George Floyd’s Girlfriend Testifies At Derek Chauvin’s Murder Trial | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. George didn’t die of drugs, he was murdered. I know plenty of people with drug issues, and mental health issues. None of them deserve to die by the hands of our protectors.

  2. On a related note, Chauvin worked for around 17 years at the same night club where Floyd worked. Chauvin could have been carrying a grudge against Floyd; it’s possible. He then could have seized on the chance to “get even” with Floyd. He seems like that cold-hearted of a man to do that. He killed Floyd.

    1. @James Irwin – I have been having the same thought since his death. It was personal for Chauvin. To bad the club owner won’t testify to their interactions. I recall reading where the owner said Chauvin was aggressive with the customers.

    2. Didn’t Floyd say that Chauvin knew he was claustrophobic when they tried to put him in the car. This was on the video….

  3. Derrick Chauvin had a LONG list of complaints made against him and his conduct. This was always going to happen with him in the police force, he was a ticking time bomb.

    1. @maybeimar0b0t Amen and thank you! I’m so tired of reading comments that he overdosed. Drugs were in his system but were not the cause of death. Former Officer Chauvin ‘s excessive use of force caused Mr. Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s supervisor testified today that the force should have ended when Floyd was on the ground and cuff.

    2. @Susan Klein very doubtful, you must not be watching the trial. No one cares about the threats of people rioting its about justice. You want Mob Rule, you are a coward!

  4. When black folks have drug problems, people want us to go to jail. When white soccer mums and whites have opioid drug problems they are offered drug treatment programs.

  5. If Floyd has to have his drug use brought up time and time again, the officer should have his dirty history aired over and over.

    1. @Smitty Johnson That facts disturb you doesn’t mean the people telling them to you are emotional. Your projection is blatant.

    1. You mean all the people rioting and destroing stores and killing people was not justice? Then what was the point of doing that?

    2. @Mesa Player They want more LCDs from the local Target. Do you really think they care about Fentanyl Floyd??

  6. addiction is it is a CONDITION , if you have no healthcare, how on earth would someone over come an addiction ? WAKE UP AMERICA

  7. When he stopped moving it was over… weak mind games, he appeared to be happy in the store, no matter what is said he didn’t hurt nobody.

    1. @Gail Massey chauvins knee was NOT on his throat or carotid artery. If they were he would of passed out immediately not be talking for 9 minutes straight. If you want to ignore a lethal drug overdose then fine. How was chauvin supposed to know GF had just swallowed his whole stash of drugs whilst restraining him with a commonly used technique? Peace out

    2. @botheredbiskit guess your really the low information people your talking about lol the same people who believed Sidney Powell too correct??? You should probably stay in your lane next time lil dude lol

    3. @playaflydre3000 wow nice comeback. Good to know that you cant refure anything I said. Sydney Powell is a grifter loser. I’m not a brain dead tribalist like you.

    1. @FormerFundie NowFree Floyd wasn’t resisting arrest— they’re trying to build a house out of that straw you talked about. If Floyd was *white* we wouldn’t even be talking about this right now. That’s the sad truth. It’s so unbalanced and unfair and Floyd died because of it.

    2. @Kaelee D they let him count to 3 and offered to roll down the window but he freaked out because he was on drugs.

    3. @Kaelee D There has been multiple unarmed white men killed by police and yes you don’t hear about it ever because only black lives taken by police matter. Fits the leftist narrative and it keeps all the blacks in line voting blue every election.

    4. @Smitty Johnson List them. You stated something so prove it. Let’s see the list of all the unarmed white men killed by cops.

    5. @Christina P. ok well here’s one that is almost identical to floyd: Tony Timpa, no riots, no looting, no golden casket, because a white man being killed by police doesn’t get the democrats votes. You are embarrassingly biased and misinformed.

  8. Dont be ashamed to admit your addiction lady. it doesn’t make you a bad person, just human.

  9. I just don’t understand why his character is on trial? The homicide detectives on First 48 solve the murder of murderers a lot. He got arrested, sentenced and released for the things he’s done. His past shouldn’t be an issue…

    1. @Lanwarder dude not even the prosecution is arguing that he was choked…. and you are calling other people idiots. So ignorant

    2. His character is being demeaned by the defense because THAT’S ALL THEY CAN GRASP AT. If they convince the jury this cop killed a loser drug addict then they hope they win.
      Hopefully the jury will see the ridiculousness of this. Drug addicts are HUMAN and do NOT deserve to be murdered in the street.

  10. It’s trials like this where the officer may not be found guilty that has the world realizing just how stupid America is.

  11. The screwed up system made them addicted to opioids like so many other people. Floyd was not fully to blame for the addiction.

  12. Even if George had an addiction, he still ought to have been treated as a human being. What Derek the killer did was inhumane and worst than any drug addicts put together! No one can survive being pinned down without being able to breathe. Don’t blame George’s health condition. even a healthy person will die!

    1. They offered to roll the windows down and let him count to 3….. they treated him like a toddler and he still flipped out… due to drugs

    2. Literally what I was saying and all these hills have eyes creeps come out the woodwork defending a murderer.

  13. Defesne is trying to put GF on trial. The Bill of Rights doesn’t make exceptions for Drug Users, or ‘bad people’. “Cannot be deprived of your life without Due Process of Law”.

  14. I made a call to Minnesota social services and let them know I over heard a mother talking about bringing random dudes she met at the shelter home to her kids so they could get high. Told them I even recorded it. Bwahahahah!

  15. So the pills had their knees on his neck until he was dead? I don’t remember seeing the pills on his back.

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