‘I Think That’s HIPAA’: How NFL Teams Are Converting Vaccine Refusers 1

‘I Think That’s HIPAA’: How NFL Teams Are Converting Vaccine Refusers


“Sports leagues have been able to do a lot of things that we struggled to do in broader society,” says Chris Hayes. “But now we are watching the leagues grapple with the vaccination problem—and they are facing the same road blocks as the rest of society.”
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  1. Hippa is so healthcare professionals cannot share your health information with other people not when you’ve signed a contract with a team that you have agreed to have your information duh

    1. Asking whether you’re doing your part as a member of the global human community to prevent the spread and further mutation of a deadly virus seems completely reasonable, especially if you’re a public figure and influencer of millions.

    2. @Enckidoo Falling Some people are so slow, even when they’re reaching for validation and excuses. I tell ya.

    3. @Hakura Chii F**ker Tarlson is a sick & disgusting individual who enjoys drama, fear mongering, & pushing insane conspiracy theories. Did anyone expect him to say anything less disgusting than that?
      Btw, he’s vaccinated, for those who don’t know. Fox totally has a vaccine mandate. Rupert Murdoch made sure of that. Rupert & his whole family are vaccinated as well.

  2. About a year ago I was saying, I wasn’t going to be first in line to get vaccinated. Now after a few hundred million people have been vaccinated my only excuse is it still isn’t readily available in Australia!

    1. I was able to get an appointment in Qld by refreshing the venue I wanted until a cancelled appointment showed up for the following week and I grabbed it. It only took a few minutes. Good luck, Grogery 1!

    2. Get it, it feels great..I’m from Canada and we are over 80%.. now we have no shut downs and life is returning mostly to normal.. the anti vacsers and anti maskers have thier rights.but be ready to have it go on forever..so if they are unhappy now just wait.

    1. @Suave Agave SO, you don’t want to answer that? I mean you are acting like you know more than the pros, so…..

    2. @Robert Downer chronology bro. 1st question answered first. Second question answered second. I asked first…. is the standard trial period for vaccines 10-15 years, yes or no?…. after you answer, then I’ll answer

    3. @Suave Agave This is the “meat” of it. “While most vaccine studies are relatively long clinical trials, often around six to 12 months, safety and efficacy can often be established earlier than the end of the study. The later assessments are then used to demonstrate how long the protection from the vaccine is likely to last.”

    4. @Suave Agave This is who wrote the article. “Overview. An Infectious Diseases Physician and Microbiologist, Dr Paul Griffin was appointed as the Director of Infectious Diseases at Mater Health Services in 2013. In addition Dr Griffin continues appointments as Principal Investigator at Q-Pharm, as Visiting Scientist/Honorary Research Fellow at Mater Medical Research Institute and Queensland Institute of Medical Research, and also as Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland.”

  3. Ridiculous . They’re talking about “I’m waiting to get more facts” but arent doing a d@mn thing as far as research and/or educating themselves on anything germane

    1. @Fábio Queirós and why not everyone that died last year was assumed to be from covid car accidents includedb

    2. @Matt theres no both siding I have made a decision based on all of the facts and “science” and I have decided against putting an experimental gene therapy in my body

    3. @L. Austin The new Delta & Lambda variants are penetrating through the vaccines now. Plus, the elderly & those with greater health risks were among the 1st to be vaccinated. This is precisely why there are conversations going on about boosters in the scientific & medical communities. The new variants spread faster, more easily, & may just prove to be more deadly. The more people who refuse to get vaccinated, the more variants we will produce, the more variants we produce the higher the likelihood of those variants being vaccine resistant& more dangerous to all, vaccinated or not.

    4. @Matty L0ve That entire car accident thing is bs. The right wing has been pushing that as a major talking point for over a year, & many have fallen for it, hook, line, & sinker. If someone with Covid died in a car accident, Covid was listed on their death certificate, yes, but not as causation of death.

    5. @Matty L0ve What gene therapy? Covid vaccines, specifically Pfizer & Moderna, work with mRNA, not DNA. Huge difference. Johnson & Johnson is more of a traditional vaccine. So why no J&J then? I’m curious.

  4. Pretty nauseating to think about the disproportionate resources and pay that Chris Hayes is talking about here

    1. It’s pretty gross how differently the elite are treated compared to we common folk. Says a lot about the power that comes with money, you’ll always be first in line to get a lifeboat when the Titanic starts to sink.

  5. Business need to have their own signs constructed, saying something along the lines of:
    “My business, my choice – I choose not to admit the unvaccinated”.

