1. The Afghanistan leadership were in it for the money. You made them comfortable and some rich. They always knew that they would not go against their own on their own.

    1. Yup! 20 years down the drain what of waste of time and soldiers lost 2 trillion dallors over there for what for a take over in a matter of a week!!! Can’t help a country that doesn’t want to be help! It’s not our fight it’s up to them now. And yes I do feel bad for the women and children really I do but at the same time how can you let your guard down. How can they allow themselves get americanized in such a way. That’s because they thought we were going to babysit them for years to come that’s why!!!! Enough is enough it’s ridiculous shame on them for just giving up the way they did. But yet somehow it’s the US fault nagetive! I’m 100 agree with Biden on this one!!! Time toet go and allow them to find there way we have our own issues and crisis here 2 trillion dallors can be put in place in good use over here. And there President left wow but yet we are the ones abandoned them! So much for a captain going down with his ship…..but we’re to blame riggghttt!!!!!

    2. @esam 65 Most of the civilians there have built up such a big hate for America, so to see them leave is what they want most. They think whatever come after, it can not be worse.

    3. @Elsie Covington Biden is totally clueless. He needs to be in an old folks home, not making decisions that matter. What a freaking joke.

    1. Really?? You feel ok with this situation??? What about that statement absolves this administration of their incompetence here??? The people who risked their lives to help us have been abandoned. We have armed the Taliban by leaving behind trillions in weapons, drones and vehicles. They didn’t even have the foresight to try and get U.S citizens out first. Now thousands are stuck and their lives are in danger! Please explain to me whay saying “If they want smoke then we are ready to act” in ANY WAY makes this disaster better???? This whole comment section is freaking disgusting 🤢

    2. This is the military industrial complex’s fault. This was _ANNOUNCED_ and they thought “ we own the gov’t, they won’t leave”@**

    3. @Alex Das Liebe Yes it was ANNOUNCED and Biden had all that time to follow the plans that had been GIVEN to him MULTIPLE times to safely evacuate those tens of thousands of people who helped us and U.S citizens and he completely ignored them. Also there had been previous conditions set in place in order to withdraw safely which were also ignored. Everyone knows we should leave but when the one person who is currently holding power displays this level of incompetence and cause unecessary death and suffering we cannot make excuses. It needs to be called out just as it would if Trump were in charge and this happened. What I am afraid of is the media only focussing on this for 5 sec so they can say they covered it and then quickly going back to ignoring anything critical of Biden again.

  2. Yes, we couldn’t quip the Afghan government with the will to fight for their country. We didn’t have an end game after invading Afghanistan or Iraq. We should have never entered these countries.

    1. USA practically geared up the enemy, once again. Flooding a war zone with money and weaponey is just a stupid stupid idea.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 Which was a deal that 45 made with them. And why didn’t they take it from the Taliban and then it would have been theirs to use against them? Freedom carries a cost. Our forefathers understood that otherwise we’d still be paying taxes to Britain. They had Over 20 years of support, 💰 and training. Also, something our Forefathers didn’t have. So a little less whining and 😢 and a little more fighting should have been done on their part.

    2. Why did they choose not to Tonya? Maybe they were never really against the Taliban to begin with, maybe the real enemy was always the occupiers.

    3. @Heather Shaw no biden did not follow trumps deal, which emboldened the taliban and gave them more time to mobilize.

  3. I stand behind my president’s decision. You can’t help those that don’t want to help themselves. Why murder our soldiers knowing this?

  4. Too bad Biden took all the flack on his decision. There never was a good way out after all these years. Maybe someday America will not get into these wars. Total waste of human life and money.

    1. And it wasn’t even his decision. If you mean the agreement with the Taliban in 2020 to get all the troops out by 2021.

      We know alot about the United States.
      CbyerStationUSA2021 channel on here. Vid #6. Border Security.
      1 of 10 free vids. For learning.
      Probably going up last.

  5. Yeah for anyone flaming this move, we don’t need to babysit every country in the world. They had 20+ years to prepare. Regardless of whether it was Trump or Biden, red or blue, get us the F out of there.

    1. dude, you are dense. most people agree with leaving afgan, it was trumps idea and deal to after all – but we are alarmed with the haphazard way that it was done. are you able to understand these distinctions?

    2. @joe smath guess you should have ran for president and done it better. It was going to turn out this way regardless. They never truly lost control of the country… they just sat in Pakistan and the mountains waiting for this.

    3. @Bryan Merrick to say it was going to be this absolute disaster is hilarious. you must mess up every simple thing in your life and be a complete failure. we left americans stranded there, we left billions in weapons for the enemy. you are just pathetically trying to cover for the hiding old man who is our president.

  6. It was obviously a correct decision! After 20 years of assistance and training, the Afghani troops didn’t last one week!!

    1. @J NBox , “Safety”, is always an illusion for anybody. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Nah, I have been hearing of this pull out for years. It finally happened. Way to late. Maybe, by giving some the taste of what freedom tastes like, they will be willing to fight for themselves.

    2. Stephen Colbert you should really find a job first before you offer – those unemployment checks are going to be ending soon lefty

    3. @b 335that’s why we trained and equipped an Afgan military to the tune of 1 trillion dollars, you want to sacrifice your kids for a cause that the people you are fighting for will not; do you bro!

    4. @Y Hilton we also gave out a trillion in stimulus to pay for the millennials. also it’s not about fighting for there country but the people living on that terrible soil. and even more importantly letting a terrorist group that harbored bin laden control part of the world. should it mean have a huge presence in afghan all the time no but there should be some sort of push against a group that is partly responsible for the deaths of over 2000 people. i understand where your coming from when you say that you don’t want to put more effort in a winless war but you don’t think there will be no retaliation?

    1. @Yank ee Seriously I can’t understand you people How can you see a splinter in Biden eye with a whole tree in your eyes and Donald eyes too. It’s amazing

  7. So sad. We lost friends teaching them, all for it to fall apart in the end because they will not fight for themselves.

    1. Yes probably you lost a friend and many Americans did .. difficult decision but we need it to get the f out of there!

    1. So what were they still doing there in the first place after finding bin Laden? Trying to prove they were better than the Russians that’s what

    2. I don’t like Joe saying “…a trillion dollars…” So what, $1T. We drop billions on everything. Worth it until it wasn’t worth it. Joe screwed this up.
      On the other hand, even a quicker, smoother, quieter, orderly withdrawl plan would have the same result. Taliban was right on it. Like a pack of hyenas waiting for the lion to leave the carcass unattended. It was inevitable.

    3. @Laxto Buttgroyn We have thousands of American still there.Vegetable Biden and Kacklin Kamaltoe are a disaster. Everything they touch turns to sh*t!!!

    1. I remember our military going into their caves and finding old ammo boxes from the Russians We should have left after we got bin laden, So happy there coming home but sad for Afghan people casualties of war just like the trade center we all lost

    2. our military was successfully keeping it from being a terrorist training camp the last few years with just 2500 troops. now we have an abject disaster.

  8. ” A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils”
    George Washington 1796.

  9. Everything that came out of Biden’s mouth is right. We did everything for the Afghan people but give them the will to fight. They became to dependant upon the U.S. and we had only become a crutch for country.

  10. In my very long life, I have heard many presidential speeches. Biden’s speech was among the very best. He is a true leader. He did what he thought was the right thing and took full responsibility for his actions. Refreshing, isn’t it?

  11. Once Biden took office, he had only one option; send in damage control, look for every land mine that Trump laid, and clean house. How ridiculous, Trump setup the withdrawal, but now he’s pointing the blame at Biden.

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