your credibility

    4. @Maria G. I never mentioned the ” race ” of anyone , but even if I did ( which I did not ) why would that diminish my credibility ?

    5. people still get sick with mask on for your information. If we keep on following the Health experts we will never open again cause there will be another powerful strain they will soon say that we need to be placed in lock-down again or they will say we need to stay in a lockdown for another year or 2 before this stupid virus is defeated but another potential strain may come in their reports.

  3. How the governor think that opening up as if nothing is going on, tells you what’s most important in fools thinking 😥😵😱

    1. Cases are plummeting in Texas after they stopped forcing people to wear germ infested diapers on their faces. New Jersey has one of the strictest mask mandates in the country and their cases are surging. Before 2020 the cdc and who both said that masks shouldn’t be worn unless you’re sick or taking care of sick people. There weren’t any changes in our knowledge of virus transmission or mask technology. This is tsa 2.0. it’s a visual reminder of a threat only the government can protect you from and if you don’t submit the terrorists… I mean the virus wins. Notice blm death marches and illegal immigration are promoted by the same people who demand shutdowns?

    2. @my name Just wait. It is coming, your governor is an out right lyer and this is spoken from a republican.

    1. @From some random guy Idiocracy was just a fictional movie. Now, It qualifies as prophecy. 1) Is cancer fake? 2) is the January 6th insurrection fake? 3) Is your account a fake Russian troll account, volodia? I’ll take #3 for the win.

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  5. I’m not terribly worried about the UK variant. Our vaccine has that covered if enough Americans will get the vaccine. What concerns me is the Brazilian variant and its bevy of children and grandchildren percolating through nearly all the countries south of us.

    1. In Ontario, Canada’s largest province, experts are saying they’ve lost control. 70% of new cases are from the uk variant. Toronto icus are full and diverting to smaller cities.

    1. @Xavier Johnson That’s of no real interest to anyone, Xavier (apart from your family etc). But – have you any relevant numbers for us? On how many you’ve (possibly) manslaughtered in the same period by contagion without yourself having symptoms? Which is perfectly possible. Or is this part of your stupid ‘heroism’ simply irrelevant to YOU? Do you behave like you do because you vote Republican? And in general follow THEIR stupidity like a little puppy?

  6. I have my previous comments Ade Munandar on news America MSNBC YouTube and NBC YouTube, ABC YouTube and other American news is very important

  7. While South America may have an issue with the British variant, it also has its own P1 mutation first detected in January 2021 which appears to be significantly more infectious and deadly than the British variant it came from.

  8. The same thing happened last year. Almost at the same date.

    People were, myself included, indoors all Winter and the weather change made it almost impossible not to go outdoors.

    Compiled with the fact that Miami and California have beaches and their citizens are outdoor people, it’s difficult to stay indoors.

  9. That book title of “Everything that Trump touches dies” is true.
    He convinced about 37% of the population to not wear masks, not get vaccinated, to let themselves and their families die for… racism.. stupidity (both one in the same)?

    1. Lol. You just come up with percentages off the top of your head.
      Fauci at first said nobody should be wearing masks and then he flip flopped but you still bow down to his two cents.

  10. correct. intelligent person making an intelligent decision. minimizing risk is the principal step in all aspects of responses against covid, including in people exposure, individual health (hygeine), treatments (hospital staff), and vaccinations (going through all phases of randomized controlled trials).

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