    1. Exactly. I thought it was the Republican viewpoint to let businesses refuse to serve people or hire people, for whatever reason they like, and let the market decide who survives…?

    2. @Dorientje Woller i own a small business that makes over $2 million a year. (And I got the vaccine myself.) But I think insulting or banning customers based on their own personal beliefs, is a terrible idea! That’s a way to get a ton of 1-star reviews and go out of business. You don’t get to insult 50% of America without there being consequences. People will see that sign and obliterate you, and perhaps rightly so. If you don’t respect half of your customers then why should they respect you?

      I may not agree with 50% of my customers political views, BUT I DO NOT MAKE POLITICS THE FOCUS OF MY STORE/BIZ. I believe the focus of my business is providing good products and good customer service. I never, ever bring up politics and if a customer brings them up I respectfully tell them that for the benefit of everyone, our company focuses only on doing our job. Lol. It’s dumb to ever get into politics at work, and mask/COVID stuff is automatically political these days

      Then again, I actually still have common sense

    3. @Mary Ann M That business owner was off the rails completely. He even looked & sounded as if he wasn’t too educated & was on something.

    4. @Charles G I’m not sure if you aware of this or not, but there are a bunch of businesses that have opposing messages taped to their windows. Their messages basically say you’re not welcome if you wear masks, & we don’t want the vaccinated amongst us. A few are just below the level of threatening violence in their window signage.
      I’m not saying you or anyone else should do this or that, I’m just pointing that out.

  6. Thanks for sharing these, Chris. I’m doing everything I can think of to convince my ex to get my teenage son vaccinated, & I want to try to consider as many angles as possible because he won’t discuss with me his reasons for his aversion to the vaccine

    1. I really wish you luck. My parents & I have the same problem with my brother (who has CF & would probably die were he to get symptomatic Covid). He’s not conservative, but he is a hard head who is no great fan of the government. (Usually, I’d agree with him there, but this is the exception).

    2. As part of a 3-month effort to convince my dad to get vaccinated, what I did not do was talk about the vaccine or try to understand his perspective. I figured everyone else was doing it already. But when I took the vaccine for myself, I showed him that I turned out alright. When he reposted some anti vax literature I told him the guy who wrote that was an evolutionary biologist (Dad believes in literal 6-day creation). When two local preachers died, I talked to my dad about how terrible it is for our community, nothing about covid. A week later, he “naturally” got his first dose. So I think for a lot of these types, perhaps subtly pointing out inconsistencies in their worldview could work.

  7. My first question after listening like at 7 minutes and 50 seconds of this videos which of the NFL owners has anyone asked have they taken the vaccine and they have answered it?

  8. Elite sportsmen the most injected human beings on Earth. Still “experimental”? Gimme a break.

    1. Look at the new recruits in the armed forces!!!! More shots and know nothing of what ya get! Grow up people and take the vaccine!!

    2. If COVID vaccines work then why do you need other people to get one? Why can’t you having the vaccine be enough? And FYI I got the vaccine FOR MYSELF. So I could care less whether OTHER people wanna get it or not… that’s their body their choice

    3. @Golfing RN I remember that multiple needle gun from when I went into boot camp not fun but I sacked up and took it like a man so to speak.

  9. “You body, your choice”, unless you are a woman and want to (for whatever reason) end a pregnancy. Oh irony, oh irony…

    1. So you’re admitting that you’re a hypocrite in favor of “choice” for abortions bit not “choice” for vaccines, but you don’t want Republicans to be hypocrites? Seems kind of ironic doesn’t it?

    2. If the vaccine works for you, then why do you insist we get one? You sure you aren’t a control freak lol?

  10. Really simple Vaccinate or don’t play. Sports isn’t that important, somebody else will get Vaccinated and play.

  11. I follow pro fishing. A couple years back and new league came along and recruited most of the top players. The original sanctioning league recruited a bunch of new talent and has a better show know than ever. First time live coverage on network TV. Players can be replaced force them to Vaccinated or move on, the game will be fine without them.

  12. He should have said that FOX Entertainment Channel (can’t call it news) also has the same policy. Actually stricter. If not unvaccinated, you can’t come to work

  13. Now we know that Dak Prescott listens to MTGreene!! He needs a more astute role model!! No wonder he can’t get to the playoffs and win!!

  14. I was under the impression that athletes were generally intelligent. Wow. These folks need to have a 1 on 1 with long-haul athletes to wake them up.

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