'We Can Get There!': Stunning Pace Of U.S. Vaccinations Puts Pandemic's End In Sight | Rachel Maddow 1

‘We Can Get There!’: Stunning Pace Of U.S. Vaccinations Puts Pandemic’s End In Sight | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow reports on the astounding pace of vaccinations in the United States, and notes new research that shows that vaccines not only significantly protect against Covid symptoms but for the most part, actually block infection, which means they also prevent the spread of the virus. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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'We Can Get There!': Stunning Pace Of U.S. Vaccinations Puts Pandemic's End In Sight | Rachel Maddow


  1. 3.4M ===> combined populations of Chicago (2,693,976) + Seattle (753,675)
    SUGGEST: come up with a list of twelve smaller cities each in a red state… pinning ’em on map and pointing out that was ‘just one day’… then do that each day and every day… alternatively comparing it by way of “all Yankee fans” or all “Steelers fans”

  2. Remember that time when the Commander in Bleach ordered 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine, thinking it was some miracle cure, but they actually weren’t so now we have warehouses full of them for nothing?
    Good times!

    1. Thanks to all who responded. Like all y’all I’ve seen blurbs here and there. What I want is the official declaration. From Rachel. lol 😉

    2. Regardless of who supplies raw materials, they still produce the final product. Im sure you sound very clever, but really?

    3. The gov. could send a good part of it to developing countries for free. It’s still good treatment for malaria. And also for Lupus.

    4. @Helene Flamand Its been banned for malaria treatment in PNG, one of the largest consumers. Its a dinosaur drug with horrible side effects.

  3. I presume the Pharmacy vaccine is the J&J coz it requires less high tech refrigeration and it’s one shot nice to see data tho

    Well done on the roll out who would have thought that being competent and good at government had advantages if anyone quotes that stupid Regan saying hope the vaccine rollout is thrown in thier faces and rubbed in till its raw.

    1. Republicans will take credit anyway. A classic move they make every time things get better under democrats is they will say things were bad with Republicans in charge because bad Democrat decision making was catching up and when its good under Democrats it’s also a similar argument they will often say Democrats are benefiting from the hard work of Republicans that is catching up .

    2. Pharmacies were buying freezers and fridges before vaccines were released for distribution. Moderna is not like Pfizer where you need super cold and Moderna has longer shelf life. In our state, Johnson and Johnson is mostly saved for homeless where it’s hard to get them back for second shot.

    1. Yeah! I checked out the State Department website last year and the answer was “no.” I hope that changes.

    2. @marushka Although that would be the most practical and prevent mutations, Republicans will block that saying we arent spending enough money here.

    3. Biden did state that once the U.S. is vaccinated, he wants to send vaccines out to other USA embassies for our other citizens. Looks like that could be very soon, considering how fast we’re getting vaccines out now.

  4. Yknow, I really wish Republicans weren’t dumbasses so this could just be the end of a marathon for us. But instead we have to deal with the existential question of will America be a democracy come 2 years time. This is when I wish I lived in another country, I’m sure those folks in Canada are finally starting to feel relieved.

    1. @Salty Soldier Wow, that’s certainly projection. There are no Americans sicker in their thinking and in their souls than republicans, a true cancer in our nation. One that is being eradicated in the voting booth at long last, just as the Dems are eradicating Covid. You people pretended there was no Covid as HALF A MILLION AMERICANS DIE, and you want to talk about mentally ill? Look in the mirror, loser.

    2. Yes, but we are not gloating. What happens to the USA is a cautionary tale for us. It’s a good thing 45 lost, as we were witnessing the same crazy, cuckoo stuff creeping here, eventually, as it always does. Had 45 won, I would have personnaly petitioned our PM to keep the border forever closed.

  5. Just think it took only 2 months with competent leadership to get the Pandemic under control after the Trump train wreck.

    1. @Erik Soto Truth is…..Trump was asked by Pfizer if he wanted to secure enough of the vaccine for teh U.S. to get their first shot. Trump said no. The UK had their entire first shot supply 2 weeks because us. There was NO system in place. No plan. Vaccines were being tossed because Trump didn’t secure distribution, vaccinators, or even getting fridges and freezers in place. Biden did ALL of that.

    2. @Charlene Baer
      All you have to do is prove the facts. They still don’t listen? Nothing you can do. But….it is still important to try:) You never know who else might come along who will say the same thing you did.

    3. @Danny R Lying never worked for Trump. They will not work for you either. And they will come back to haunt you every single time.

    4. @Erik Soto German funded Pfizer. Even today he refuses to recognise this Covid and telling his supporters not to take vaccine.. Not fooled by selfish con man. Wishes from Paris.

    5. @Danny R So you are telling me that it’s ok to let someone go of Covid and mass shooting but not ok with abortion (unborn). Got it.

  6. Yes, this is the question I have wanted to ask Dr. Fauci. If Person X gets the vaccine, can X still breathe in the virus a month later and then breathe it out on someone else who is not vaccinated or just into the air where it will infect someone else? Holy moly! If this holds true as more and more of the population is vaccinated, it is truly a milestone in our war against the virus.

    1. To answer your question, basically yes. The vaccine isn’t going to prevent anyone from getting it exactly, but is designed to keep us from becoming severely I’ll with it, this is why the efficacy is good news, however! In other words, you can be fully vaxxed, possibly still get it and then transmit it onto anyone else , for those not vaxxed they may run a higher chance of becoming very ill. What it comes down to is establishing herd immunity. The question of hybrid variants are very concerning, however. There’s still a lot of questions but hope what I wrote kinda helps. Edit** look into the breakthrough cases out of florida, those fully vaccinated then gave it to other fully vaccinated so that is where I disagree with what Rachel said at the end.

    1. Kathleen Mavity it’s Botswana and yes you are correct that is my first name this is our flag

    1. @Viva La Raza! Same reply again here :- ) ” Well not the 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine guy !”

  7. Look at what can happen when competent professionals are in charge of fixing challenging problems.

  8. It brings tears to my eyes to hear about a President who actually doubles down on something that WORKS!

  9. God this is so amazing to hear, I’m moving in w my granny (living on the other side of the house w separate kitchen and all that) and thankfully she’s now fully vaccinated but I was still unsure if I was safe but this definitely helps ease those worries

  10. What that really means is that we just administered in ONE day nearly double what it took Trump all of December to do.

  11. My local (very small) pharmacy has vaccines for 18 and up already! I called to schedule my 2nd vaccine and only had to wait 3 days!

  12. State opened up to all adults, my pharmacy is getting them this week. Let’s gooooo! Just imagine if we hit the mark by the 4th?

    1. @Wolfgang Vetter What state are you in? Is it New York, is it in New Jersey, is it Delaware, is it Texas, is it South Carolina, is it Minnesota, is it Wisconsin, is it Oregon, is it South Dakota, is it California, is it Ohio, is it Michigan, where about? What state do you live in?

  13. Don’t get too comfortable, we can’t our guard down, the entire world needs to have the same pace and keep any confirmed cases cornered

    1. Hold your horses! No offence, but your country’s record on COVID has been absolutely pitiful (only 4% of global population, yet a massive 22% of global cases) until this recent change to a normal, intellectually coherent, and functional administration. I would not talk condescendingly about other nations if I were you. Two-thirds to three-quarters of your over a half million fatalities were likely preventable without a corrupt, self-serving and compulsively lying COVID-denier in charge! We ALL OF US still have much work to do…Start by getting Trump and that other buffoon Ted Cruz to wear a mask for pity’s sake!
      Stay well, God bless you!
      From the UK

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