Rep. Ilhan Omar: If Our Progressive Priorities Aren’t Met No Legislation Will Pass 1

Rep. Ilhan Omar: If Our Progressive Priorities Aren’t Met No Legislation Will Pass


Infrastructure bill negotiations must include progressive priorities Rep. Ilhan Omar tells The ReidOut. She tells MSNBC, ‘We are trying to do the most good on the behalf of the American people that gave us the majority.’
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  1. I see how corporate media is setting progressives up to take the blame after this football moving farce self destructs eventhough Sinema, Manchin, Pelosi, the entire GOP and the donors of each of the aforementioned are the actual obstacles to fixing this sad, broken country.

    1. Yep. You hit the nail right on the head. If the right wingers ask for something, it’s about being bipartisan. As soon as the progressives ask for something, it’s obstructionist and self defeating.

    2. @meh G Which is, ofc, bs, and we won’t stand for it. The center left is almost as bad as the right at this point, the whole tree has massive trunk rot

  2. Sinema and Manchin are giving the majority away and what a shame. We voters risked our lives to give the Dems control of both houses and the presidency and these two are working with McConnell to block or alter every bill that helps the poor and Americans who are in the most need. Wow!

    1. The poorest American lives like royalty compared to other parts of the world.
      Poor American’s? HA!

    2. @Gregory Powell it doesn’t matter what level poverty is…its still poverty. No one and I mean NO one in this country has pulled themselves up by their own boot straps.

  3. how do you run a country when the legislature is not interested in doing so, only interested in their donors rather then their people

    1. stop the donors, recall the those who work against us by doing what the Progressive Caucus has been doing. Build a base, get loud when needed, educate our friends, disprove the idea that change is bad and expose the truth like manchin’s daughter who raised EpiPen price by more than 400% a few years ago, also just closed down Mylan Pharma plant causing 1400+ workers to lose work while she cleaned up with a 31 million dollar payout….

    2. Difficult at best but not yet broken. Calling out Chris Coons, Manchin, Sinnama specifically for being corporate Democrats accepting dark money.

  4. I like my congressperson. She might not be everyone’s ideal, but at least she’s not a raving lunatic.

  5. McConnell is behind this !! He promised manchin & sinema that he’ll get republicans to back the infrastructure bill! As long as they don’t support the democrat on reconciliation bill!! McConnell knows if republicans don’t vote for the bi-partisan infrastructure bill that manchin & sinema would look like idiots/get mad & destroy the filibuster!!!

  6. About time. But too many years of taking a pillow to a gun fight means the GOP think they can bully you every time. Your majority is thin and that’s before Sinema and Manchin cross the floor. Moscow Mitch wins again.

  7. Yeah, let’s not abolish the filibuster because of it’s racist history, which is being further perpetuated by not abolishing it! That’s the warped logic of people like Charlie Brown Manchin and Silly Sinema.

  8. Negativity and even more media negativity. How about shut up and wait for the legislation to pass and then you can discuss the actual outcome. We know that in the end, both bills will be analyzed and debated in good faith. So stop bringing these progressives on to reiterate what everyone already knows. In the end, both bills will do the best that it can.

  9. It may not be many of them but at least there’s finally some people out there doing something right

  10. Obstruct obstruct obstruct. Ironically I support the Squad here
    Politics makes strange bedfellows. I’m against the entirety.

  11. Keep up the good fight!! Americans deserve better! Thank you for backing up action with the promises made from Joe Biden.

  12. All the more important what the January 6th Commission brings to Light. The GOP will come running for fear of re-election Plans. The Infrastructure Bill is very popular.

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