‘I Thought He Was Dead’: Paramedic Upon Arrival To Scene Of Floyd’s Arrest | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. It takes a special kind of evil to hear a man plead for his life as you slowly suffocate him…

    1. @chuck wick If the knee had not been on his neck, he would not be dead. Simple answer for an obviously SIMPLE person.

    2. @Wayne Burton and had he not resisted, the officer would have had no reason to put a knee on him. Still no excuse for murder. Chauvin is not a good cop or even a good person, but 2 people are responsible for Floyd’s death, and Floyd is one of them. May he rest in peace.

    1. @Brian Jones you’re probably right, with how all these cops defend these white supremacists in their midst. Guess they’re all just the KKK with badges.

    2. @robin smith i say do both. investigate why some people start out okay and go bad, but also eliminate the ones who were rotten from the start and the ones who later became that way, because they’re a liability regardless

    3. @Brian Jones Some police officers have sufficient compassion that they wish to “serve and protect”. Some others, e.g. Chauvin, are facist pigs. Are those pigs what you’re talking about?

  2. The last country I saw with this level overt police racism was South Africa during the Apartheid era

    1. @Brian Jones the words of a coward who would let another person take his place on the frontlines, there’s nothing patriotic about you is there ?

    2. Its much worse than what you see…. Realize most “george floyds” are not videotaped in the lite of day… This is FAR worse then most people will acknowlege

    3. @Brian Jones Strange how these Presidents had very little qualms sending other people’s children though.

  3. He mentioned that he asked the officer what had happened when they are both in the back of the ambulance , but the lawyer never questioned him further on this , no details about the paramedics and the officers verbal interaction

    1. He also may have wanted to wait to start the care in the back of the rig, because he wanted the cops away from the situation. They should have clarified.

    1. @Ronni j for the record, i think we may be in agreement, actually. (Unless I’m not understanding.) I was asking the person who mentioned January 6th, if white people would do a repeat of the 6th if another one of their “heroes” lost/ was convicted. Chauvin and all those involved should be in prison at the very least, in my white eyes.

  4. There is a reason why there is such a term as restrain asphyxia. Namely because it is common to happen as authorities restrain individuals. And guess what is also common on cases of restrain asphyxia… you got it; cardiopulmonary arrest. Which not coincidentally, a knee pressed to your neck is likely to lead to.

  5. If you can watch any of these clips from the trial and not feel emotionally overwhelmed, you can keep your feelings in check way better than I can.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx Lots of sociopathic sentiment in your comment. Really hope you don’t have kids. Twisted adults coming up.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx – You still watching? The racist pig cops own sergeant threw him under the bus. The sergeant was never told about the knee on the neck. After reviewing the videos, the sergeant stated they should have taken the knee off long before. So much for your theory. Fact. If they had just taken a report on a suspected counterfeit bill, like they would have done for any white person, George Floyd would still be alive today. Not looking good for you. I hope you answer me again so you will only prove how racist You are.

  6. Chauvin was definitely not following police procedure. Sgt. David Pleoger’s testimony (in another video) is clear. Once a person is in handcuffs and no longer resisting, he should not be held down with a knee.

    1. We didn’t need that confirmation tho.. We all knew that an unarmed and already handcuffed suspect is not a threat for the cops safety and therefore no need to use force (AKA let me put my knee on your neck for 9 mins).

      But it was nice to hear it from another cop for a change!

    1. i dont support what im about to say but…if this guy gets off the hook there is gonna be a lot of riots. not just a few like conservatives lost their minds over last year, but i mean i would not be surprised if this time around there’s gonna be a serious uptick in violence around the nation

    2. @James Dubiq This case wouldn’t have gone to court if it were not for video going worldwide. This murder would’ve Murder more black men as a police officer

  7. As a foreign language interpreter these situations are the hardest to work in because the emotions are so raw that no one in that jury or courtroom would have a tear in their eyes.

  8. So, when you come up and see three individuals, on a handcuffed individual, one kneeling on
    his neck even minutes after he is dead….

  9. There you have it EMTs arrived on the scene the cops were on top of George Floyd pupils dilated no pulse he was dead

  10. There’s no plausible defense. This trial should’ve been in over in the same 9:38 that it took for Mr Floyd to be executed

    1. That video clearly showed the meticulous, intentional murder of George Floyd. They intended that he would not reach jail alive.

  11. If that judge lets him walk free in this mess…he’s just as dirty and evil as the officer😒

    1. Most judges are, but who’s gonna be surprised. Not even those who deny systematic racism exists because they do believe it does considering they benefit from it every day. Gaslighters, liars, and demons !!

  12. The police acting as an Execution Squad. No real need for courts. If not on video, Chauvin would walk.

    1. @Frances Simon . Thanks for the supportive comment. I’m getting a lot of disagreement from the Proud Boy types out there.

  13. So when the paramedics came on the scene, the officer didn’t want to get off Floyd’s neck?
    The officer who strangled his dog even got fired! So now the entire police force needs to be sued if he’s acquitted! Who’s protecting the GOOD Police officers who have to work with a narcissist, sociopath like this?!

  14. This case is the one United of America as being waiting for after so long overdue of a broken criminal justice system no one seems to care to fixing it

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